Form and Emptiness



Reality as we conceive it to be is a matter of fixating our perception and maintaining the patterns.  The patterns are hidden in our assumptions about the way things work, the information we get from our feedback loops of mother culture.  Mother culture is no friend to true freedom because the bulk of perceptual fields that the greater human band of awareness is there to limit our perception to a mode of preserving the fixation of our assemblage points, the mechanics of how we see the world.

Shifting our perceptual framework, our seeing, requires that we look beyond the gravitational field and weight of commonly held perceptual frameworks, known as the common mold of man, or the overwhelming weight of our combined perceptions as physical beings and belief that this is all we are.  This is but one band of awareness in a greater field of infinite bands of awareness that are possible.  The seer know by direct experience that these bands, all bands of awareness are self fulfilling, self limiting, and self sustaining systems that move along direct lines of fixated perception.  To shift perception is a masterful act of the warrior of freedom.  In fact it is THE master act of the warrior of freedom.

To call for a revolution within any band of perception is to play into the assumptions surrounding that band’s demand to maintain itself no matter the energy cost.  We look to the energy, which is wrapped up in sustaining these bands and ask, is this sufficient, is this efficient, is this the most impeccable use of our energy?  Through searching out the causes and effects of the use of energy (cause=effect=karma), we can see clearly where we are leaking energy into and through an overused inefficient system of energy.  To change this is an act of true revolution, a revolution of energy use and abuse.

It is freedom at its core that is hardwired into the universe at large.  The universe is a random generating machine of patterns whose stabilization is more akin to the edges of the glass, which forms and holds the water within.  When we seek out knowing the water, all glasses are just the same glass in a myriad of forms.  Little do we consider the affects of the shape of our glass-perceptions, which dominate the energy trapped therein.

Shattering the glass is analogous to recapitulating the patterns we hold so dear.  It amazes the seer of perception that it takes so little to create the form, which traps our energy into set formulas and functions.  The warrior shift his perception by constantly changing the glass form… and in doing so begins to taste the awesome beauty and wonder of a universe of infinite possibilities rather than reshaping the structure from within the singular pattern held so dear.

The universe randomly generates these edge forms, these bands of assembled perception, to advance awareness.  To reflect back the possibility of innovation, creation and the infinite held in the vast sea of awareness and energy that is truly possible.

3 thoughts on “Form and Emptiness

  1. Comment: the english language oft falls short in the realm of the Dreaming…for example the word “freedom” in it’s original inception and current use and abuse, in it’s tone and resonance from whence it came, means: to dominate free.

    • Language, even the best of words are open to variations of definition, roots and terminologies. Freedom is used with respect to the work of C. Casteneda… see his work for further illumination of the dominion of the free and the warriors of knowledge.

  2. It’s as if there’s no ownership to these words. Don, it’s a pleasure to review your words. It’s warm to recognize what’s just underneath them. Outstanding work. Thoroughly impressed. What you’ve stated above is – spot on. I wouldn’t alter a single letter.

    To be perfectly up-front; I am routinely disappointed after the usual brim skim of those individuals proclaiming to have the gift of insight or whatever clever phraseology they patchwork together. Most times the artwork, the blog posts, the comments, the essays – the attempts are “forced”…..a part-way to full-to-brim activity of the Self-Indulgent. I have been part to entirely full of the toxin myself; and at times still drink.

    So, it is refreshing to review the sincere and breadth of insight/experience. I am looking forward to exchanging more. As the process of exchange is much more pleasant without the personal inventory of which Self-Indulgence readily supplies.

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