The Essential Question….



When asked by a reporter something like :”What, in your opinion is the most important question facing humanity today?” Einstein thought for a bit then replied, “I think the most important question facing humanity is, ‘Is the universe a friendly place?’ This is the first and most basic question all people must answer for themselves.

“For if we decide that the universe is an unfriendly place, then we will use our technology, our scientific discoveries and our natural resources to achieve safety and power by creating bigger walls to keep out the unfriendliness and bigger weapons to destroy all that which is unfriendly and I believe that we are getting to a place where technology is powerful enough that we may either completely isolate or destroy ourselves as well in this process.

“If we decide that the universe is neither friendly nor unfriendly and that God is essentially ‘playing dice with the universe’, then we are simply victims to the random toss of the dice and our lives have no real purpose or meaning.

“But if we decide that the universe is a friendly place, then we will use our technology, our scientific discoveries and our natural resources to create tools and models for understanding that universe. Because power and safety will come through understanding its workings and its motives.”

As a Toltec warrior of freedom, this question has often plagued mind, heart and path.  Einstein hit the nail on the head.  Our approach, our perception of this answer will determine the position of our assemblage point with reference to our seeing.

The old sorcerers discovered worlds, other bands of awareness, near our own perceptual band of awareness where in inorganic beings thrive.  How do they thrive?  On energy.  This fundamental law of cohesion of being requires energy to maintain fixations of our perceptual framework.  They learned, through negotiating with inorganic beings, to shift their perceptual framework and see beyond the boundaries of the organic world.  They learned to become master dreamers.  And they became trapped by the dream of freedom being nothing more than slipping into another world or band of energetic awareness.

For us, the organic is a magnificent gift of overwhelming power and mystery.  We have an opportunity through being physical to access energy beyond the limits of the inorganic realm of being.  And we have an opportunity to explore the structure of the organic realm.  Yet science is proving every day that the organic, physical manifestation of the universe is a terribly small band of awareness supported by massive realms of infinite energy that surround this band.  And in fact that 97% of the universe that cannot be perceived by the physical is necessary to the structure of the known universe as we perceive it to be.

Is it a friendly place?  There is a consummate argument that the inorganic world supports and maintains the organic world in just such a way to be a farm for the energy necessary to maintain awareness in inorganic bands of awareness.  We call this the predator.  And the predator is not friendly, not out for our own good.  It is only out to make sure we are just aware enough to become food for the recycling process of the their awareness and maintaining the matrix of the physical.  So not really friendly.

We recapitulate these stories of awareness and begin to see the limits, which are placed on awareness in the organic and the cycle of birth and death and something opens up.  A deeper sea of awareness exists beyond the weight and density of these limited bands of awareness, organic and inorganic, moving in a dance of sustaining structure.    Warriors see that the universe is infinitely creative in its manifestation of awareness in form and energy.  It is a random place whose structure is often defined more by the edges of probability than a defined pattern.  The patterns emerge of themselves as a dance.  This is a rather neutral state of perceiving the universe.

And if we dance along the lines of creation and align with creation at its source, intent, the Intent of the Universe as a place of emerging awareness and structures to explore awareness, then we are not alone.  We don’t have to play into the hands of the predatory nature of the universe that wants to assure that we are afraid of the whole she-bang.  We see that all our perceptions are driven by our root being and assumptions about the universe as a whole.  A friendly place is created by those that co-create with the infinite universe.

This dance is the ultimate dance.  Along the path we meet others who are dancing in harmony and dissonance with the universe.  We can either fixate on the drama of the factory-farmed awareness, or we can move to a place where that does not exists.  And often these two points are a hair’s breath away from each other.

We stalk ourselves, our knowledge of the universe.   Toltec warriors learn the technology of shifting the assemblage point to see greater, deeper, more, the infinite in all things.   All frameworks are fundamentally true when we devote enough energy to them.  The choice is ours.  Freedom is the foundation of all energy in the universe, power is as power moves… we create because we are the universe of creation.  We swim in the waters of intent all the time, never knowing like a fish what water really is.


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