This term on the Toltec path is one loaded with social conditioning and pitfalls of the monkey mind.  The warrior of freedom is a sober warrior.  Sobriety is key to freedom.  So taking time to look at sobriety goes hand in hand with recapitulation in all its forms. 

Sobriety is for the warrior defined as the efficient use of our personal energy.  It is the ability to not fall into the trap of repetitious behaviors which drain the warrior.  Seeing and dreaming cannot open up for the warrior without sobriety.  It is not about chemistry.   Drinking or not drinking alcohol is not the definition of sobriety in this case.  That is a social convention and norm.  The warrior of freedom sees that all chemicals can lead to insobriety or sobriety depending on the repetition of use. Insobriety creates fast ways to shut down potentials and a chemical used repetitiously limits our perception.  We are left in these moments to skimming the surface when we fall into insobriety with anything.   And chemicals are not the only thing that can create insobriety.  Repetitions of emotions, drives to satisfy selfish needs, even repetitive intake of similar food can all lead to insobriety for the warrior of freedom. 

The warrior becomes aware of these patterns through recapitulation and confronts the roots that lead him to repeat patterns.  Un-writing the roots allows him to see whether the chemical is beneficial or not.  In and of itself, all chemistry is just a part of the dynamic interplay of energy in the universe.  Alcohol is not inherently evil or good, neither is any chemical in the pharmacopeia of the earth.  Rather it is the interaction of that chemical with our systems and the patterns that play out in our systems that can lead to our being subjected to the predator, the predator that wants us to go to sleep and not be free. 

Don Juan shared the sacred medicine of mescalito with Carlos to shift his assemblage point rapidly.  But continued and constant use of mescalito would lead to dependence on that chemical to shift and eventually there would be no shifting at all.  Carlos would have been lost in second attention in manner no better than being in first attention with no chemistry.    Thus the ally of the medicine has within its realm the chemistry to teach us something.   But everything can cut both ways, to freedom or to entrenchment.   When the connection is made, hang up the phone… or when the lesson is learned, sobriety dictates for the warrior to practice shifting their perception without the chemical. 

This is not coming from a viewpoint of one who is perfect with sobriety.  In fact loosing sobriety was a gift to understanding that it is about the energy and personal power for the warrior.   The ordinary human sets themselves up with the idea that they are powerless over the chemical in their lives.  The chemical becomes an external enemy.  The warrior knows by seeing to the roots that they are never powerless over a chemical.  A warrior does not give their power to anyone or thing like this in their lives.  They are free to choose at all times to do or not do.  Their sobriety is founded on freedom and efficient use of their energy.  Thus a warrior un-writes their relationship to the patterns that connect them to a chemical or repetitive behavior, we do not lionize it.  Later, the warrior could just as easily have a drink as not if the choice is presented to them with efficiency, impeccability and sobriety.  They un-write even the un-writing which is a pattern in and of itself.

Listen to a self-proclaimed alcoholic, they claim that they are an alcoholic their whole lives.  If they take that one drink they start all over again.   They argue for their limitations and wounded-ness with a fierceness that is equivalent to their original addiction.  They have replaced their dependence on alcohol with dependence on program speech and other non-lethal behaviors.  They have not become sober in a Toltec sense, only shifted their dependencies.  To become sober the warrior un-writes his dependency on the patterns and programs which caused the need  or not need to drink, the patterns which limited their freedom in any moment to do what works.

We are creatures of habit.  Humans create great leaps in awareness and when they do they have peak experiences which allow them to see beyond the valley of their stories.  But our physical bodies and our limited minds are trained to habituate and create simpler ways to manage the onslaught of perception that comes from these peak experiences.  Every action, all actions, all new experiences are pulled into a dynamic of simplification and repetition to which we lose our original sight.   This means that there is not a human out there who is not insane with some addiction or habit.  The warrior unravels this mystery, for he is mystery, and forges a link to intent so that their sobriety brings them greater fluidity to see all things for the first time as the first time. 

Again, do not fall prey to the idea that I have the answer, rather the experiences have brought me to know sobriety from a position of dreaming and seeing.  One must do the work themselves and discover this for themselves.  One can only determine their own relationships with patterns, habits and sobriety.  It cannot be forced from without or from another person’s experience with anything.  This is why we say as warriors of freedom that the first, and really the only true battle, is within the self and it is with sobriety to all things that the warrior battles.    Recapitulate everything… it is the warrior’s discipline and the warrior’s key to sobriety.


3 thoughts on “Sobriety

  1. So love this image of blue silence….

    the splitting in the brow, throat, heart and solar plexus:
    resonating so deep within….

    and I love the way the
    wings are fanning the creative force/spleen…

    the crown has exploded…

    and the root is a mere navigational force…

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