intent, Intent, INTENT

Black Enso

Black Enso

Darkness surrounds us, steam leaps up from the rocks.  A deep sound underneath all sounds emerges from the voices there assembled.  And within this erupts words, “intent, Intent, INTENT.”  We need nothing else as we are bathed in silence and surrounded with beauty. 

Carlos Casteneda asked Don Juan how to align with intent.  Don Juan said that it takes no ceremony, nothing special, no prayer or method but standing square and saying, “intent, Intent, INTENT.”   When we say this we are not working with intent, INTENT is working with us.

The ancients were always aligned with intent because the position of their assemblage points, the dominant place of their perception was in silence.  They listened to everything that was occurring around us.  Modern man has descended into a place of talking… a place of ration where the explanation comes first to construct a universe out of conceptual frameworks.  When the universe does not work in accord with the conceptual framework, we ignore it, deny its existence at a fundamental level and in reality never experience the universe as it is because the voices and concepts, stories heaped up over time get in the way of silence.

The longer silence becomes a part of our practice, the more the warrior becomes aligned with intent.  Not that he is intending it or willing it to be aligned but rather that that which separates him from the source is no longer there and the source is what it is, ever present.  Words don’t really do it justice.

The work that has been emerging from the brush and paint has been practicing silence.  Are there meanings within the creation, of course!! But nothing so fixated as a concept or a correct answer to the question… to ask is to separate from the direct experience of creation.  Yet words come.  Meta-language I call it.  Interpretation is dependent on the movement of our assemblage points.  As we move the stories changes, and ultimately the story of our lives is a mystery even unto the experience as it is occurring.  INTENT!  Just saying this begs silence and listening to the universe unfolding as it should.

100% of reality is determined by our perception.  But perception is not 100% of reality that can be experienced.  We often stumble upon experiences that cannot be framed in our words because they are outside of our perception.  Aligning with silence and allowing intent, Intent, INTENT to align with us, opens doorways to worlds previously unknown.

This is living at the edge of the village, but it is not running away from the village or from life, It is a life less ordinary yet nothing special, for it is accessable to anyone and all who shift towards silence and away from obsessions with our story.  It’s a magical universe out there…

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