Ancient Seers, Sorcerers and Shaman

Ancient Seers

Ancient Seers


Modern man often evaluates and remembers the past through the filter of his own modern experiences.  This should be no surprise to a Toltec warrior of freedom.  This is the exact definition of how the current position of the human assemblage point works.  It also predicates its functioning with the foreign installation, which wants to keep our perspective myopic.  Loosening the assemblage point, the warrior-traveler can connect to lines of awareness, which reach back through our history and observe ancient seers and their doings.  With detachment it is easy to recall the maneuvers that they did in their times.   It is an interesting source of exploration along long unused lines of human awareness, all of which can be and should be recapitulated.

First, the over all assemblage point of modern times, or the mold of man is fixated on ration.  And the conversation in our heads is concerned with the details of possessions and justifications of a rational nature.  The ancient seers and sorcerers had assemblage points fixated on silence.  A position to the left and lower than its current default.  Second, humans in general did not identify with an individual self as we do today, nor with self reflection (there were no mirrors).  The self was connected to the tribe, the group, the general movement of the group.  Thus in those ancient times, humans fell into natural bands of warriors that explored awareness and experimented with many things we would consider very foreign or strange today.

But the basic structure of those ancient bands was two fold, with a third that guided the whole.  Along one side were the hunters of animals.  This group and sub-group within larger groups were warriors who were skilled at shifts below of their assemblage points.  Meaning they became or aligned with the animals which sustained the group.  The second group was those that hunted power for the tribe.  And this group shifted their assemblage points to the right in a manner that aligned them with plants.  Realize that neither of these groups understood what it means to be alone in the workings of their talents.  Everything was shared naturally with the full band as a means of survival of the whole.  The third talent was those of the seers whose talents were to expand along unknown lines of awareness.  This group traveled out through territories and protected the tribe from attack from the unknown.

As a side note, it is intentional that none of these talents in the ancient groups was aligned with male or female exclusively.  Rather, the skills and talents of the individual were couched in the good of the whole.  Women hunted animals, men hunted plants, both could see and were sorcerers and leaders of the tribe.  Everything depended on what worked, not on a dominating paradigm structure.  Both sexes were required to maintain these talents for the good of the tribe.

The predator for the ancients manifested mostly in large animals that could threaten the tribal circle.  The predator-prey dynamic evolves greater awareness in the tribe and this lead to humans becoming experts at dominion over the primary hunting skill with animals.  For this animal awareness allowed  awareness to expand and the hunt for power along the plant lines expanded as well.  The shaman (means “knower”) maintained the stories from generation to generation, for the shaman’s roll was the long-term link across time to the survival of the whole.

The seers and sorcerers guided the expansion of awareness and predicted the incursion of the predator.  These ancients also discovered other bands of awareness like the inorganic bands.  They honored these bands in complex ceremonies and often made power deals with these bands for the good of the tribe.

The Ancient sorcerers emerged from the archaic sorcerers (yes there was a previous way humans held awareness) with the development of seeing through silence.  To the archaic sorcerers everything was magical, threatening and predatory.  By manipulating the assemblage point and developing specific talents in the warrior’s group, the archaic period, which was dominated by predatory fear came to an end.  Archaic sorcerers discovered inorganic bands, which led to the end of their way of life and the start of the ancient way.  This ancient way was about aligning with that which we are hunting.  Something we learned from inorganic bands of awareness.  Tribes of humans began to emerge from that preliminary state of awareness into one where they could dominate their regions.

It was geographic regions that often dictated the necessities of the ancient tribal needs for social order, power structures within the tribe and the mythological stories they told themselves for their survival.  Geography, aka the pulse of the earth, aided or challenged these tribal groups in the evolution of their skills and talents.  They were very connected to the earth.  And long-term pulses were felt and recognized by the sorcerers.  This period of ancients extends over thousands of years and has its roots prior to what we know as the ice ages.

There was also a vast amount of experimentation.  Bands experimented with awareness, knowledge, ceremony, plant knowledge and social structure in response to the demands of their survival.  And in doing so they also expanded their incursions into other bands of awareness, literally other worlds to them.  These movements would be considered strange and bizarre to us, but natural so long as the group did not loose its way completely and end its line on the earth, which did happen.  We have no access to what happened to these groups and the record of their times is lost to us except if we choose to shift our own assemblage points in exploration, though Don Juan cautioned that this is a morbid use of our energies and a trap, because those groups are essentially gone.

At some point, throughout the world, the human band mastered the animal band it had been practicing for millions of generations to accomplish.  This meant that the predator, which was forming and manipulating our awareness along a specific lines of evolution was no longer effective to its task.  In essence these ancient tribal structures and groups of humans became the alpha predator for the regions in which they lived.  Hunting power, plant power, became easier and easier and an abundance of food (power) was available for these bands to begin to expand and populate beyond their small tribal structures.

What opened up for the human band is a Garden of Eden time.  Sorcerers and seers practically tripped over themselves as they were now free to expand their excursions into the unknown to vastly deeper territories because there was no common animal predatory threat to the tribe.  And expand they did.  They explored the edge of the unknown and dipped into the unknowable.  They connected beyond the regions of the inorganic and deep into fields of pure knowledge and awareness.  They began to light up vast areas within our luminessent bodies that sparked a rapid change.  This became a crashing blow to human awareness in general and many tribes in specific.

Some of these tribes left the world all together, guided by seers who believed that lighting up as many bands as possible and aligning them with infinity was the next step for the tribe.  Some practiced stranger and stranger techniques of awareness, which led them to slip sideways into other worlds near our own.  But in all cases, these sorcerers lead groups.  There was no individuality as we have come to know and understand it.  The tribe worked as a cohesive whole.

A struggle ensued at this point in the history of awareness.  With no predator, how can we advance awareness.  There is a deep dependence on the predator to keep our awareness sharp and growing.  Many tribes became soft and vulnerable.   This occurred as tribes began to expand and literally bump into each other.  Farming and hunting power in this manner was not new, but it was expanding rapidly.  Hunting animals began to shift to getting animals to rely on human bands for their survival.  One of the first animal predators we converted to dependency was the wolf into the dog.

The earth as a pulse of energy began to light up in the universe.  This brought another predator from the deep reaches of space and time, which instilled its foreign mind into our band of awareness.  Humans began to prey one on the other.  The ancient sorcerers divided among a basic abstract idea of the takers and the leavers.  The takers calculatingly preyed on humans themselves for additional power and awareness.  And hunting power began to be misinterpreted as dominating other tribes for their skills and talents.  Humans became predators onto themselves.

The ancient seers, who could shift their tribe’s assemblage points, would gather vast groups of warriors and leave this band of awareness altogether.  This flight was recorded in mythological stories handed down and twisted by those that stayed in this band of awareness.   There are records of these ancient seers up to as late as 1000 years ago.  And even small bands still existed when the Europeans intruded into deep forest regions.  But they were rare.

The old seers were born from this conflict and the incursion of the foreign predator.  Our assemblage points began to shift up and to the right to a position of ration.  The ability to figure things out with our ration lead to individual success stories dominating the group.  These stories lead to hero worship and the dominion of the individual self.  Interesting that one of the most prized items among the power-elite was a mirror leading to the obsession with self-reflection.  And this fostered greater clamping down on this new and simpler position of the assemblage point.  The mold of man became very static and stable.  The warrior’s skills of the ancients were devoted to tasks of culture, control, and religion.  Seeing took a back seat to predatory hunting of humans and dominion over the earth’s pulse with monocultural farming.

From this point, the next post will deal with the Old Seers and their work with awareness.


3 thoughts on “Ancient Seers, Sorcerers and Shaman

  1. “Given enough time for the generations to evolve, the predator produces particular survival adaptations in its prey which, through the circular operation of feedback, produces changes in the predator which again changes the prey, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…. Many powerful forces to the same thing…. You can count religions among such forces.” Frank Herbert, God Emperor Dune PP324.

  2. “Humans began to prey/pray one on the other.” And they’re still at it today. All this preying/praying in the name of control, conformity, and the straight jackets of nationalism, religious superiority, and wealth excess at the expense of…. Pretty much everything. Excitements and distractions intended to keep the deep silence at bay.

  3. “The earth as a pulse of energy began to light up in the universe. This brought another predator from the deep reaches of space and time, which instilled its foreign mind into our band of awareness. Humans began to prey one on the other.”

    It is good to point out here that certain ancestors brokered this power deal wherein these creatures were allowed to be implanted within the minds of those early power brokers, their children, and so on and on, thus to create the parasitic paradigm to which nearly all are born into within today’s world.

    It’s heartening also to know that with any beginning… there can also be an end.

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