Plant Allies – a Pathway to Shifting the Assemblage Point

This blog has avoided sacred plant medicines for a very good reason.  They are a trap, like so many pathways of knowledge, they give with the right hand and slap you with the left.  But recently there was an opportunity to watch a ceremony of just such work and it propelled these words.

Carlos Casteneda noted in Conversations with a Nagual that if you are going to do a sacred plant medicine, better have a Don Juan there to make sure that you are not falling into the pitfalls of self importance.  The ruthlessness of the guide or road man or medicine man is essential to ones practice.  There is a good reason that Carlos later turned and denied that this path was a stable one for the warrior of freedom.

To date, no one has ever had an initial altered experience with these plant allies and not eventually run smack dab into their personal inventory.  The personal inventory is loaded with perceptions and structures of ones own life, the habit of the habit, of the pain of the pain.   Most habits are just stories we hold on to and act upon unconsciously.  Thus in the first stages of this practice, the allies just holds up a mirror to our own shit.  Everyone runs right into death and fear because shifting the assemblage point away from its fixed position is a form of death.  This is why the onset of the plant is called the body wall.  The body holds onto the patterns of our present life and the patterns we don’t want to let go of.  Some spend whole journeys just playing with this pattern, or messaging their self-importance with ego justifications of their pathetic lives.   Seeing people heighten their awareness and justify how great their current life is is pathetic and lacks recapitulation.  But it is the first stage.

If the participant is a warrior of freedom, they will see and integrate this initial stage and spend a lot of time recapitulating their lives gaining sobriety with themselves before taking the next journey.  Thus they can blow past the first doorway of perception, the body wall, the mold of man, the fixation of the assemblage point.  Plant allies help to dislodge the assemblage point and can intend one to other bands of awareness.  Given this initial step and a practice while not on a plant medicine, the journey can open one to the realms of knowledge and awareness not connected to our own.  We can wander away from the village.  We can seek answers and knowledge and bring back some amazing insights, if we loop it back to a practice of working on our assemblage point’s increasing fluidity while not on medicines.

The third stage navigator of the plant allies moves into a place of pure abstraction.  The knowledge is that of seeing energy directly, of how energy works within the world, of how all things assemble their energy into bands of awareness.  Awareness is the key!  There are thousands of stories and experiences that people have at this stage.  Many share these altered states as though they have discovered a new religion.  They formulate vast structures of stories from altered states and believe them to be more real than reality itself.  Reminded of the machine elves, these distracted masters will share their stories and people will follow these stories and the newest guru… but the warrior of awareness sees all of this as just expanding the scope and depth of the inventory (the fixated point of it) and this roots one in creating more traps of attention.  Recapitulate it all and don’t buy another’s story (even the best guru stories) unless you just want to repeat someone else’s shift of the assemblage point.

The forth stage is one of recognizing that this new found fluidity can led one with discipline to be able to shift without medicine at all.  Recently walking in the desert among red rocks, it became obvious that energy was bouncing along the path, a ball of energy moving through the trees which were their own form of energy.  Like being on a plant ally, it was just awareness that shifted away from the ordinary fixation of the assemblage point into pure seeing.  Allies help us to see, but repetition of the allies makes us crazy… like doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, or worse, the same.

The ardent practitioner realizes this and practices shifting the assemblage point without the crutches.  The more we practice the less frequent the need for the plant allies.  As Don Juan noted to Carlos, he used the plant allies because Carlos was so dense and fixed and the extreme act of doing them allowed for the knowledge of shifting to become grounded in the practice.  Plus it trapped Carlos onto the path of sorcery as he thought it was supposed to be, never realizing that there is so much more to the path than plant medicines.

Most of the current media surrounding the popularity of plant allies in the positive has become like a religion of salvation… or just another way to say you can’t do it without help.  And most of what is out there is people’s personal crap being barfed all over the place or the marginal beliefs in aliens, spirits, inorganic beings, another world etc which they say is more valuable than this one.  This is not to say that these other worlds don’t exist, rather that they are just as much of a trap as this one.  Ask yourself what are they trying to escape?  Escapism is a form of morbidity and the warrior makes death an advisor not a lover…. These gurus and neophites are not being responsible for their own inventory, responsible for the shift of the assemblage point.  Don’t get caught in the other person’s story!!!!

Entheogens is a word meaning experience or union with god and it could be replaced by Ensophiagens, the experience of wisdom.  It takes a disciplined warrior of freedom to realize the god trap, and even more disciplined to know that knowledge from these other perceptions is just as big a trap.  Wisdom comes with a grounded practice, not in doing tons of medicine plants.  Self importance is the constant battle of the warrior.  Plant Allies and the discipline of these journeys is no exception to this rule.

All ceremonies and journeys are the realm of the morbid fascination we have with the fact that we will die and is there a next moment after that?  Question is, can one actually look directly into that existential crisis, over the cliff into the dark sea of awareness and say, “And now what?”

Be careful warriors, this is not a necessary territory to the practice of freedom, though it may be full of very pretty colors, lights, and heightened elation of being alive.  “Yes,” the initiate says, “I survived and am still alive!”  Survived to do what?


14 thoughts on “Plant Allies – a Pathway to Shifting the Assemblage Point

  1. “Don’t get caught in the other person’s story!!!!” This comment reminds me of the ending of the movie “Circle of Iron” inspired by Bruce Lee, and starring David Carradine.

    In one of the final scenes, the main character, Cord, is presented with a book filled with mirrors handed to him by the wise man, Zetan, who had been trapped for ages into becoming the book’s caretaker. Cord wisely saw that there was no freedom in becoming the new holder of the book of self-reflection, which was yet another trap of self-importance, perhaps in its purest form.

    Cord the wanderer rejected the book and the proffered new title, and handed to book back to the book’s keeper. He thus left that man, the keeper of the mysterious book, to wallow further in the trap of society and the institutionalism that sustained the image of the book, the externalized factor, as the sole giver of ultimate wisdom.

    It is not a book, not an idol, not the phantasmagorical images while under the influence of plants, nor the mere notion of the freedom that grants freedom. It is something much greater and simpler than we dared know.

    Free of external dependencies, free of the “members only” separatism of internal self-importance and the groups to which one would affiliate oneself, the wanderer’s heart is at one with infinity with no effort. Separation is an illusion.

    • I think not that dreaming has a specific purpose. Dreaming merely is. It’s a part of the mystery that’s just there.

      Whether one chooses to use it for a purpose, this is where “purpose” comes into play…

    • Dreaming must have a specific purpose or else it wouldn’t be represented by a third of our lives. I am grateful that you speak up against the folly of following the path of high adventure.

  2. While I appreciate what you are saying, has anyone ever actually experienced such a dramatic movement of the assemblage point, without the assistance of power plants? Once given the ability to experience such a movement into other worlds there may a least be some chance to replicate that without the entheogen at a later stage. Without it, for the majority of people would be nothing more than stories, fables and works of fiction with no direct experience of the worlds that lay within our grasp.

    • Juniper,

      It is true that ensophia/entheogens offer a very fast result to shifting the assemblage point even assembling other worlds. But there is a long and quiet well documented history of shifting the assemblage point without them. I would say there is more evidence to support that it can shift better without them. Discipline is the key. When we practice recapitulation, the assemblage point shifts. Buddhism, Ecstatic Dance, the Sufi and even mystical Christianity all offer these rich tales of power. The medicines are a double edge sword often giving with one hand and taking with the other. It is one the warrior of freedom needs to approach with extreme care and caution. Recently heard this quote: “For those who seek freedom, desires jump in the way of the path. For those that practice discipline, liberty is right there in front of them.” A sound point for sobriety. And yes, I know of many who have assembled whole other worlds for the first time without the use of any of the altering medicines. In fact, if we recapitulate, the pathways are open and many warriors will access the medicines only to remember that they already assembled those worlds before…. Remember and keep dancing!!!! Thanks, The Bear

      • What Don is sharing is completely true. Even don Juan Matus told Carlos Castaneda that it was “old school” even back in that time. Don Juan said that it was a truly undesirable way to move the assemblage point because it made a person’s energetic bubble “fuzzy” and not clean and clear as a man of knowledge and power should be and impeded a warriors ability to access Intent.

        In my own experience of walking the Toltec path for 20 plus years I absolutely know that impeccability is the key to breaking the assemblage point loose in the first place and to BEing fluid and living in personal power afterwards. Hallucinogenic plant use is the mark truly of those who prefer the path of high adventure to the path of Love and Light. To believe that we need something OUTSIDE of ourselves to achieve this is from the wounding of The Dream of The Planet. A truly healed warrior would never subscribe to such weaknesses.

        This is a quote from a peerless Toltec warrior on the subject.

        “Impeccability begins with a single act that has to be
        deliberate, precise and sustained. If that act is repeated long
        enough, one acquires a sense of unbending intent which can be
        applied to anything else. If that is accomplished the road is
        clear. One thing will lead to another until the warrior realizes
        his full potential.”

        Impeccability is the only true freedom a Toltec warrior can achieve, it cannot be taken away from him. The former lineages of Toltec’s has been replaced along with much of what were the practices of those men and women. What they practiced was appropriate to the times they lived in but most of it no longer is applicable as the energy of the planet is now much lighter than before.

        The old practitioners are referred to as the “Old Healers” whereas the new practitioners are referred to as “The New Dreamers”. The New Dreamers are the cutting edge of Light in the world as we speak here. If you desire to be a Toltec man of knowledge and power then ask Source to bring that into your flow. Don Miguel Ruiz, Esra Inal, Kris Raphael, Alan Hardman, Ginny Gentry and a few others are currently teaching groups of New Dreamers around the world and there are others. In the Bay Area my wife and I teach New Dreamers as well.

        The modalities that still apply are Recapitulation, Flowing, Dreaming & Stalking…the golas are still the same in the beginning, to clean and clear our connecting link with Intent, to erase personal history (not what you might think) to eradicate self importance (it is what you might think) and to save personal power. Power plants have no place in that any longer as the energy has shifted making it easier for a warrior to transform their energy and effect their healing.

        Healing the self is an absolute prerequisite to becoming a Toltec man of knowledge and power…without it we become just another ego looking to be powerful.

        Love and Light


  3. Thank you Troy,
    Keep the conversation going…. We are later-day Toltecs and many influences have intersected with the lineages of the warrior. I see for sure that cleaning our links to intent is key to impeccability. When we are clean, we shift as well. The concepts of love and light are just that, concepts, and very human at that. The universe is not a place of love and light, it is a place of abstract energy moving along lines of intent. When we dream, we shift through and along those lines. When we stalk we stabilize points of awareness which then can be expanded upon. Whole worlds open up for us. There are many shifts of the assemblage point that have no need of love, nor lights, but energy demands that we remain impeccable… thus we can see…. These conversations with words are ultimately the realm of the ration. Ration in service to silence leads to greater impeccability… in service to desire leads to deeper traps. The greatest lineage we have to connect to is the earth. So let us dance and not get caught in the words… So much to share, so much to know, so much to live when aligned with intent!!!! The Bear.

    • I completely agree Don. Myself I have travelled great distances and seen many things. I have sat on the edge of the void, I have been in worlds that were not so much black as simply devoid of light completely. I have lived with my assemblage point in the place of no pity, I have stalked the folly of it all and I agree that everything is energy and that this energy can be moved, transformed by the perceiver. I agree also that it is a construct of ego to try to rationalize and explain still for me in the end of all that I am still alive and experiencing this.

      We are perceiving beings and I have asked myself repeatedly for years “to what point or purpose?” I travelled the world and after much of that decided that I preferred California as a place to be. “Everything, anything is one of a million paths…A path is only a path, and there is no affront, to oneself or to others, in dropping it if that is what your heart tells you . . . Look at every path closely and deliberately. Try it as many times as you think necessary. Then ask yourself alone, one question . . . Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn’t it is of no use.” ~don Juan Matus

      I choose Love and Light my friend 🙂

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