Apocalypto – 2012

Belief is the most important thing to recapitulate.  These are deeply held ideas and perceptions, which lie at the root of our ability to see the universe for what it is.  Often beliefs are inherited constructs or are founded upon emotional experiences causing us to react unconsciously rather than see the world.  Beliefs lie within the realm of the fixation of the assemblage point and are founded on repetition, repetition often of the same story or pattern of stories.  We tell ourselves, “If it worked once, twice, three time, it should work again and again and again.”  And thus beliefs cause us to create little rituals confirming our world as we want it to be not as it really is.

The universe is more interesting than this.  It is filled with unfathomable mystery, which to the ordinary man is incomprehensible due to his constant need to reconfirm his beliefs about the world he wants to control.  This of course is folly to the warrior of freedom and knowledge and a trap of attention.  The earliest stories that we hear and grasp onto set in stone our beliefs.  And in fact the pattern of these early stories could all be repeated in a single night, yet we surround ourselves with them daily and weekly as though we had never experienced them before.

Look closely at the current media on TV or the movies.  What we see and experience day in and day out is the same story.  Often some perceived good is battling some perceived evil and good wins.  It does not change but for the colors and patterns of the people who come with such a story.  Joseph Campbell notes the pattern in Hero with a Thousand Faces.  Clearly he analyzes The Story and all its parts and how this is The Myth of our times.  All religions are based on this very myth repeated over and over and over ad nauseam.  Thus we are blind to the universe because this is a limiting human myth.

With enough life and experience the warrior wakes up and realizes just how boring this really is and just how much mother culture demands that we believe this myth in totality.  It is all the same story in the end.  The story kills true vision.  Is it any wonder that we have so many who are attempting to rush to the edges of reality and search for a new vision for humanity?   This vision demands an ending that we have discovered never comes, we are never saved, we are never elevated to the level of the gods and thus we are left with a supreme sense of loss, but let’s repeat that story cause it might just work the next time, right?  What if there was never anything to save?  What if there is no bi-polar fight or flight in the universe and there is a much more interesting universe there than can possibly be contained in The Story?

All the colossal and classical myths, east and west, comedy, tragedy and horror comes down to one story.  This story for the seer was set in place 10,000 years ago with the dominance of one people, whose name is now lost, over the land and over their people.  Slaves to a system of cultivation, their story became the only and right story and that story’s goal was dominion over all people of the planet.  And look where it got the planet?  Scratch the surface of every cultural difference and the story is imbedded in every place and it’s all the same.  Got to hand it to the story, it is simple enough and alluring enough to conquer the world.

When we say as warriors of freedom that culture is not our friend, this is what we mean.  The repetition of the same story of taking, bipolar conflict resolution and dominion over the earth is the story we reject whole-heartedly.  There has to be more.  The only way out is down and through the story with recapitulation.  We have to get our energy back from the trap of this pattern.  This pattern is the soul possession and dominion of the mold of man, not a friend to vision and seeing the universe as it is.  The mold’s purpose is to limit our awareness to a very shallow band of being and then consume all of our energy in the one constant and continual story of right versus wrong, however they are defined to be.  It ultimately flattens out our energy and pulls us tight and stiff like taffy through that band making everyone exactly the same.

Warriors of freedom endeavor to break free of that mold by not believing in the stories, which were handed to us.  We reject all contracts, which were made before our time without our approval, and thus we know what real choice and freedom is, another way.  Our energy is much more infinite and terrifyingly beautiful than the tangy sweet mono-vision of the one story of tragedy, comedy and horror.

It is our belief system that wants us to be lulled to sleep with the constant drilling of the same story over and over again.  Why is it that these mythic stories are repeated on and on when the truly interesting discoveries and journeys of perception are discarded?  Small bands of humans sit in wonder as they discover the mysteries of the universe every day.  They are scientists (men of knowledge), artists (men of dreaming), and dancers (men of awareness) in a symphony of a universe that is right there if we just dare to look beyond the veil.  Billions struggle and die every day of the same old story as if any critique or rejection of this myth would end the world as we know it.  Would it collapse the world?  Of course, but the universe would be standing there rejoicing that we finally grew up.  The earth would still be there, given that the story does not kill her in the process, and life would move forward in abundance.   But the response of the believers in this one story is to repeat that story over and over as if it were absolute truth because “look it worked so well last year, let’s keep doing it.”

Maybe the world, the limited band of awareness of the one story, as we know it needs ending.   How else can we come up with an actual solution if not forced to.  Enough people die at an intersection and eventually we put up a stoplight.   We are at that intersection, and it’s the story that is keeping us from seeing down the road.  Those that are committed to real creative change know that the first thing we must do is challenge the one story, the belief that got us to this point in the first place.  Yet the idea that humans can live in and with a drastically different beliefs, awarenesses and stories has been beaten out of us by the taffy eating unistory holders of the key to the prison planet we have been duped into creating with them.

Madmen, shaman, and artists at the lunatic fringe who choose to reject the repetitive stories in favor of real change, freedom and awareness have emerged throughout history with a warning.  The will of the majority has locked these people away and labeled them devils, little knowing that the real devil is in the stories we tell ourselves over and over again.  Recapitulate all belief!



4 thoughts on “Apocalypto – 2012

  1. I love this post and I love you (whatever that is). Thank you for the eloquent explication. Indeed, there never was anything to save. What a relief.

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