The gateless gate

Art is the ultimate pursuit of knowing the beauty, the patterns, the colors of this amazing world.  As artists we stretch into the realm of the unknown and bring back wonders for the eye to see.  The warrior/seer eventually submits all his knowledge, awareness and action to the utter pursuit of the mystery of creation.  And thus touches the divine in all things on earth and beyond.

This dance is amazing.  The overwhelming power of intent is all that guides the warrior/seer to become the artist of life’s mysteries.  The warrior cleans his house, himself, removes all obstructions to the fluidity that is pure seeing.  Silence manages that seeing and personal power drives the warrior to the seer.  When we see completely and still recognize the limits of even our seeing, we open to new bands of awareness beyond comprehension… then the artist takes full charge and shifts his perception throughout the matrix of the luminescence of life.

Artists know that nothing set in paper, pen, ink, paint or any medium even outside of fine art, can come close to the abstract knowing of the unfathomable mystery.  It is everywhere pervasive and inclusive, immanent and revealing.  If there is any singularity it is this mystery that can never be fully known.  We leap off the cliff of our perceptual framework and fly like an eagle, eye darting this way and that with the longest of vision.  We sail deep within the ocean and play with the dolphin and the whale.  We march across the land as the bear and the panther seeing before them the closeness of patterns emerging from the darkness, and become it.  We rise like the deer when sounds alert us of something more, something dangerous.  We hunt like the hawk and the raven personal power in everything we do.

This totem pole of the artist can be expressed in so many ways.  It is our ancestors who paid attention to the tracks of the animals that allowed us to hunt for food, power, awareness.  We have vaulted into a place disconnected from the earth, and now we are coming back fully to her.  The warrior/seer now artist knows the universe as deeply feminine and honors women and the feminine for they hold the mystery of life within stretching back thousands of years to the core of the mystery.  The earth and all women have been patient with us men, we need to listen to their voices now.  It is the actions of all mothers that create a shift towards being better humans than we have been.  The warrior/seer submits to this awareness because it is the art of the life force and the drive of all creation towards freedom.

If there were no freedom first in all of life, no ability to constantly respond to the random chaotic energies of the universe as a whole, there would be no form, no vessel, no singular band of awareness that has become human awareness.  It is our ability to adapt to the inevitable that opens doorways for the artists of our world to see beyond the matrix trap.

Enough warrior/seers/artists combine and balance across the male female gap, and we can profoundly vision a better way to live in harmony with the universal, the unfathomable mystery.  Beyond fear, beyond taking, beyond reckless consumption into pure personal power of a vision constantly unfolding.


2 thoughts on “The gateless gate

  1. In this writing I refer to art in a limited band of fine art. But know that artists exist in every walk of life, scientists, doctors, teachers, mechanics…. when we master our craft, and then ourselves, we become the warrior/seer/artist in all that we do however that is define.

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