Raven in a Maze

Raven's Maze Raven becomes trapped in the maze, working through words, finding heart, raven springs forward and spirals out in hopes of breaking the threads which endanger us all... creator creating creation.

Raven’s Maze
Raven becomes trapped in the maze, working through words, finding heart, raven springs forward and spirals out in hopes of breaking the threads which endanger us all… creator creating creation.


A warrior is detached and at ease with his world.  He views the world as an overlapping field of perceptions generated by the combined assemblage points of all and the earth.  The warrior’s maneuver is to learn to shift perceptions and thus shift the assemblage point to a place beyond or before or outside the boundaries of ordinary reality.  As he practices this, freedom becomes more and more a part of his entire being.  The warrior sees that the creator creating creation.

World events can trap our attention.  The events of recent have challenged the warrior to the core.  A simple example is the Fukushima nuclear power plant which is dumping toxins into the oceans.  Here is a recent report of the effects of this slow yet consistent drum of the mold of man.  How do we manage this bombardment on our assemblage points, our perception of the world?

The earth is a living being consisting of the assemblage points of all of life.  These gathered beings build up to an amazing awareness of life itself as a globe.  Carlos Casteneda reminds us how essential it is to have ultimate gratitude for the planet which hosts life and awareness in all forms.  Genaro swimming on the earth shows us how beautiful this physical expression is.  Yet we are on a journey to Xtlan, a journey to a farther shore which we may never reach, but the journey is worth the effort with heart.  The earth is our major connection, our major source of power and energy.  She pulses with life and rolls the force of life over us at all times.

It is heartbreaking to read about nuclear disasters.  If you are not angry, you are not paying attention.  But what good is anger to a warrior.  Anger is always self importance.  It is the self importance of a species believing that it is the alpha predator in this world that has unbalanced the equations of life on the earth.  One can argue with the details, but the truth is more evident than ever.  We destroy the oceans and all life in this band of awareness, the beauty of the earth, is over.  There will be no energy to move forward and evolve.  Again, one can argue the details, the evidence, the awareness of a seer is now more clear than ever.

This is not just a doom filled awareness.  It is awareness at the root of our energetic matrix.  Warriors must search for other sources of energy if they are to sustain themselves.  And the universe is a tricky bastard… it does what works, and we are proving that we don’t work well.

We ride on the razor’s edge between seeing potentials… choosing globally, acting locally… even in the face of the odds against us.  We ride on the razor’s edge seeing the emptiness in the canyon below us that could swallow up our species and choose other means for awareness.  Maybe one that can survive the polluted state we have left this garden in.  Maybe technology and science with race ahead and provide necessary solutions.  But while we wait, the majority of us are filled with an awareness that the energetic system just does not work any more.

We must radically shift our assemblage points.  We must look at the laws of the living planet that we have been breaking for years.  And rather than sit and say, oh well nothing to do, do something different, something that works… because she will do this of her own accord.  She, our mother, the earth, will decide if we choose not to decide.  There are only two ways, the ways of the earth and the ways not of the earth.  Let’s choose.  Let’s shift our perception, lets ride these beautiful waves to better choices.

The nay sayers will decry and say, that is not a warrior of freedom’s concern.  But red flags go up.  It is the essential concern of the warrior of freedom.  We earned our freedom from our lives, from our walk here with this amazing matrix mother.  She is aware, and as we become more aware, we know our debt of freedom is to her.  Be grateful, be overwhelmingly grateful… Choose now.


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