Politics of the Predator

It is the natural tendency of any bureaucracy to grow exponentially.  Politics, which is always tied to economics, becomes about controlling and regulating every aspect of life.  Laws are not about what humans can do, but what they cannot do.  And power misinterpreted as control is founded on competition for limited resources.  Ultimately all resources become limited in this type of system, a system of control.

Our democracy, a fiction at best, thus is not about freedom.  It is about creating a game where the least common denominator dominates the most talent and profits from it.  The structure thus becomes about preparing the young for a game that has always been rather than developing natural talents for innovation and creation.  Given enough time, this system of controls will begin to create feedback loops.  Individuals who, knowing they have no real power, choose freedom at any cost in the face of the dominion of the many which in actuality are being controlled by the few.  And we then execute these marginals as symbols of holding onto the myth of freedom for security.

And we wonder, are shocked, saddened, that more and more individuals choose to rage against the system.  They have lost all freedom to an overwhelming game they can no longer live or survive within.  Ultimately the vast masses abrogate their responsibility to the bureaucracy and police forces to solve it for them, never realizing they never had any real power founded on freedom in the first place.  Such a system lacks any responsibility at all levels.  Those found guilty are in reality just scapegoats to the bigger game of control by the few.

Look carefully at where the energy lies in such a system.  And even closer, who controls that energy as a marketable commodity.  These are the real power brokers who will never be seen on the news or in the headlines.  It is the fundamental control of that energy, oil, food, and information that brings us to the point we are at right now.

If we think that a change in the players of politics will actually change the system, this is the myth that the power brokers want us to play out in the story of our lives devoid of any real power.  But it is a distraction, a shell game of paying attention to the one hand while the other hides the seed more deeply from our sight.

We should not cry out when acts of violence and terrorism occur.  These are symptoms of a deeper game we have been taught not to pay attention to.  A little revolution solves a great many things, yet currently our dependence on the energy and the inherent competition in the system and just getting by has us denuded to the point of sheep moving through the barnyard until they are slaughtered.

We cannot wake up by being frustrated and fearful of the current media reported crisis.  We can only wake up when we understand that we are complicit in a structure that rewards the power, control, being in the hidden few and the rest of us staying asleep distracted by the next drama.

Founded on values, which become invisible and distant, societies eventually fall by their own weight and bad decisions from within.  Freedom is a myth so lost and forgotten it is like being an ape in a cage, who only dreams of what the forest used to look like while eating scraps from under the captor’s table.

If we are to be free again and a society of responsible people, then we must stop creating laws and regulations about what we cannot do, stop surveillance of every detail of our lives by the cameras of fear, and begin to truly understand where the seeds and energy are locked up… change our relationship our politics and our economics of control to an open system…


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