We are if nothing else creators.  The Toltec, the warrior of freedom, is an artist of life and throughout life.  The warrior of freedom is creator creating creation.  When we align with INTENT, we have no choice but to do our art. 

The saddest thing to hear any human say is, “I am not creative.”  The correlating statement is when they go on to relate creativity to drawing or making artwork.  This sadness is not the pathetic sadness of pity.  It is the sadness of the earth screaming in tears… it is the sadness which profoundly sobers a warrior of freedom who recognizes the predator in the dealings of human awareness. 

Humans are by authentic a-priori definition creative creators.  We are artists by default at birth.  We have opposable thumbs and massive cataloguing brains which figure things out.  We are constantly seeking a simpler way to do things.  Especially when there is a repetitive action, humans seek to find easier ways to make things happen which frees them to do more interesting things.  If they cannot do this, they ultimately suffer and die hopeless to a fate that is not their own.  This creativity is how the entire human race built the culture and civilization in which we find ourselves, creators creating creation with their artistic abilities to see new ways to do things and live. 

Yet at the same time, it is the needs of all these created things and demands of mother culture that oppresses the creative workings out of the humans through years of education and oppressive patterning.   We train our children to stop being creative, to stop thinking and only seek the right answer for the doggie treat at the end of the maze of life.  We train them to accept things and submit, rather than consider alternatives.  We bleed out creativity for fear that the next generation will say, “No way, can’t take it anymore!”  Worse yet, we use our artist and creative people to distract the masses with entertainments and repetitive dramatic stories that put the human race to sleep over time. 

When we begin the path of the warrior we turn the sword of truth inward and cut away the patterns that no longer serve our drive towards freedom.  We free up energy to do something else.  If we are disciplined we come to a cliff in our lives and realize that going back is just not possible and we jump into the possible, the infinite.  We jump into creation and become creators.  We realize that the warrior of freedom is an artist of life.   It matters not one damn bit what we create.  The very act of creating anything becomes and develops its own logic.  Don’t get lost that one should create something that is morally wrong or harmful.  This is not being suggested.  What is being suggested is we know that when we align with our creativity we are aligning with freedom and intent.

What is being suggested here to all warriors of freedom is to pick up the pencil, pen, brush or welding tool and create something.   Not all of us create the same things nor have the same talents to create in the same manner.  Far be it for the warrior of freedom to try what everyone else is doing.  Rather just make something!  While this seems like a silly thing to suggest, it is a radical act of freedom.  It requires a commitment to freedom at the core.  It requires destroying all connections to the patterns and venturing out on our own.  It demands in and of itself an integrity that becomes self-evident in the act of just doing it. 

The predator’s first task for our lives is to destroy our creativity.  Children are by nature creative and playful creatures.  Watch as this is destroyed over time until the college student marginalizes his or her creativity to a drawing class or the freaks over there!   What is being rejected is the fundamental right we have as human beings to be alive in this world.  The predator wants us, with the foreign installation of the dominator mind, to never be creative. 

Start simple.  Maybe it is journal writing.  Maybe it is pencil on sketch paper.  Maybe it is bending those paperclips into shapes on our desk.  The more we play, the more we create and the more we access freedom.  Creativity and freedom go hand in hand and is necessary for us to envision something never conceived of before; a leap into infinity!


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