Reason for the Season

With all this hoopla about whatever anyone celebrates at this time of the year, it seemed appropriate to write about why we have such an obsession with the season.  Knowledge leads to freedom and none of this is new. 

The birth of the Christian son of god, if he was the person of the story, was not at this point of the year.  Joshua was born, according to the story, in the spring in alignment with the Passover feast as his family was required to return to their home of record.  But here is where things get really mixed up.  The rest of the story is a mixture of the savior myths of the fertile crescent, Egypt and Greece, to say nothing of Moses (which means “life” or “pulled from life” – aka the Nile)… As scholars of myth know, there were no less than 12 concurrent myths, and probably more, from the times that have a god being born to a virgin (which meant “maiden” not “chaste”) in a stable or lower class housing of some sort in other words he was one of the people. 

Each of these amazing people, Osiris, Moses, Mithra, yadda yadda, were all visited by a strange little threesome of wise men, kings or some sort of brilliant teachers from the “old way”.  Which if we look closely meant that the old religion was approving of the new religious belief emerging from the past, one which would save the old ones from living forever connected (down caste) to the earth.  Anyway, these brilliant teachers were actually a set of stars in Orion’s belt that 2600 years ago to 2000 years ago would rise quiet impressively just before the sun rose on the shortest day of the year.  Or the astronomy of things was the wise men issued in the re-birth of the sun on what has become the winter solstice.  Also the sun slows in its rising moment’s journey through the year from north to south, the southern point being the farthest to the south that it will rise corresponding to Dec 21st CE.  This slowing created 3 days when the sun did not “move” and was closest to the earth as well.  In the old religions these three days were festival days.  To the Romans and many Greek city states this festival lasted 5 days.  They had 12 months of 30 days and 5 festival non-time or out of time days when the fire in the temple of the earth goddess was re-lighted…. See the connection?  The wise men also correspond to the 3 major pyramids which alight with this event as well all those years ago.  (There are also three major brothers in the Roman and Green Pantheon of Gods all of whom must bow to the cycles of the year at that time.)

The god which was born on this winter day would inevitably become “brilliant” <sun> and would guide his people through a new dawning of knowledge and awareness.  When the Christians were spreading the good news across the globe they ran into this festival and had to cope with the ancient myths of this god’s story.  The story also includes being banished to the lower world, Egypt or some place nasty as the god grew up and then being found in his “fathers” though it was originally his “mothers” temple teaching the old wise men the right way to see the light.  Each of these old gods were all killed, died, buried and rose again from the dead!  Hum… coincidence?

These same gods are sacrificed (in alignment with the harvest) and descend into the earth to bring forth new life the next year.  The fruit of the harvest is turned into the soil of the mother to bring forth new life.  These 12 other stories talk of the god sitting in judgement of whether the people have succeeded well or not each year.  What does this mean???  Well each year the farmers would bring their harvest to market in front of the temple of the earth and sky gods and it was judged (sold) either for money or taxes to the temple or in the temple (why did he throw the money lenders out?)… so that the city-state, town or whatever could make it through the lean times.  If you did not have enough, you were judged insufficient and you could die with not enough.  This was more common than we think as the cycle of sun spots (remember the sun?) determined drought or rain in relationship with mother earth.  So the judge became the priests and merchants and the pitiful farmers would pray to the sun or the golden god for success in the harvest to make it through the dark times…. three days in hell could mean we will never come back.   

Christians could not defeat this celebration time of the year.  It was the rare individual who remembered what date they were born on in the middle of the year, so often people just celebrated another year by counting their lives by how many solstice celebrations they had come to know.  And of course not only do we tithe to the temple once a year (taken from our good harvest) but we also paid debts and we gave what little extra we had as gifts to each other in celebration of making it through the year.  The Christians with the help of a nice big army (Roman, east and west) conquered this holiday and set the son of god’s birth at the same time as the sun being born from the earth.  Then again since it is the recycle of an old myth it was not a big leap to make this happen.  Did you know there is still a strange ceremony where a candle is lit by god at the birth place of Joshua ben Joseph… hum… how strangely similar to the relighting of the eternal flame kept in the temple of the mother. 

So what we are celebrating is a pagan holiday of 5 festival days to restart the year a new from the depths of the mother earth who is giving birth, all witnessed by Orion’s belt of wise stars. All of this culminated on the last of the festival days, the 25th which became Christ’s Mass celebration of his birth.  Of course with modern culture, we have the Coca-Cola Santa (yes Coke) and the insessant drone of buy, buy, buy, in-planted into our beings by mother culture.  The earth has been removed, the son has replaced the sun and there is no rebirth mentioned related to our hard working in the fields.

I don’t besmirch anyone for attempting to have a voice at this time, in other words, being politically correct by not excluding every other culture from the solstice like the Jews, Kwansa, Islam, or Buddhist…. (the list can go on and on)… Rather wouldn’t it be easier as humans if we just agreed that the cycle of the year is renewing itself and that the earth is our ground for everything else and let’s celebrate the real reason for the season, mothers rock and children roll into a new year of being alive. 

My take on the season.


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