Rejection of Words, further Recapitulation



With our thoughts we create the world.  Our thoughts are dominated by words.  Because our words reinforce the reality that we are programmed to believe is true, the warrior becomes very cautious and aware of his words as he aligns with silence.  Warriors know that thoughts are often disconnected ration, which attempts to dominate our perceptual framework.  Thus words are carefully evaluated for the limitations as well as the doorways that can be opened with them.

Ritual is often filled with words.  Repetition of these words are so ingrained that it is hard to recapitulate them.  Yet we must if we are to become creators rather than sustainers of the perceptual framework that goes unquestioned every day.  Ritual is in some ways very important initially as awareness develops, but there is a boundary that the spiritual warrior crosses as the ration is unwritten and shifted to serve the central cause of the warrior that of shifting his perception.  Thus words and especially ritual words are questioned for the sake of direct perception of the way things are and not as we would limit or manipulate them to be.

Recently there was a discussion about faith.  Faith it was argued was essential to the spiritual path.  Faith a requirement for being alive was argued as essential to creation.  But as a warrior faith is a story that is down loaded into our framework and we are ritually encouraged to believe through faith many things that may not be accurate or even true… yet faith makes it so.  In other words the very act of using the term faith and the energy behind it limits perception to the faiths and stories of belief that are part of mother culture.  Mother culture is not interested in freedom, thus faith is not interested in freedom but rather the repetition of a pattern.  So faith as a word and concept a warrior rejects for direct experience, which leads to knowledge.  And from knowledge of the world, we can perceive greater bands of awareness directly.  No faith is necessary with knowledge just direct experience.

This radical idea is grounded in the ability to question the fundamental structures of our universe and how we perceive it.  Questioning and freeing our energy for more and more abstract flights requires that we consider the words we use to construct our reality.  Words like faith hold within them hidden assumptions and contracts, which the spiritual warrior rejects.  No hidden contracts, no words can bind us to a framework, especially one that no longer works.

In creating art, image gets us closer to direct perception.  As an artist, using glyphs which are untranslatable, this warrior is making reference to meaning which is grounded in direct perception rather than assumed stories.  Through direct energetic perception the viewer can come to understand the energy of perception rather than the loaded faith based stories that limit perception.

To walk a path of freedom is to align with silence and direct perception of the world as it is.  By rejecting the words that bind us, we can free ourselves for deeper conversations that are open ended and not closed loops.  The universe, multiverse, is infinitely creative and full of awe.  We cannot begin to describe or limit our perceptual framework by the words that debilitate our freedom.  A warrior is careful of what he says, because this could trap attention.


5 thoughts on “Rejection of Words, further Recapitulation

  1. David Eddings wrote in his epic novels about Sorcery that it is the will combined with the word that creates things. This is so true. Everyone is thus a sorcerer because we use words combined with the energy of our will to create reality. Notice how much people will tell, using words, what we should believe do or say. This is the sorcery of the word. And how amazing it fixates our assemblage points.

    Watch a child come to know something because the parent uses words to say it is so. The magic of direct perception in the open child is limited to the band of words downloaded from the parent. In drawing for approval the child creates flowers that are red, green that leaves are green… the house is a square box with a triangular roof. How boring art would be if this was maintained by every artist.

  2. Faith is the rational mind’s easy solution to the relentless challenge of controlled folly.

    Because living a life in continuous awareness of life-as-folly is sometimes too raw, too burdensome for some folks, the word-filled mind is tempted to lay down and acquiesce to rationalizing folly. For those mind-full people who like to apply labels, folly transformed (from its original form as a creative act of continuous response-ability to being fluid, and to striding within the flow of intent) into a ritualistic rationalization of explaining the beautiful art of living and bathing in irrationality in rational terms.

    When “controlled folly” becomes “steadfast faith,” the warrior-participant becomes a “believer,” and then relinquishes their hand in living life to someone who waits for life to happen to them.

    Politicians take heed: Sometimes it’s best to act in utter silence (AKA “shut the hell up and do something real”) than to think out loud, and then tweet your intentions beforehand, tweet while in the act, and tweet how you feel after the act. In the end, you leave us in a vacuum of words with no substance, sometimes after having done nothing at all. A life devoid of meaning, just words as filler.

    Words: the cardboard stuffing in rich turkey of life.

    Action, action, action! Intent!

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