Professional! Be Professional!

Anyone who has worked the system, any system, be it corporate to collegiate to their own business has heard the word “professional(ism)”.   As a warrior of freedom we dare to ask what does this mean?  To sum it up, it is the ultimate term loaded from the false matrix with the predatory mind.  It is a term of pure judgment and self-importance.  Watching the word float out of supervisory techniques, a bag of tricks to managing people, has brought a perspective that is most revealing to a person of awareness.  

We have all heard, “That’s not professional,” coming from co-worker or supervisor.  The immediate question that should be asked is, “then what is?  Or can you define what professional means?”  Because more often than not, if we are listening carefully, what that person is really saying is, “you need to act and be more like me.”  It is the easy PC way of saying, “I don’t approve.”  It is a technique used by the predator, the foreign mind, to manipulate everyone into being something they are not – in fact the same thing.  We are all dressed up sheep in the same corporate attire or manipulated look and speak the same programed talk, to which there are hundreds of seminars one can attend about that.  When someone breaks the mold of man, and actually succeeds even better in business without really trying, they are labeled unprofessional and a maverick!  Hold your horses guys, people want integrity and real communication right?  Sorry, wrong….

That’s the rub.  When we walk out of our warrior’s nests into the corporate world, we enter a system whose energy is founded on possession.  In other words, possess or be possessed because you are going to be possessed and professionally manipulated by the system — can you say raging inorganic being?   Watch Wall Street and see how Gordon (the ultimate predator) creates his reality within the false matrix.  In the end all he is left with is the false matrix, loads of money and nothing to speak for it all.   

Professional, professionalism, be professional… Okay, there is a point to this.  When a warrior of freedom chooses to work in that world, she does so understanding that it is folly.  He chooses without attachment to the outcomes to wear the business suit (not become it) and use terms to gather personal power (not leverage freedom).  This is controlled folly at its finest.  She knows that it’s a joke.  He knows that it is an act.  She walks through the professional world like a ghost.  He manages the game from a detached distance.  Nothing to gain and nothing to lose, warriors use controlled folly to gather personal power to aid in their walk of freedom. 

The most professional warrior of freedom is the one who can be exactly who they are connecting to those around them without losing personal power to the game.  They modulate to the needs of others without losing self or integrity in the process.   Professionalism!  Hogwash!  There is no such thing as “professional.” It is the newest trap for the sheeple.

2 thoughts on “Professional! Be Professional!

  1. So, ultimately all that’s left for a warrior is impeccability in conducting one’s self. Going about folly as a joy, an act of awareness, an impossible gesture of meaning – amidst a sea of fools!

  2. I just have to share this story. About 18 years ago (geez, I can’t believe it’s been that long) a young, well-dressed, fast-track career woman who worked in my office actually said to me one morning when I expressed concern to her about falling behind in her workload, “you are not professional”. Always the rebel and wanting to stop people’s worlds, I stood on my desk in my mostly “hippy” attire, in the middle of our other 10 or so co-workers cubicles, high enough for them to see me and said quite clearly and loudly, “professional?, professional? What is professional? Is it defined by the clothes I wear or by the way I conduct myself when dealing with others? Does it have to do with the words I use or the people I associate with? Is the act of standing on my desk to address you unprofessional? Does the fact that my work gets time efficiently and accurately have any bearing whatsoever on my professionalism?” By now I’m kind of yelling while everyone else is becoming quite uncomfortable with this display of madness and my boss says to me quietly from his chair, “is there something you would like to discuss with me?” and I said, “no thank you”, in my most professional voice, “I believe everything has already been communicated.”
    The woman barely spoke to me again.

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