“Before all things choose a path with heart.”

Stalker, dreamer, man of action, man of knowledge, assistant, one behind the scenes, northern woman, southern woman, eastern woman, western woman, double, nagual, courier, seer…. The terms we find in the Eagle’s Gift are as cryptic as they can be confusing.  The rule of the nagual is a map and a distraction.  When Carlos Casteneda wrote this chapter whose roots are in the very genetic core of human awareness, it was surely the most difficult thing to lose upon the world.  The warrior of freedom accepts the rule completely because it is a map to freedom and a massive road block to that very walk.

Some warriors of freedom simply reject the very words written there so as not to get trapped by them.  This is a wise move and one directly related to the corruptive workings of the predatory mind.  Like an introduction to the Myers Briggs system or the Enneagram the first stage the initiate falls into is self-reflection.  “Oh, oh, oh, what am I?”  The experience is like a child bouncing on one foot in search of approval.  “Did I get it right, am I being the right thing?”  But we forget, Carlos was introduced to the Rule in a heightened state of awareness where his assemblage point was shifted outside the normal band of awareness.  He saw the rule with detachment and wisdom of a greater perception.  The rule was not and is not a mirror to envision our deepest cravings.  It is knowledge seen by the seer linking him to avenues of freedom.

My benefactor did not use the term predilection.  He used the term medicine.  He spoke of medicine not from the perspective of what one takes to heal but rather what one is.   We grow to understand our medicine, our flaws, our talents, and our skills.  We grow to understand what we have in humility and what we do not have.  A warrior cannot be anything other than what they are.  To attempt to be anything other than their medicine is a tragedy and pathetic in the extreme.  My benefactor cautioned, “be yourself and you cannot help but be your medicine,” your predilection.  “And at any time in the tribe, in a group of warriors of freedom, all the medicines are present.  Spirit takes care of this, not what we do, manipulate or attempt to create.  The circle is always complete.  If the tribe <his term for warrior’s group> needs a medicine, it will present itself and will work as it needs to.  This is an ancient working that spirit reveals all the time to the group and nothing can limit spirit’s creativity for the good of the tribe.”

Predilection and coming to know what our predilection is consists of walking a path with heart.  When we attempt to be what we are not we always fall off the path.  That said, the journey to know the rule is fraught with the pitfalls of self-importance if we approach this knowledge with self reflection.   Watching a young initiate demand to know his predilection, he danced around the room in a heightened state and looked deep within each of the paradigmatic natures of the rule and found himself in every one of the descriptions.  As he said, “I am a stalker.”  The response was, yes!  “But I am a dreamer.”  Yes!  “But wait a minute, I am a man of knowledge.” Yes! And the list went on and on for over an hour.  With each reflection upon every part of the rule, he became that very nature as though it were his whole life.  Then why did my benefactor say yes to every reflection?  Because from a point of the journey through the rule, the warrior is all of them and none of them.

The warrior’s challenge is not to get lost in the reflection but rather come to respect that the unique medicines, predilections weave together a possibility that is greater than our limited individual human band of awareness.  The warrior when he or she comes to know that they know that they know with detachment and seeing is freed by his predilection to participate exactly as intent is guiding him or her to be.  The label becomes, with discipline, a point of freedom, not a trap.  In knowing and accepting our predilection, we empty the mirror and move beyond the initial necessities of the word-pattern of the rule and into the ability to shift our perception to other bands of awareness together.  The crystalline structure of the band of warriors has many facets and angles. It is like a lens allowing warriors to focus together on something greater than any one of their band of being.  Depending on how intent approaches the crystal, warriors can see through to many different bands of awareness together.

Warriors groups, under the rule of the nagual, gather naturally and efficiently.  They do not play politics and power with one another.  They do not follow a leader.  There is no leader, there is no savior, there is no one special in a group of warriors of freedom.  They gather like a dance and release what obstructs the distance between them from the volumes of limited human perception.  How?  By being in and of themselves disciplined warriors of freedom who recapitulate their attachment to any specific outcome.  They move organically and naturally towards freedom giving in a manner called love.  The love of a warrior of freedom is not the love of the average man.  It is a love for no reason at all.  This love is aligned with intents of freedom, which is hardwired into the root of our being and manifested in every cell of our bodies, so long as we recapitulate the external demands of ration and power to be something we are not.

My benefactor noted that spirit is more creative than we are.  That it gathers medicines, predilections, together in a way that best serves the tribe, not one individual nor even the map of the rule itself.  The women could be north, south, east and west… but they could also be north northwestern, south southwestern, etc.  The man of knowledge could be a dreamer or a stalker by predilection.  The combinations are infinite and variable.  The interplay is dynamic and ecstatic… it is not fixed and repeatable except by the demands of intent and freedom itself and the needs of the tribe as he called it.

Warriors groups have failed miserably across the centuries, especially within the last 30 years since Carlos revealed the Rule, because the individuals followed the words in a book and not the humble workings of intent, seeing and wandering the unknown together as a dance of awareness.  They have failed because of self importance, because of the members within the group wanting to lead or save the world, or worse, by the group attacking each other for self importance in an attempt to eliminate the predator from their midst.  This is called the hoard of angry sorcerers.   In our modern times this type of formation of groups is more common than an exception.

The root of the discovery of our predilection lies within each individual.  It is their job, no their necessity, to eliminate envy of any other aspect of predilection so as to allow the individual unique predilection to shine through like the sun.  This act of freedom cannot be carried out by any other warrior nor person but the individual warriors themselves.   The Rule can only be gleaned within the dance of heightened perception.  The only way to sustain this knowledge and hold a group in cohesion is with extreme sobriety and fluidity.   As the young initiate discovered… “what do you expect of me, now that I know the rule?”  His benefactor was clear, “to hold all people in highest regard.”

Be careful with the Rule.  It has great power to create and to destroy.  As a warrior of freedom, it is essential to walk softly in this area of knowledge and maintain humility in the face of everyone we meet.


2 thoughts on “Predilection

  1. Thanks for this. Wonderful.

    For those folks who haven’t lost their mind yet, here’s one method that may be helpful in resolving the literal wording of the rule with the pure action of intent spoken of here.

    Read the rule and massage it in your mind, and interpret it all you want to. This satisfies the mind – the inner control freak – to the fullest extent possible. But then, when you’re done with this, then clear the mind and JUST DO. Do whatever works, including throwing out the rule if necessary. Do whatever works, and then keep going onward.

    The time comes eventually when you’ll see this “two-step method” is just a mere going through the motions. You will see such machinations are no longer necessary. You will see they are only part of an obsessive pattern, a crutch. And when you’re ready it will be time to let go of it.

    You will be left with absolutely nothing but pure action, pure intent. Intent. Intent.

    In the end, there is no end. The story doesn’t end here. The story goes on. With eyes open, walk the path, into the Great Mystery…

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