Our predilection is distinctly bound up with our initiating form (birth).  And as a result it is directly connected to our assemblage point as well as connected integrally with our relationship with the world as it is.  Predilection is discovered and honed over a lifetime.  The sorcerer is able to see that medicine is both a trap of repetition and a gift of freedom because it allows one the hint of a pathway to being and not being (the gateless gate, the doorway to third attention).  In the abstract our predilection allows for conversation and varieties of experience to be shared among those who know their predilection well.

Predilection is built up by the stories of the past, the stories of the present and the stories we tell ourselves in our heads.  The ancient sorcerers fell into the trap of thinking that second attention was the way to freedom.  They became obsessed with individual abilities and selfish medicines.  They drove the initial gift of knowing the power of shifting the assemblage point to another position and created a solid second attention but they never un-wrote the patterns as they gathered intent and created new perceptions, which they thought they could totally control.  They became very adept at manipulating intent from these new positions but never shifted that far from the initial position of the assemblage point we now call first attention.  This is why we called them by number, different attentions.  We attend to them, hone them and repeat behaviors to stabilize and justify them, even dreaming attentions and other worlds.

When one speaks of third attention, it could easily be just another bundle of perceptions.  Since our predilection is both an internal bundle of fibers and an external shape to our luminescence, the ease with which one can shape and change depends on how much energy we gather from letting go of useless patterns to intend and create new and un-explored pathways in territories not yet seen.  These are abstract flights.  The more we un-write our connection to our self absorbed patterns, our justifications, the more fluid and open we can become in these flights.  These flights are the touches of the infinite, a place beyond our luminescence and within it.  Un-writing as much self absorbed connection to everything including our predilection helps us not only fully become our predilection but this releases us from even the sorcery pattern of our lives.

Nagual Women know this well and always recommend seeing, if you will, the path beyond.  They are drawn to a doorway in ways that no one else can understand because of her predilection.  They often are, and often will be trailblazers.  It is because of this ability to move so quickly through doorways (always a bad image) and beyond to the abstract, that the rest of us get lost in her finger pointing the way and respond with anger in our spirit because she threatens our connection to an old pattern.  It has always amazed me that Nagual Women see beyond all patterns so quickly.

Despite everything that Carlos wrote, he was not a nagual woman and his limits are where the women can see into and through to a more complete picture of the path.  Why has it become so easy for men in the Toltec path to dominate the conversation?  Even the word “warrior” has a rather masculine bent to it??  Because man are beings of a much more rational bent,  it is easy to convince the world we think we know just through saying words of ration.  Ah but this is predilection at its darkest… to move the path forward, men must come to know the silence that is possible when partnering with the women in sobriety.

The other predilections encompass a million stories of a million ways doing.  They walk between the many assemblages of energies watching the unfolding dream in a million places.  If guided with a lack of self importance our conversation can unfold between warriors that can truly advance this path of freedom.    Our predilection is written on our luminesssence and in our assemblage of perceptions often called the assemblage point.  Each of us is guided at some point to begin to stretch beyond our current world-view through un-writing our patterns and obsessions.  If we do so impeccably, we begin to grab onto the infinite, grab onto Intent rather than manipulating intention like the old sorcerers and thus slide into the workings of infinite.

Warriors are attracted to each other as we begin to light up other places in our awareness and the abstract.  We are attracted to warriors who have made similar commitments in freedom, and are seeking the non-self reflective drive of this kind of journey and wandering.  We are attracted because the world’s obsession to maintain a fixed position of its self-gratifying assemblage point makes us infinitely sad.  We are attracted to a great wandering beyond this band of awareness.

Thankful, I am, a being in relationship with some of the most beautiful, enticing and engaging warriors I have ever known every day.  Thankful I am to have so many great warriors who walk the journey in their own way.  Thankful I am that the doorways to greater perception are opening in a way that scares us all to death, yet at the same time drives each moment so beautifully.

Predilection is a gift of Spirit.  To argue for or against it is folly.  To journey deep into it, is freedom…… As Nitche said, “To name the devil, to recognize its fullness, is to see it as an angel driving the soul towards freedom.”  He also noted, “Be careful when battling monsters lest you become a monster yourself, and when looking into the abyss, the abyss looks into you.”


3 thoughts on “Predilection

  1. From first, to second, and then third attention, all are connected if we ride the lines of intent. Mystery in the content, in the unfolding story of actual events, may by some miracle be somehow rendered so simple after relinquishing all disruptive patterns that would keep the ride from being so direct.

    All into nothing so that One would just be, mysteriously as One is as One’s-self. Intent and silence.

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