The Ultimate Maneuver

The universe, and for that matter all universes, is filled with unfathomable mystery.  We are bound by the perceptions and conditions we choose every day, often unconsciously.  This Gordion knot of being is something we have tried for years, centuries, to unravel only to discover there is more to unravel.  It is the warrior’s mission, duty, and delight to unravel those mysteries.  We value freedom as a central core but cannot define nor even grasp what freedom is.  That is the greatest paradox.  To seek freedom, to desire it in all its manifest forms is to watch it constantly slip through our fingers.  For it is grasping and clawing and fighting for freedom that inevitably become the net we get tangled in every day.  We are just free.

Seek not freedom to own or possess.  The universe is unfathomable mystery.  Rather seek discipline, the discipline of the dance, moving with the waves, which crisscross our fundamental being in each moment.  The discipline of the warrior is not the discipline of the average man.  The warrior seeks less in his life every day.  The average man seeks more surrounding himself with the self indulgent net of feelings and perceptions controlled.  Untangling these agreements, which have bound the warrior to the perceptions and conditions which are inherited, he recapitulates in the moment every moment.  At first this is a daunting task and is filled with ceremonial repetitions.  In the middle of this practice, energy becomes available to him in vast amounts.  He begins to create, and in so doing often repeats the very patterns in a new yet old manner.  This too must crumble and fade for all is impermanent.  Energy is not stored, it moves; it flows.  Power is as power moves, the teacher notes… so nothing can ultimately be possessed or controlled.  The warrior moves with power and energy by being in the flow of it.  This movement grows deeper as the ocean of being expands wider.  All conditions drop away and his practice becomes one of rowing a boat on an ocean of awareness.

If there is anything that can be said of freedom it is that nothing can be said.  Even the words, definitions and names of things lack power in the movement, purest intent.  The warrior reaches over the edge and sees into the darkness.  He, for a time, gets lost there in the nameless name.  And what does he do with all his practice and skills at this point?  He releases this, as well, to the limitations of the net, moving deeper with the pulse.

The warrior sees.  Not himself, but the utter lack of any self, for all self is conditional and limited.  The warrior shifts to the deep well of being a band of awareness beyond the trap of time.  He just sees.  This leap into the abyss, can only be endured, it cannot be changed, denied, managed or manipulated.  It can only be seen.  And without the conditional self, he aligns with freedom, a subtle maneuver!  For there is nothing to do, create or manage but the simple act of seeing.

We can create all sorts of definitions, tales of power, beyond the burning waters.  But all of this is folly in the face of infinity.  All we do is continue.  And this is the greatest shift: the warrior aligns with creation itself.  The warrior becomes the consummate artist even in the face of the folly of his every creation.  Every story is ultimately one store; every taste, one taste; every shift, one shift.  And that shift is freedom.

Un-write and write are two sides of the same coin.  Every act of creation begins with an act of destruction.  Warriors are responsible to the unfathomable mystery of this dance… and so often does nothing at all.  Touching the earth, we become ultimately grateful for this journey into the backwater eddy of this mysterious life that brings us to know infinity.  Ultimately it is only fear that stops the flow.  When fear is gone, for there is really nothing of substance to ever defend, we slip away leaving even what was created as a testament of a path well lived.


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