Amber Glow of Awareness

Amber Glow of Awareness

Every act of creation begins with an act of destruction.  A warrior’s commitment to freedom is bounded by the responsibility we are willing to take for the destruction we do to create freely.  From this, we clear the way for something new, something more.  The average person lives within a tight band of patterns and behaviors to which they build up resistance to the universe at large.  The average person sleeps within these patterns and knows nothing of the accidental creation/destruction this lack of commitment implies.  Random acts of destruction are relegated to a place of victimhood and fear, never knowing that it is our creativity that opens the door to more.

We as humans are hardwired through a succession of genetic encoding and environmental shifts that have occurred over the last 6 million years to adapt.  It could be argued that we need rapid changes to wake us up to the hidden potential ever present in our genetic code.  We need challenges to perception to remind us that we are who we really are and that the universe is a random order generator, which has brought forth awareness.  If we are not free of the patterns, we succumb to the tidal waves that these rapid shifts create.

This is why the art of recapitulation is essential to freedom.  As more and more energy is freed up, we are capable of looking sideways at our world… or top ways, or under ways etc… and move around with real choice and real creativity.  Ultimately the warrior of freedom becomes the artist.  Artist never means the ability to draw or paint, though that may be a choice, rather it means we are clean, clear and open to the potentials.  We perfect a discipline of relaxed-at-ease readiness to see a path that is filled with wonder, awe… a path with heart.

Because we have removed the obstacles to seeing ahead, we are painfully aware of the destructive nature of our being all the time.  The sorcerer’s path is not one of control, but responsibility.  It is not the random generator of destruction for we choose carefully what we pull from our world around us as an act of creation for a purpose, and intent, a real reason.  And from that we create wisely the next moments, ideas, words, the elements of our being.

The balance between creation and destruction is a dance of awareness and responsibility.  Often there are unintended consequences of creation.  Destructions we knew not when we created.  Humans who are asleep would rather continue that pattern than change and shift into new possibilities.  The system, the predator, has lulled us into thinking we have no imagination to turn a corner.  For instance, years have gone by and we know that coal burning, no matter how cheap, has unintended consequences for the environment.  Our imagination has already come up with a solution to trap these ill affects and more wisely use coal.  But after 50 years of knowing this, only now are coal plants implementing methods for cleaning up the burning fire!  They were stuck in a pattern of stealing energy from the future and destroying our environment.  Never was there every a clear justification for recapitulation in an industry.  (And think solar… its much better to go to war over oil than to spend on solar, right?)

As a genetic race we have survived massive global shifts, mostly climate.  For 6 thousand years there has been a relatively stable earth environment to exist in… it has lulled us into a sleep that our ancestors were used to adapting to vastly shifting conditions.  We must remember, recapitulate and consider what we are destroying in the name of just getting along.  We are hard wired with freedom to respond to these shifts.  Anywhere freedom is compromised, compromises our ability to adapt and change.  Freedom leads to creative acts of wonder aligned with the intent of the planet and the universe.  We need to return to these fundamental values, create structures that support freedom and walk into a future of the possible.  Otherwise, all avenues that do not, are roads to doom and self fulfilling prophesies of the end times.

Wake up!




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