What Does Love Got to Do With It?

The Assemblage Point

The Assemblage Point

Warning:  this post will most likely anger, annoy and bug the snot out of people who proclaim to walk a path with heart, a warrior’s path, if they have not shifted their assemblage points beyond the human band of awareness towards silence and seeing. 

Everything, yes, everything is perception.  This is because it is funneled through the assemblage point, which organizes the knowable world into the known.  For the seer, we see the assemblage point as a bright band of luminescent fibers, which sits on an infinite sea of fibers within what is known as the shell of our being.  These fibers vibrate and glow.  Throughout life as we become more aware of our perceptions and aspects of the universe we clamp down on this vibrating force.  This stabilizes the assemblage point and our conscious awareness of the world we think we know.

With time we become fixated and hard with repetitive patterns of perception eliminating direct seeing in the moment.  We skim using our pattern recognition function rather than see the world as it is unfolding in the moment.   This means that we rely more on our conceptualizations of what we see and our concepts limit our seeing and our ability to see more.  By what we think, we begin to create the world from what was experienced and what we have already seen.  This static state leads our shells to become hard until they, like an egg that is ready to be birthed, is cracked by the universe and the luscious yoke of our fixed perceptions – really conceptualizations and consciousness– becomes food for the next cycle of creation.  It’s an infinite cycle.

The universe is, for the seer, not a loving place, nor an unloving place.  Love is a limited perceptual field and feeling through which humans dominate their unique band of awareness.  It exists to maintain the “mold of human perception”… the mold of any being is a structure, which gives rise to the physicality of the anything’s or ours form.  We get it backwards when we think that the universe is a place of objects bumping into each other.  It is a place of energies molded around perceptual fields, which interact.   It is our folding in upon ourselves with energy that solidifies the structure of the universe as we come to know it physically.

Humans have become obsessed with love as a feeling and concept because they outgrew the need for the animal predators, which used to help them evolve.  Humans became the alpha predator in this world and band of awareness.  And as alpha within this limited band that they create together, they started to feed off of each other becoming predator and prey… victims in a cycle of energetic rebirthing, which the universe does automatically in every moment. The universe does not give a damn how we choose to cycle awareness, only that we do.  The universe is a self-correcting and self-balancing machine.

Love as a concept was an injected healing technique by the old seers around 2000 to 3500 years ago to offer a stopgap measure to get out of the cycle of abuse, which was occurring within the human band of awareness.  These old seers were attempting to move our assemblage points closer to understanding the universe as it is, but were hindered by the battles that distracted humans into self-consumption, yes literally cannibalism in its extreme.

Thus the law of love was invented within the mold of man… not from the universe itself.  The universe itself is much more interesting than that.  The new seers after a terrible battle with a shift inward and upward of the assemblage point from the Predator (see other posts), realized that the ration started to dominate our perceptual understanding of the universe, as it is around 500 BCE.  Rather than seeing from silence, we became obsessed with the words and concepts, which dictated feeling, and became dominant in the laws and policies of human interactions.  Love became considered infinite because of human self-absorption with its own survival and the myth of eternity and heaven without the old animal predators and to stop the advancement of cannibalism energetically, which had infected the human band of awareness.

But new seers came to know, through seeing, that the universe is constructed of infinite bands of awareness all of which can be assembled into perceptual forms of being.  And none of which is actually dominated by love, but rather by the necessities of awareness.  When we move outside the human band of awareness, say become a raven, there is no love shared between ravens.  There is the command or intent of procreation, but no need of a rational concept of love, law and policies of the ration.  Their band, as seen from this shift below, allowed the ancient seers to know how to hunt for food and power along other avenues.  The new seer re-discovered this way of seeing.  And opened up bands of awareness with discipline rather than blasts of intent which occurred in the old seers world obsessed with ceremony and religion.   New seers came to know that we as modern humans have shut down and limited our perceptions due to fear and became obsessed with love all because of the predator which is a much more devious one than the big animals in the bush.

Love limits, while claiming to be limitless.  Love expects while demanding no expectation.  Love distracts the seer from seeing pure energy and intent, which is imbued in all things at all times moving with power.  Love is a human perceptual framework for the infinite, but it is not the infinite.  It is a lens for looking at the universe not the universe, and it is a myopic one at that.   For this reason new seers chose to change the nomenclature and use terms like commands of the spirit, bands of awareness… and my favorite, INTENT.

To the seer, if we choose to use the term love, we mean love for no reason, no ration, no structure, no boundaries, no feeling, and no purpose at all…. Simply love for no reason at all.  There is no justification with this intent.  It moves along lines of seeing and opens awareness… not closes it.  We struggle in the use of the term, love, due to the massive amount of energy and patterns that are connected with the human band of awareness obsessed with love.  We open our universe to perceiving infinity, the active side of infinite, within an awesome field of our being.

The ultimate question to Einstein was not whether we are here alone or not in reference to aliens and other intelligences.  For him the question was whether the universe is a friendly place or not.  This is key.  The ancient seers maintained that the universe is not a friendly place.  The old seers attempted to heal humans of the overwhelmingly manipulative fear that came from seeing this fact and expanding seeing too quickly, which lead to a collapse onto ration and cannibalism, both energetic and physical…. They did so with an antidote, antivirus, called love… but the new seers have returned to seeing from a position of silence – a different position of the assemblage point from what developed in reaction to the machinations of the ancient seers aka the ration.  Don’t be tricked into thinking the universe loves… it just is; constantly moving energy around experimenting with awareness.  And more often than not it is consumptive, not constructive… not a loving place… a place of pure intent.

Struggling with this, the new seer dances with awe.  Through this awareness expands.  And we leap into a universe of infinite potential not limited by our conceptualization of it.


5 thoughts on “What Does Love Got to Do With It?

  1. Although I agree with your comments as to the mechanics of perception it does still come down to preference for each being in what they choose to live in in any particular moment for the time they inhabit the body.

    It is true that many people confuse the personal choice of love as a path with a misperception of the energy we call the universe. Still choosing of love and light as a path adds into the make up of the energy circulating in the universe and how we interact in controlled folly. I am old enough to have spent time with the person that has often been referred to as don Juan Matus when I was a teenager and living in the desert of central mexico.

    He was a tough but affectionate and loving person and I loved him and he love myself and many others. Those who spent time with him know that despite the fact that we are beings that perceive there was the natural position that we all defaulted to in living in this dream. If one feels the need to be anything else that was fine according to him but only for that being and not a hard and fast “rule”.

    I applaude your efforts to dive deep into the exploration and all of us lovers will be here supporting your journey and be here when you finally et to the end of it and return

    • Likewise, I to had the great fortune to work with a toltec benefactor of the lineage. Very loving and kind as well… And yes, free choice is key. When we recapitulate love and understand its human distracted roots, then we are free to choose any band of awareness we wish. What is sad is the cult of love around the path of the warrior. This cult can not see that there is just as much a trap to the concept of love as any concept in the toltec way… Recapitulate everything eh!

  2. I enjoyed this post, thank you Don. Agree that there are many intents in the tapestry of awareness… if i innerstand you…. it is…like stepping out of all the “matrixes”…(you call it recapitulation and changing the assemblage point)…and much changes when “love” is not perceived as an emotion, or with ideological concepts … and i have seen some pretty hard core cannibalism in the love movement….. Also like the description of infinity of the infinite…and love for no reason at all..it just is. Wonder why people want to get all attached to everything…while some have no integrity to make simple agreement with each other, let alone with them selves.

    I also find it very interesting when observing people question if there is any reason for the human species to continue on due to the current state of cannibalism.

    I experience “ceremony” not as being attached to religion… only because when experienced without the dogmatic formulas it can be a tool for movement and shifting awareness and stepping out of matrixes…this is only because of my mentors of many years.
    With much appreciation for the post.

  3. Yes Don I understand your point and I very much appreciate that you are here and sharing your explorations. I am grateful for your ability to share the results of your recapitulations of those who explored before us. It inspires me to a new chapter of impeccability.

    Perhaps it isn’t sad at all that there is a cult of love or a cult of hatred or control or lust and the millions of others that exist. Perhaps it is the outflow of all these experiences that add in to the stewpot of awareness that makes our explorations desirable or possible. What ever drew you or I to what we are doing and being in this moment I am satisfied and even grateful with.

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