Stranger in a Strange Land

Black Enso

Black Enso

Take a drive, take a walk, spend an hour away from humans, this is a great start to silent practice…. Better yet, spend a year or two away from the dramas.  Stalking the silence was easy it seemed yet easing back into the cacaphoney of human energy can be difficult by comparison to the leaving.

When the predator first rears its head in a boisterous “no-way-you-can’t-leave-the-way-you-have-worked-walked-maintained-the-common-human-story”, death seams the only answer to its demands.  But even death is part of the game the predator plays.

To defeat the predator we recapitulate.  At first this recapitulation is all about externals, stories of others and demands of others.  Then it shifts to our reaction to others, our energy in relationship to others.  Finally it’s all inside your head and the predator attacks our very existence.

The only way to not be a sugary morsel of victimhood to this onslaught is silence.  Practiced, steady, disciplined silence.  We become quiet first, but more deeply we become silent.  We stop participating in the grand story that is constantly bombarding our definitions of normal.  And at first it’s rather energetic because we had devoted so much energy to the same ole’ story.

After a while the silence moves deeper to a place where there is no longer even a hint that there was a story to maintain.  And suddenly something else is happening.  We are paying attention to everything.  It is then that the challenge of reconnecting with the world happens.

Stalking this reconnection carefully, sitting within the human drama, there it is… the story.  Oh it really does not matter what the details are, it’s the same story.  Almost all of the human story is about being the center of a drama of details and data where the human is not getting what it wants.  And the strangest thing occurs to the warrior, every human directs the conversation and the energy back to themselves.   Was this what the predator wanted?

Yes, the predator wants us to be so consumed by our selves that we cannot see the forest for the trees.  The predator wants us to be consumed by thoughts we have to say because we feel we are never heard.  And ultimately the predator wants us to be afraid, especially of each other.  What becomes strange in this moment is there is no response to those that are choosing that kind of suffering… that kind of myopia of self-absorption.  There is only silence in the face of the human story, the one, mono-logical, self-absorbed, human story.  Nothing can be said.

Practice silence.  Get away and spend time in silence… but the real challenge comes when we reconnect to the drama and maintain silence.

3 thoughts on “Stranger in a Strange Land

  1. “… reconnecting with the world happens… We are paying attention to everything.”

    What’s amazing about silence as it approaches and as thinking winds down, is we see the vestiges of the original intent of language emerging in its original form.

    Originally language was not the psychobabble-distractor society has made it today. Rather it was an magical tool of intent. It served intent, and thus made intent possible for those beings who chose to take up the human form and live in this world.

    When silence in your life finally takes hold again – to use a meaningful cliché – it is a “returning to your senses.” When the mouth stops moving and the mind stops spinning, we are talking about sheer existence and awareness – all through blessed silence.

    And thus no further words are needed.


  2. Black enso
    Sits in universal silence
    Strangers in a strange land
    Resonating like a tuning fork
    Between this blog and
    A new band of awareness

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