The Art of the Should

Plasma One

Plasma One

Seasonal affective disorder… an interesting pathology related to the lack of sun and vitamin d in ones diet often brought about by the darker times of the year.  Picked up by the mainstream media and now tossed into the mix with the holidays, it is another pathetic attempt to justify how much we are trapped by the perceptions of others.  Add to this the insanity of being politically correct. “Marry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” or “Quansa” or whatever and a host of shoulds surround a time of year that is one of the best.

The art of the should is all about fixating the assemblage point.  In fact it is the ultimate art.  It starts at a young age and grows into a terrible passion as we progress through life.  The should is the teacher’s and parent’s tool to get the child to act the same as them.  Often with no justifiable reason, shoulds are layered one on top of the other with no real reason or energetic meaning except that is the way things are.

Looking at the biggest should, lets take love.  Love is more often a should.  We are supposed to love; it is a loaded term.  It has more sub-shoulds than any other concept out there.  As warriors of freedom, we can unravel this concept.  We recapitulate our shoulds with love and find out that most of them are expectations. Expectations of appropriate behaviors and demands of others to be exactly like ourselves, the should of survival.  Expectations to be in relationship; the should of procreating the species.  Expectations of forgiveness; the should of keeping the peace with false love.  Expectations of feeling good; the should of getting love by giving love (can anything be more self important?).  Expectations of appropriate behaviors; the should of social control through love.

For the Toltec, love is a dangerous term.  It is too loaded to actually be affective in our speach any more.  At one time in our historical past, the word was not all-inclusive as it has become today.  There were terms for fraternal connection, for duty to the country, for sex and passion, for connection between mates… each of these individual words carefully described the differences.  Most are not aware that even the bible originally had agape, eros and other terms that have been manipulated into one term, “love”…. This manipulation is the manipulation of the predator that wants the singularity of our assemblage points to be focused on pursuit of the unattainable so we feel fear and loss… and then we are open to the shoulds, its shoulds.  What a tasty morsel we become when we are flattened down to such simplistic sugars and addictions for the predator.

How many times have we heard what we should feel, be, do or say in any situation.  This is the shoulds.  It is an attempt to fixate our assemblage point on always feeling good (the result is we always feel bad cause we are never living up to the mark)….  And Love is the greatest of shoulds out there floating in our assemblage field.

We are so much more dynamic, so much more interesting as perceptual filters of awareness than this.  When we recapitulate love and stop trying to pursue it because we should, something occurs, something subtle and beautiful.  We start to see things as they really are.  We relate to them as they are, not as they should be.  We begin to realize how randomly the universe is constantly generating awareness and form in all its myriad of wonder and mystery.  We begin to realize there is no reason at all.  The shoulds fall away and the “as is” takes the place.  We are no longer manipulated by the shoulds and are energized by the dance of what is.  We are no longer pursuing the unattainable loves and become in relationship with things as they are.

For a warrior of freedom, its been said before, love is a concept.  Love for the warrior of freedom is for no reason at all.  And this is the most subtle of all, like filaments of energy and lines of intent.  One cannot manipulate, should or create love for no reason at all…. It just is.  And any talk, concept or perception of it is a manipulation of the shoulds and the realm of the predator.  This is why many of us reject the word, and chose the action, reject the conversation and chose freedom.  This trap of the shoulds is too big for the Toltec.

So be whatever we are, a bundle of perceptions… but realize that most of them are the shoulds and recapitulation of these shoulds and where they come from is the first step to real freedom, and real love for no reason at all.



5 thoughts on “The Art of the Should

  1. Reduced to its simplest form, “love” might be defined as “a connection through intent.” Even then, it’s probably best to define such connection not as love, but define it for what it is from a very sober aspect: “a connection through intent.”

    In this state, it is utterly impersonal, yet acts upon the warrior in an amazingly personal fashion, touching all aspects of one’s life.

    Perhaps it’s when love becomes personal, that it becomes “dangerous” as you say above.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but as most warriors are in a state of recapitulation and re-forming into whatever impeccable whole being they will eventually become, I think the “person-alized” need for calling it “love” is a necessary evil – utterly practical but only temporarily, and definitely only for as long as needed and no longer. This personalized aspect is something that needs to be recapitulated and thus eventually set free.

    Ideally this personalized aspect of “intent as love” serves not to perpetuate the dependence, the repetitious pattern, the ongoing need for needing, or whatever. Instead for a warrior I think this necessary evil of calling it “love” serves only as a tool to entrap the warrior’s attention in such a way that helps her/him to transcend whatever the need is to call it love, to let the need go, and eventually propel the warrior into the inconceivable that awaits beyond.

    So, when a still-working-on-one’s-own-impeccability warrior says, “I love you” to another person, perhaps they are really saying, “I acknowledge this mysterious beautiful connection we share. Whether you see it the same way or not is irrelevant. The unmistakeable fact is the mystery that you are there, and I am here, and we are somehow sharing the Great Mystery.”

    The unspoken intent behind this statement is two-fold:

    1) I acknowledged this is an imperfect world, but for the sake of utter practicality just now, I will call it “love”.

    2) I will use this love concept only as a tool to become further more impeccable.

    Words only serve us so far, and eventually we are left literally (how cliche!), for a lack of better words (how cliche!), to call it “love.”

    Yep, ideal: Love for no reason whatsoever. Unreasonable love. As they say, love with “no strings attached.” More appropriately: “love with no tentacles attached.”

    Freedom through love. Love through freedom. Free of love. Free of freedom. Just free, and then beyond into the void, or…

    In the end, perhaps it all just looks like some wonderful dance. As another warrior I know of likes to say, “Keep on dancing!”

    • Impeccability demands at some point that we stop waisting energy justifying the position of our assemblage points and just see. When we do there is no need for connection through love, because we are connected. Any justification is just that a justification.
      Its a perfect world as it is. Ration would convince us it is not. Love is mostly shoulds … and for reasons of impeccability, I chose not to use this term, its too limited/limiting with respect to moving the assemblage point.

  2. In the sorcerer’s reality, everything is energy, love merely a line among billions of energetic lines and it is emanating and shining brightly because so many people have fixated their assemblage points upon it. A massive quantity of energy rests on that line of awareness in the same exact manner that a massive quantity of energy rests on fear, control, greed, areas on which many people have fixated their assemblage points. They are all lines of energy, nothing more, nothing less, and like moths to a flame, the limited energy of the majority are attracted to the brightest and biggest lines while failing to see the copious amounts of others emanations.

    An overwhelming majority of people are held prisoner by other people’s perceptions. Even those who claim to “be free” often have concrete shoes on, fixated their assemblage points on the ideas and social interpretations of others. The sorcerer’s objective is to break the fixation of social interpretations, and with fluidity and impeccability, see energy directly. To see is a total perceptual experience. A warrior of freedom does not become fixated on any lines. Period. Nor does she scramble madly attempting to justify the position of her assemblage point.

    Great article, my friend. Keep dancing.

    “The old nagual (don Juan) told us that, as a general rule, we human beings were never taught to love. We were taught only to feel gratifying emotions, pertinent exclusively to the personal Me. Infinity is sublime and without pity, he said, and there’s no room for fallacious concepts, no matter how pleasant they may seem to us.” ~ Florinda Donner interview

  3. Love is one of the most difficult lines of intent for humans within the mold of man. Abstractly it is just like any other line, even with all the attention/energy surrounding it. Experientially it is a beauty and a wonder to swim within. Yet it cuts both ways so often as does any line. The greatest love is love in freedom. When we can choose impeccably to move our energy in and out of such experiences without getting trapped even by these words.

    The best part about love as we begin our path, is the amazing well spring of excess energy that is available to us as warriors of freedom. Humans have devoted a ton of energy to that focal point within the mold of man. We can dip in and out of it and clean up other lines within our own assemblage point with this energy. We can move through it and on to the other side. We can see mystery and magic with it… it is one of the greatest introductions to the path. And a devious gnome in the backyard of our personal history. Recapitulate everything!!!!

    I do not deny the other warriors of awareness who spend so much time with the machinations of love. Honor it in fact. Love is a well spring for beginning on the path. Ultimately within the abstract, as FW notes, there is so much more. The challenge is not to get caught up in the challenge of the shoulds while recapitulating our relationship with love… a singularly beautiful and interesting line of intent… But not INTENT….

    Peace all

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