The Eagle

For greater reference, see Carlos Casteneda’s the Eagle’s Gift before reading this account…

Recently while working with a death and dying individual, I saw with extreme clarity the Eagle, its workings, and its nature.  Still reeling from this experience I became exceedingly frightened for hours afterwards.  But as the minutes past, I realized that it was not me that was frightened but rather the part of me within, the foreign installation, that was scared to death of seeing what I saw.    The simplest explanation is that the Eagle is not self-reflective.  It just does what it does without consciousness as we can know it to be in freedom.   It injects self-reflection  with the foreign mind into our species to cultivate this as food for itself.  It is in no way personally involved with what it is doing.  It just farms us for tasty morsels.  This is very similar to factory farming our animals for food.  The great sin is to become personally connected to that which is your food… don’t name your food!   It does not name us, nor is it personally interested in us. 

What I saw was the dying process of a person of some significant personal power.  She is by all rights a sorcerer from a lineage of such, but a detached lineage, meaning she follows a mythology that is in alignment with the predator and not about freedom.  But she did her work, she recapitulated long before reaching her death, thus she is infused with personal power beyond what most people are by the time they reach the final journey.  And this made the seeing more intense.  When working with death and dying people before, what is seen is a seed of awareness trapped within a darkened shell of awareness that was never really explored or used much.  Most people in dying need a boost and they draw on that boost from their loved ones leaving to them the shade of their personal lives.  The traditional medicine men called this the shadow or nagi in Lakota and was known as the nagual in the southern traditions (in its least effective definition not related to Carlos Casteneda). 

But in this specific case this woman is loaded with energy because she found internal silence years ago as well as completed her inventory and recapitulation some years back and has maintained this practice ever since.  Some people just do this without having any person like Don Juan teach them a thing.  So I saw her glowing with personal power from her core, not a dull shell.  The eagle reached down into her to open up the shell of her being… and I mean a vast black eagle reached down to her to divide her luminessent shell and pull out the morsel or seed of awareness within.  She was surrounded by five women who create a ring of power around her and one particularly is good at keeping the earth energies moving through her.  So she floressed… in other words she suddenly sparked with a great light from within.  This illuminated for me as the on-looker the full range of the eagle and what it was doing.  And thus I came to understand the four visions of the eagle as Don Juan taught Carlos. 

This beautiful woman did not die, not yet.  This boost of personal power and freedom combined with those who were around her rejected the eagle’s doings and distracted it with self-reflection.  Like pointing a mirror at the eagle it was bedazzled by it’s own doings and distracted by the self reflection which was coming its way.  This is how I know that the seer can eventually do this and burn with the fire from within, literally throwing his or her inventory at the eagle which will distract it from the spark of awareness and freedom that is eternally connected to infinity itself. 

As said, this had the effect of pushing me into an extremely sober place of being.  And fear overwhelmed me… but it was not my fear, it was the fear arising from the fertilizer that the eagle implants into the soil of our being human, the foreign installation, the foreign mind… the distraction of the matrix mind of ration which limits our original awareness to constantly looking into our own self-reflection.   The average human is obsessed with what is the right thing, story, view or way to be accepted by others to maintain the least amount of awareness and feed off the matrix until it ultimately it feeds on them.  (We are nothing more than a battery, Neo!)

The seer makes the ultimate and final act of throwing that mirror self-reflection at the eagle which distracts it due to the discipline from a lifetime of acts of personal power and awareness of freedom.  It scurries away into a corner because it can’t stand its own reflection being reflected back at it.  It is shallow and abstract and ugly and flat….  It thus releases the seer for a greater journey, the journey that we as human beings were on when we got to this planet and got caught up in the whirlpools of experience of this amazingly beautiful planet.  And the eagle followed us here…..

When we leap into the abyss, we can see the abstract core of this truth.  There is nothing so absolutely riveting as this sobering act of seeing.  Do not take my word for this writing.  I read this 30 years ago and my ration rejected the truth of it.  It took working with death and dying people and recently an elderly woman of power and the ring of power around her (her daughters) to see this with sobering clarity that cannot be denied…..  

Don’t believe me, do it!  SEE


One thought on “The Eagle

  1. And in that final moment of darting past the eagle to be free, we distract it by
    tossing to it the empty shell of our humanity and recapitulate the eagle!
    Suppose, however, we recapitulate the damn eagle before the moment of death? 🙂
    Thanks, great article!

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