Post Apocalypic Let Down

Golden Mean - Ink on Paper

Golden Mean – Ink on Paper

God, Intent, Tao, Energy, or whatever we choose to call it is not the idea of God.  Don’t underestimate this distinction.  Our concepts have outstretched and overwhelmed our direct experience of it.  The ancients did not have a concept of the great mysteries of life.  They knew it directly and because of their silence in the face of mystery in which they lived all the time.  They created many wonders and observed the world around them with awe.

Modern man inherits a host of concepts from the stories and ideas past down in culture and schooling.  Who remembers that initial feeling when the door closes and the world behind the door disappears.  Slowly, by opening and closing the door, we test this to make sure that that world is still there.  The child laughs in wonder as they test, hypothesize and come to know that the world behind the door is still there… the brain creates solidity to the mystery of life.

But soon we get caught up in the idea of things existing beyond our perception without ever opening the doorways.  We accept the program of assumptions and stories as though they are real.  Then the concept is more important than the reality, which exists in the world.  Warriors know that everything depends on perception.  But when all perceptions must filter through our concepts, which limit perception, we become trapped by the very concepts we hold dear.

Such is the constant case with scientific exploration.  Who has actually seen an atom?  What does it look like?  Initially, these buggers where conceived of as solid balls that are the fundamental building blocks of nature.  Then someone burst that concept and found out that they are made up of energy, then deeper, they are made up of quantum.  We hold a concept of quantum, but very few of us actually know quanta, right?

The ancients held so much in their minds.  Not just words, but pictures, relationships grounded in direct experience of the world.  Building stone on stone, they created vast monoliths in which they experienced yearly the alignments of the stars, planets and seasons with these monuments.  The direct experience of this mystery was a yearly celebration and tied to planting cycles, which were a necessity of life.

At some point, and one can argue exactly where and when, though it occurred everywhere across the globe, the concept and the words written about them became more important than our direct experience of reality.  As a seer, we know that this shifted our collective assemblage points away from silence and experience to a story, heaps of them, which answer all the questions of life a priori to the actual experience of life itself.   How many of us dismiss the wonder of a chemical reaction?  It was amazing to place mud and stains in a fire and watch them change into patterns of beauty, which adorn our simplest items.   We called these initial creators of pottery shaman.

Now we take for granted the china in our cabinets.  How many recall when the mystery went out of life and the magic was replaced by a rational explanation that superseded the awe we experienced before.  This leads to our needing to rationalize our world and constantly find a reason, a fault, or a justification for everything.  Gone are the gods of our childhood.  Gone is our responsibility for what is right there in front of us.  We mitigate it with blame and illusionary thoughts, which dominate our true feelings.  Though one can argue, gone is our superstition as well.  We may have lost something in the development of that mind; our respect for creation itself.  We can own concepts and ideas unlike we can own the mystery that actually created it all.

The apocalypse is an idea, a concept of time, a story we swallowed along with all the bitter medicines of our times.  And when the universe came up short and our story does not match, do we let go of the stories, the concept…. Ah there is the rub and the reason for what has been a subtle depression moving through the assemblage point of man.  We missed the direct experience, the ceremony, the celebration of a cycle… and the opportunity for real change.  We missed the silence within the resounding shout of culture’s false stories.  All we had to do is let go and return to the source of mystery.

This heaping up of stories became involuted.  It can be seen in vast texts of stories, which are so complex we need experts to interpret them.  We have given them the power over us because of these interpretations.  We also overlay our conceptual framework onto foreign concepts and ideas and make them our own.  Mayan experience is not Christian concept.  Apocalypse is just such a concept.  There is no end in circular time.  Thus there was no end on December 21st.  It was a step around a mystery of life, a circle itself.  It was an opportunity, a moment of energy building behind all things.  Our previously held concepts distracted us from the energy that was possible for real change.  How many really wanted a complete cataclysm?

The subtle is lost on a people attached to the words and ideas.  This is why we can’t fathom the brilliance of our ancients working out and engineering the ancient monuments.  They tried, they experimented, they failed and they succeeded because the connection to their world was direct and abided in silence and experience.  Frieghtening it is that we are distracted by our conceptual frameworks, while the earth, the cosmos, continues to behave just as it is.  By being distracted something even more terrifying can take control of our lives while we are obsessed with the shadows on the walls of the cave in which entertain our baser drives.

For the warrior of freedom we call that distraction the realm of the predator.  We call it that, because the power is stripped from us, and we submit to the ideas and concepts so we are not paying attention to the reality that is actually occurring.  We mitigate our freedom… and even freedom becomes a concept, a far off idea that is so idealized it is no longer a reality experienced.  At the source there is a lack of connection to the natural real world and a loss of creativity in our lives.

All humans are creative in their original state.  Our creativity is what allowed us to adapt to the upheavals and shifts in our natural environment.  We walled this away in structures and temples to protect us from that world.  The walls and our adornments of them are filled with our self produced ideas closed us off from the world as it is.  We mourn when the buildings fall due to sink holes or earthquakes.  We stop listening and huddle in corners in fear, all because our concepts are more dear than the wonder of our creative connection.

Raven Moves the Sun

Raven Moves the Sun

In an age when we have unlimited communication across a vast globe, we are on the brink of truly understanding all the amazing ways humans have created themselves.  Yet we fight over and because of concepts of god and the mystery and forget the inherent link we have to mystery itself.  We forget the root similarity of human experience across the globe everywhere.  All humans are founded on their perception of the world, and that perception is biologically all the same animal.  That inherent link to the mystery is the same for all in silence and experience.  This is why the love of a warrior is not the love of an ordinary human.  It is love for no reason (ration, concept or idea) at all.  It is connection to mystery and actions based in combined pure silence…pure energy.  It is not a concept, a rule nor even a god.  It just is what it is.  Even these words fall short.

A global vision is emerging in these times of necessity.  But it will not emerge as it has before.  It will not be a prophet or a guru or a master or an individual.  It will not be a god or a return of a god, nor the return to the past gods and experience of the hunter gatherers.   Rather it will emerge from our direct relationship with the earth and the cosmos.  It will be because of our experience of the last millennia, age of Pices, domination of the ration.  It will emerge as we release our concepts of everything that came before, and we understand the workings of energy, intent and creativity of all.  Those that huddle in the temples of self importance will be sitting in the dark cave of their own creation and the concepts they have inherited subject to the predator because they have lost the ability to live in direct experiences and silence.

The concept of God is not God.  The Tao that can be told is not the Tao.  Intent that can be manipulated by story and idea is not Intent.  The only way out is in, and the only way in is through our willingness to align with apocalypse and destroy all the false idols of our age in favor of what really works.


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