The Empty Mirror

The warrior knows that he is unfathomable mystery.  He spends a life unraveling unfathomable mystery, knowing he will never complete such a task.  This is what gives the warrior peace and joy, for he, in this task, is neither better nor worse than anyone else in pursuing the task.  Rather he is equal to everything and everyone.  This is a warrior’s humility.

This statement, a variation of Carlos’ own words in the Eagle’s Gift, is the guiding principle for the life of a warrior of freedom.  There is nothing unique and special about walking the path of a Toltec warrior.  In fact it is no better or worse than any other path that one can choose.  As a warrior of freedom, we know that it is a path with heart… that it is a good way.

This is counter intuitive to the thinking of the rational human.  The rational human uses his thoughts and ideas to control his world.  He uses them to manipulate himself and those around him to be better or worse than himself.  He sets himself up in self importance to be something little knowing that this is really nothing more than what everyone else is doing around him.  This drive to be special, something more is rooted in a drive for more awareness, but the rational man clamps down on this awareness with control.  In groups, humans create systems which are dependent on the goal of being right or wrong, part of the in group or the out group.  The worst of these groups force humans to submit to a pattern so they can be saved at some time in the future… the best of these groups work themselves into a fever to save the world from injustices of these pattern making control mongers.  Little knowing that this is slavery as well to the attempt to control anything.

The warrior of freedom makes death an advisor.  In other words we look at death and its resultant emotion, fear, as an illusion or a false compromise to being important.  What humans fear is not death though this is a real and powerful effect of wanting to be something special.  What humans fear is that there is no one and nothing in control of the whole enchilada.  That’s right, humans are scared that there is no way to control anything.  So the rational human sets about trying to control absolutely everything in life that he or she can.  This despirate measure leads to blaming leaders for screwing up, holding others for faults that they cannot control, and ultimately taking things very personally.

The warrior of freedom knows unfathomable mystery, the amazing delight of life on planet earth is a self organizing self replicating process with no controls.  As a result the warrior of freedom adapts to the fact that no one and nothing is in control.  Even his or her death is nothing in the face of looking deep into this mystery.  The warrior can endure the tortures of the damned because they are already free, and even the most oppressed person is still free within their mind.  We may not control what is occurring at any given time, but we can control our response to it.  The warrior chooses freedom every time and lets go of the choices as he makes them even if they are perceived to be wrong by the rational human being.

We spend oodles of time attempting to make things better, elect the right official, choose the right path, do the right things.  We waste our precious energy of life on a game that has no game master even though we really want one to be there with all our hearts.  Warriors see all games masters as trapped in their own games, all politicians as lost in the need for the people to love them as they do what the people want.  Everyone who ever plays this game will lose.  Notice how every leader who rises to a great height eventually falls to his own hubris or fades away in obscurity.  Even our most beloved heroes of the past are not human.  We remove the human from the story so the story matches our definition of perfection and control of which we have none.  It is the hall of mirrors with smoke moving through it.

The warrior of freedom attaches no importance to such false power, it’s a shell game to them.  Where is the pea?  Nowhere.  The warrior of freedom becomes the artist of his life when he knows that nothing and no one is in control.  He dances every moment as though it were his last, and acts with the sharp honed sword of his awareness on every aspect of his life cutting away the illusion to see the unfathomable mystery staring back in his face all the time… and even that mirror is empty.



2 thoughts on “The Empty Mirror

  1. Happy New Year =D…

    I like this post a lot… much of the “problems” we face are because of control… controlling the natural cycles, other nations aka US foreign policy, individuals and so on; the funniest of all is that no matter how much we try we still end up with muddy situations for which then laws and regulations are created that in turn create a whole new set of difficulties.
    We all are responsible for ourselves and no government, religion nor economic rescue plan will do this for us.

  2. Beautiful article and beautiful painting – both remind me of the abstract inter-connectedness of all beings, recently seen in ceremony. No separation. No hesitation.

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