Freedom, the sweet taste of freedom; what does this mean?  For some it is the ability to purchase anything that they want.  For others it is the definition of safety and security to grow old.  For others it is escaping injustice.  For others it is the philosophical ideal that they can do anything that they want.  And for a few it means being able to be the sum total of what it means to be human and so much more…. Creating every moment as though it were the last.  Freedom is a loaded word.

The politics of freedom are in reality a trap of the dominant paradigm.  Politically humans are not free, they submit all the time to something so that they can feel free.  Free to speak, to bare arms, to have rights and to be treated fairly.  But these are actually compromises in the face of the mob.  The mob whose shadow side sits right below the surface willing to do anything to keep freedom in check.  This is the freedom to have an idea, a distant memory of a possibility that lives planted within our bones.  In the best of times, humans will do anything to preserve this middle ground of freedom.  In the worst they will do anything at all.  Humans are willing to die in the name of that possibility for themselves or for the generations to come in hopes that things will get better.  And in many ways it has.  In many ways progress has occurred.

But wait a minute now.  How many times have we turned a blind eye to real freedom and submitted to becoming nothing more than the reproduction of the images and ideas we are told are true.  We don’t test them; we don’t challenge them.  We submit to the dominion of “thank god it hasn’t killed me yet. I have survived another day.”

When a warrior of freedom attaches themselves to INTENT… the real and actual workings of the universe as it is, not as we would wish it to be, they are leaping off of the cliff of being human, a being who was a compromised being attached to the social order of mother culture.  When a warrior of freedom declares through recapitulating everything that was ever downloaded into the program of being human, they become energized for the abstract flight that is real freedom.  This movement is never compromised when it is taken fully and completely.  And there is no hope of a possible maybe.  There is only the act of being a warrior of freedom.

Such warriors are anathema to the matrix and the predatory energy that moves through all of mother culture.  When the warrior decides, the predator culutre throws everything at the warrior. The warrior knows that the first battle of freedom, in fact the only battle for the warrior, is within their own energy matrix.  It is a battle to reject everything that would cause the warrior to submit.  It is to destroy the destroyer within who wants the story of our lives like food and fodder that will nurture another generation of sheep.  The predator throws a host of situations and distractions at the warrior of freedom to get them to submit one more time.  We call this the guardian at the gate and for each warrior it is different as every warrior’s nature and talents are different.  The tyrant will be tailor made for each warrior in his or her own way.  Patience and silence are all that can guide the warrior in this final battle with mother culture.

And of course recapitulation…  Always recapitulation…  For every second that the warrior frees even a grain of salt to energize his path of freedom there is a challenge which attempts to bring the warrior back to the victim status of being under the yoke.  The warrior declares and stands his ground.  The warrior side steps the predator, the inorganic beings and the tyrants who would demand the warrior return to the pack of sleeping humans who can only dream of freedom.  The warrior does not dream freedom… they dance it, they walk it, the create it, and they intend it with all of their being.

If as a warrior we have not considered the depths to which we are willing to go to be free, then we are risking our life recklessly and pathetically.  We must consider absolutely everything.  Everything that is not in alignment with freedom is death to the warrior.  And everything that is in alignment is a dance of such incredible beauty that nothing can ever compare to it.  The ecstasy of falling forever and forever forward in the moment is a constant dance.

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