What the Predator Wants, a Warrior’s Tale

If you ever get to see sheep being herded in a slaughterhouse, the image is perfect for what the predator wants.  Sheep work together and communicate with each other almost psychically.  They gather together in the pen and will often huddle close when being moved to slaughter.  We separate them into individuals from the pack and push them one at the time towards death.  They are alone, unseen and unheard in their final moments.  We learned this from wolves that attack a pack of sheep. They are one of the first animals humans learned to control, but this lesson 10,000 years ago was directly from the predator, the foreign mind, the installed logic of loneliness and fear.  The lie of born alone, live alone, die alone is the false matrix of our culture.

Humans have done just the same to each other on this planet.  To force compliance to a reality that is described as “the way things are”.  No one is responsible; everyone is a victim.  But it is we who have created cultures that separate the individuals from the healthy tribe and force them to submit to the faceless nameless legion of control.  Nowhere could this be more evident than in the institutions of banking and government.   There are no humans in these institutions.  There are unthinking processors of procedures and policies that are elevated to the level of the gods to which all must submit.

As an act of freedom, try as a warrior to see these elements as you gain a mortgage.  Paperwork, a digital partial reflection of who we are is sequestered in computer databanks and documents.  Every aspect of a life of money, actually our energy, is trapped in this system.  To gain a mortgage takes a loan officer, the supposed friendly face of this predator, the processor, the faceless paper manager, the underwriter, the decision maker, and a host of governmental and bank officials all responsible to evaluate the digital fingerprint of our life’s work and energy – money.  Thus the predator hides within the documentation devices, the cover your ass mentality, the processes that are disconnected from a real human life.  We are laid flat and smoothed out for all the juicy morsels of our energetic matrix to be consumed or deemed worthy of consumption by contracts that no longer exists in the human band of awareness.

When we walked through this process, each step led us to deeply unconscious beings just doing their jobs.  Cubicals within cubes of buildings are built up for the predator’s purpose of protecting all that self-importance in detached places.  We intend freedom as warriors from all contracts that are not specifically chosen by us.   Thus as we progressed through the unconscious system, we brought consciousness and awareness to each step.   Dropped calls, missing paperwork, ignored deadlines, falsified dates, each step was rife with the unconscious and the protective fears of the separated sheep.   Realtors, agents, title companies were all doing their jobs for themselves, forgetting that it was humans that make the story real.   One can argue the necessities of detachment among these folks so it is just a matter of numbers, but numbers are illusions, they only represent something that exists in some band of awareness or they are useless in the extreme.

Thus at the final hours, we took ourselves into the den of the predator and faced the humans behind the faxes, phone calls and e-mails.  We stood at corporate headquarters and looked with utter compassion for those that are just getting along in the sheep pens of the cubical world of underwriting.  There they were, shocked to see an actual customer walk into their disconnected world.  The room, filled with squares of half walls, stopped in shocked silence.  Heads popped up curious as to who was standing there… “oh, awe, that’s a customer.”  Each and everyone could not respond, not even the processor of our loan.  Off they scattered to find a manager.

The regional manager invited us in, “Wow I have never met a customer before and I have been doing this for years.”  She had to suspend her agenda, move her obligatory Friday morning meetings, had to shoo away the demands of all the sheep in her farm.  “I am with a real customer right now, I will get back to you.”  Upon careful review of the whole process, which took 3 months, she looked at us and said, “This seems all too easy.”  We stood to lose everything; we were staring freedom and death in the face one eye on each.  After “snooping around” as she called it, she said, “We have everything we need no need to wait, you will have your answer within hours.”  And to our amazement as we left she said, “It was so good of you to come, its important to see the whites of the eyes of our customers, the reason we are here.”

Yes, whites of the eyes.  As Avatar notes, “I see you.”  We are connected.  We went all the way into the predator’s world, and there beyond the artificial boundaries of the predatory walls of the banking system was a human with all the same interests and drives for freedom and awareness as we held.  She shifted her perception and her assemblage point; the numbers became reality; the source of creation was evident in our presence to the moment unfolding.

This was a three month act of stalking in the extreme.  At every step, each part of the steps, we held intent for freedom as our guide.  Stalking is the act of consciously shifting the assemblage point.  But to do so required shifting the assemblage points of every person involved in the walk towards home ownership.  From the owner of our home’s recapitulation of her entire life to which she was retiring from a life time of home ownership giving away the house she had built and we loved, to the agent whose point was stuck in the victim mentality that banks are useless, to the bank fixated only on the numbers… each party shifted to a real and human band of “I see you.”  And in seeing the only answers had to be yes with integrity and truth.

The predator wants us disconnected, lost behind computer screens in an impersonal world of fear.  The power we have as humans is rooted in our dna.  We can gather and as a group and shift our combined energy, intent, assemblage points, to something amazing and filled with awe.   This is what makes the warrior of freedom different than the average man, knowing the equality of all the sheep in the pen scared in a small corner of the pen, we bring forth a warrior’s compassion of a possibility that we can jump the fence and return to the fields of awe just inches away, if we but choose.


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