Recapitulation and Power Spots

Pulse of the Earthsm

Pulse of the Earth

Carlos sat with his back against the wall in a cave overlooking the desert.  Don Juan noted that these caves where made for the warrior to gather energy and thus to dream.  Recapitulation is the key to dreaming.  Recapitulation is the key to the warrior’s path.  When we recapitulate we pull in our energy and disentangle it from the patterns of our life, which exhaust the warrior to no end.  Power spots offer the warrior a space and place to really boost this practice.

As a warrior, we know that recapitulation is not the talking cure.  One does not just tell the story of some event in our past to another person and thus “let it go”.  There is a more subtle aspect to recapitulation that the average therapist just does not get.  The warrior recalls all the energy around an event.  To do this we connect to silence and feel the sensations, emotions, event, and details of an event as though it were actually occurring right now.  It is a shift of the assemblage point to that moment or moments.  Then we sweep away the links or connections that are sourced in that moment to recap the energy back into our being, now.

Whether you are a man and need to physically sweep your arm, or head, or move the body in the sweep, or if you are a woman who works with the womb to regain that energy, the breath is the key.  Literally one giant breath in and then out is the capping moment to the practice.  It travels deep into the will/womb and stabilizes the release of the old energies with new found vigor.

We hunt power.  Hunting power can best be done in locations where the earth’s energies supplement the practice of recapitulating.   Recently walking in the desert, we sat on a spot that had just such power.  The power was bursting forth from the plants, the location and the memories of the past that augmented the process of recapping another time.  A dual vision developed of being in the present and being in a time some 12 years past.  And at the same time the earth was pulsating with energy.

Timing is everything.  The desert has an additional burst at sunrise and sunset.  We call sunset the terminator as the last light of day passes from the desert.  Since the plants in the desert are programmed to protect themselves in the heat of the day, the terminator beacons a time when the plants relax and even the rocks burst forth the energy of the day.  This is the singing desert.  It is a perfect time to do the exercises associated recapitulation.

This present from the earth, our memories and the terminator create a triple bang to energizing our dreaming…. Aka our ability to stalk the shifting of our assemblage points.  When the majority of our petty recapitulation is complete, the warrior chooses wisely to recap a personally powerful memory to shift and reground the energy of our bodies in a new position of the assemblage point on a power spot.  The earth pulses, the plants sing, the light bursts forth, and the memories are disconnected from the predatory patterns of our lives.  We become, like the plants, more fluid, more alive and more energized for life.

Not everyone has a desert nearby, so paying attention to our local power spots and energies can help the warrior find places that behave like this.  In the mountains, staring at the eastern mountains as the sun sets in the west is great for this practice.  On the plains, sitting on a small hill just above the flat open space lets this occur.  Near the ocean, staring intently at the waves hitting the beach can help.  What is key to this practice is that the earth, away from the distractions of the tonalic city and patterns of our lives, is full of power spots.  They are everywhere present in the natural world to which we really belong.  And the earth wants us to be connected.  It is through this connection, and our practice of silence and getting out of our way, that we more deeply link to the pulse that can help us intend freedom.

It is the boost of the power spot that allows the nagual to open up and shift us into unfathomable worlds of possibilities.  And it is the ability to rest and do nothing with the energy once we have recapitulated it that seals it in our energy bodies and disentangles us from the predator.   Keep recapitulating!  And occasionally find a place that will boost that practice to truly seal in the commitment to freedom.  The is the greatest battle of the warrior, one which never ends as we progress through life… a life of peace and silence aligned with intent.

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