The Old Seer’s and the Dilemma of Dreaming

Mayan Calendar

Mayan Calendar

The ancient seers shifted so completely into the abstract through energizing all the bands of awareness within and aligning them with all those outside their luminescence, that they barely left a trace of what or who they were.  This complete shift left the human band of awareness in a tail spin of fear and abandonment.  The result was a time of humans preying on humans.  Thus the old seers were forced to practice techniques of awareness in a different manner than their predecessors.  They found that the ancients lacked discipline in managing awareness.  Thus the old seers chose to move outward from the common band of awareness that humans shared with a different set of skills.  They chose to connect with the unknown fully without looking deep into the unknowable depths of the abstract universe at large.   They chose to work slowly and steadily rather than in one magnificent maneuver which aligned them with the emanations at large.

The Old Seers became masters of dreaming, aka shifting the assemblage point slowly and steadily while asleep and while awake.  To this end they ventured into the unknown with practice and patience.  What they discovered was a general upward shift of the mold of man as a whole, which allowed them to understand through ration what was occurring in that shift.   Thus they maintained a cohesion in those shifts.  In doing so, they became masters of control. Not only of themselves but the world around them.   They became vibrant charismatic leaders in the face of the tribal wars all around them.  And they united whole swaths of humans under their tutalage.

This lead to specialization in techniques and artistry of the seers within the physical world using ration as their tool.  Venturing into the unknown with careful steps, they brought back many ideas, visions and solutions for human beings to live differently.  They dreamed up solutions to all sorts of problems.  They used many dreaming techniques, but one of the most enduring was ceremony and ritual.  Through ritual they passed grand visions and knowledge down lines of experience and through channels of inherited stories.  These stories not only allowed for the standard band of human awareness to expand, but it also fixated and stabilized acceptable perceptual frameworks.  And humans everywhere capitulated to this process because the alternative past, now a an ancient myth, was not worth returning to, gone in the mists of time.   Finally they created a technique to pass knowledge and stories down cultural lines through the invention of writing.  This was probably the quintessential accomplishment of the old seers.  And it is the greatest fixation of the rational position of the assemblage point.  The old seers managed to convince the human band, that if it could not be summed up in words, it was not real.  Never realizing that words create and dominate a narrow band of awareness centered on the ration.

By recording the old seer experiences in stories and myths, these stories built up over time in combination with ritual into massive structures we know as religion.  And through refinement and the incursion of a new form of the predator, adapted to this rational position of awareness, religion became the dominant paradigm for maintaining the fixation of awareness on one point.

This is not to say that the old seers did not venture out into other worlds.  Far from, they practiced dreaming with the singular purpose of creating other positions of the assemblage point.  Those points were practiced and ritualized in a manner that doubled the the energetic fibers of their awareness.  This technique was discovered when the old seers discovered there were other worlds, inorganic worlds, filled with beings of awareness similar to our own.  Yet the length of time that these beings were aware far outstretched that of the average human’s lifetime.  And thus in creating multiple positions of the assemblage point they were able to create great cities of awareness in other bands besides that of the physical.

In some cases these cities completely separated and left this world to lodge themselves in other locations on the earth, but not within the physical band.  In most cases, the old seers created portals between our world and other worlds centered on energetic spots of the earth through which they would practice crossing back and forth as the discipline of dreaming showed them how to literally build other frameworks or bands into whole worlds.

We have from these old seers not so much a pathway to freedom, but rather a secondary avenue to defeat the contract with death that all beings of luminessence develop by being born.  Through religious stories and myths in combination with acts of power and ritualized behavior, whole flocks of humans moved into inorganic stable places where they could be freed from the physical to venture deeper into awareness from that point.  Often called Cities of God(s), ancients, immortals or shambala or heavens, these places were constructed from the energetic work of the dreamers within this band of awareness.  They dreamed them into existence.   And they used belief to stabilize these places with great skill.  They have convinced multitudes that their limited lives are actually spiritually immortal.  And therefore they should not fear death, but welcome it as a cross to those other bands.   They thought that they were connecting with infinity, immortality.  Any one alive today has a host of stories/myths which tell of this connection to immortality and to heavens in which things are much better.

On one side, the old seers established a way for humans to live from monolithic farming and animal husbandry, which allowed the seer’s cultures to have the excess energy to unravel the mysteries of the universe through science, philosophy, spirituality and religious disciplines.  On the other, it was an opportunity for a new kind of predator to fixate and dummy down the average human into a slavery to a pharohonic/hero model, the one-god, and to promise them liberation while feeding off of that excess energy.  The average person more often was born, served the model, and died without much venturing into the abstract or freedom.  The seers became dependent, in a feedback loop, on a very large subservient class to continue to maintain their dreaming practices so they could unravel the science of the universe as they were exploring it physically and metaphysically.

In the end the old seers became addicted to personal power and felt that they were invulnerable to attack from without.  They built massive city structures and edifices to this process that became complexes of self-importance and an obsession with the singularity of spirit of which they thought they were in control.  Even before their lineages ended (and some are still attempting to maintain these old ways) they came to an end.  Why?  Because they invested so much in dreaming as an escape from the mold of man that they did not realize the mold had just grown to encompass their new inflexible ritualized practices…. aka the mold was the same amoeba of their ancient predecessor’s drama…. and they found a golden age which ended with a destruction (rot) from within the matrix of their obsessive dreams.

But throughout we have hundreds of millions of little gifts from the old seers.  First a rational unraveling of the world through science and philosophy.  Second a technique of dreaming to create possible.  And third a magical way to perceive the universe through steady practice which I like to call the sustainer mentality.  They were takers at the heart and in taking they became taken by the rational monster predator which they thought to escape.

The ancients left no edifices of their practices, no evidence that they had been here.  They shifted so rapidly and fast into the abstract that nothing can be said of their ways.  But they opened up doorways so infinitely frightening to our common assemblage point of the mold of man, that humans began to literally feed off of each other like the animal predators they had defeated.  The old seers changes things and through ration and religion, laws were established and ritual techniques developed to save humans from collapsing on themselves as food and thus food for the ancient animal predators…. but this new position created a new rationally driven predator that gave us dreams with one hand and slapped us in the face with servitude to ritual and law with the other.

The collapse of the old seers came with transcontinental and global wars and the tide of interactions and conflicts between cultures.  Thus a new pattern was developed into which the new seers emerged.


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