The Predator Moves Within

The First Dreamer

The First Dreamer

Probably one of the hardest aspects of the predator is the one, which is most intimately ensconced within our own being, the internal dialog.  First seeded and hardest to remove, this internal presence can be the end of a Toltec path of freedom or the beginning of true seeing.

For much of his work, Casteneda speaks of silencing the inner dialog.  Silence is key to seeing.  Silence within helps one maintain a direct flowing connection to all that is.  Silence is the key to being able to shift the assemblage point.  Silence is exactly what the predator does not want us to develop.  To develop silence gives us an advantage over the predator.  We are able to see where the predator lies in wait for us, its prey.   So the predator fills us with judgments and perceptions that constantly demand we evaluate reality.  Like, dislike, right, wrong, good, and bad… all of these are actually connected to the voice in our head which is rooted in desiring to not see things as they are, but as we would want them to be.  The internal dialog is the essence of self-importance and disconnection.

Toltec warriors know we have no control over anything and even less on whether it can be manipulated to our likes and dislikes.  We do have control over our reaction to things as they are.  C. Casteneda gives us no road map to how to actually silence the internal dialog.  Sitting on power spots, in caves or working with some great master is not easily accessible to most.  But everyone can practice silencing the dialog.  I personally found this within Zen meditation.  A practice of breathing, counting breaths and releasing my thoughts in silence became an important discipline as a young warrior.  With time, every thought began to be treated as a passing fancy.  Emotional reactions lessened my demand on reality being the way I wanted it to be.    Realizing that emotions and thoughts are all just moving through my mind and will pass away was the gift of meditation practice.

The key is observing thoughts and emotions as unimportant.   Becoming detached from the processes and recognizing the roots is recapitulation within.   Thoughts come, and they go.  For a moment this seams more important than that… but this too shall pass.  Breathing in and through stuck thoughts and emotions allow for things to just move of themselves.  This is the gift… soon equanimity will infect all of ones life.  The good, the bad all become the same.  Suddenly the colors of the world as it is becomes brighter, more connected, because silence is underneath the practice.   We are shifting our attention away from our ration and self-importance and to our center at the assemblage point.

This is when the predator attacks.  First by sending us petty tyrants to challenge our core beliefs.   The warrior considers them a gift of great value.   Second, the predator places fear in our path, often from an ally, inorganic being or personal drama.  Finally the foreign installation attacks our mind itself.  Our thoughts go wild and mad.  We feel on the verge of complete insanity.  Why after all this practice does this occur.  The final fingers, tentacles of intent, of the predator are struggling with all its energy, and ours, to maintain its position within.  Plus as we align with silence, we are no longer wasting energy on the internal dialog.  We thus have excess energy.  And that makes us even more attractive to the predator.

We are challenged at this point to either align with intent for no reason at all with no expectation of any outcome or not.  We are challenged to release all of our preconceived notions about our world.  We are challenged to leap into the abyss with no parachute but our own wits and spirit to guide us.  We are challenged to risk everything for freedom itself must begin within our own minds or not at all.

For the ancient sorcerers excess energy was used to manipulate their world and others around them.  This dark path is considered a trap to the modern seer of freedom.  But it is attractive because we now have the energy to shift our attention and others onto what we desire.  Yet this is an even deeper layer of the challenge from the predator.  It is the final trap before really seeing.

For the modern seer, we defeat the reasons for desiring or manipulating our world and use this excess energy to see; to see the emanations of the universe; to see the opportunities for us to shift our assemblage point to other worlds; to pay attention to the world as it is; to glean as much from our world as we can; to be grateful for a life of awareness.  For the warrior of freedom, we energize and take a masterful and artful movement with intent to dislodge the assemblage point and begin to move along lines of perception.  This maneuver is the practice of freedom.  Seeing is the key, shifting the practice… this is true dreaming… And we stalk the wild pendulum within to be able to truly see and therefor shift our assemblage points.

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    A comment that I left as a response to a reader on my last post got me thinking about writing more about the predator because it seems to be so misunderstood. People tend to think of the predator as a “bad moment”, or “an evil spirit”, or “trauma” that occurred and that once recapitulated is gone forever. This is not so. The predator is an undercurrent of energy that flows prevalently or subtly through the cosmos; through everyone. Don Juan said often that for a warrior, every moment is a battle. This is true and at times the force of the battle diminishes. But the predator is always there. It’s disgusting and it has a lot of power. Our goal as warriors is to restore our personal power to the point that we are impenetrable and impeccable with our energy, then it can no longer touch us, even though we are constantly observing and witnessing it almost everywhere we look. Enjoy this article from a fellow warrior!

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