The Power of Silence and the Motion of the Universe

Standing on the edge of the ocean shore, watching the tide come in, is one of the most profound places to come to know the power of silence.  The waves crash on the shore in a predictable pattern.  Stand there and count the pulse… 1 forward, 1 back, 2 forward, 1 back, 3 forward, 2 back… and so on until the water rises and takes over more and more of the shore.  It takes patience to stand and just be present to the patterns changing.  The moon being full, the shore being long, this act of silence does not mean that it is quiet.

Sounds rage as foam crashes created by the rocks below the surf.  There is between the waves moments of less sound, yet under it all is a constant hum of the earth pulsing her beauty creating new moments.  It was in these places between earth and sea, in tidal pools, that form emerged and crawled out from the depths.  It is at this edge between that a creature reached out to the land.  It was here that some returned to the depths to play.

When we think of silence as warriors, we get caught at first in the idea that it is quiet.  But the universe is not a quiet place.  There is not anywhere that sound does not pulses, waves, intersects and moves.  In fact life, all life, is a constant wave pattern intersecting with all other intersected waves to allow awareness to be held in form.

So what is the power of silence that warriors seek?  What is the purpose of sitting quietly in meditation?  Why do we try to stop something that is everywhere present?  We are reminded of the sound of one hand… but are we?

Awareness grows and envelops the brain with wave patterns.  These patterns allow deeper contemplation of awareness.   Underneath all of this power moves and is never still.   So what is being silenced?  The separation.

We perceive ourselves as separate from the motion, the waves, the sounds because something has grown to think that there is a within, a voice that is really there.  But it is not.  It is an invention, a creation of awareness to observe and quantify the 1,1,2,3,5… It is an abstraction of the universe from what it really is.  We get lost in the abstractions forgetting the source of the patterns we think are ever present and ever real.  The warrior silences the abstractions, the distractions, to become present to the universe as it is.

Seeing is not the ability to predict what will be.  It is not a psychic system, which will know what is going to happen.  Seeing is the ability to be aware within the pattern that is presenting itself moment to moment.  Yes, we can, with some accuracy, predict how that pattern will continue to emerge.  People caught in their own repetitive patterns are easy to predict.  But the warrior un-writes these patterns to collide, combine, merge and manage power.  “Power is as power moves.” We are reminded.  So the power of silence is the power to remove the illusionary patterns, which keep us separating the ocean from the shore.

There is no separation.  But in a world of constant distractions and manipulated perceptions about our real needs and consumption, it often gets very difficult to return to the place that is no place… a utopia of silence where sound just is what it is.  The trap of thinking when not aligned with the power of silence is the realm of the predator.  The warrior defeats the predator in all his dealings with the world but must ultimately defeat the predator within the thoughts that attempt to convince him that we are separate, afraid and alone.

The ocean is a vast awareness of life.  The ocean is the source of life on a planet pulsing to a pattern established billions of years ago when the moon hit the earth.  For a brief, in universal terms, time we are here to listen and charge ourselves with awareness coordinating across the vast lines of awareness which stretch out to infinity.  The ocean reminds us to listen.  But so too does the desert, the mountain, the frozen tundra, the forest.  Nowhere is quiet, everywhere we can align with the power of silence and feel, know, that power is as power moves.  The rest is distraction from this state of ultimate freedom within the power of being present.


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