We are split beings.

Wind hollers in the night
Leaves rustle with the moonlight
Dreaming splits across the plains. 

We are split beings.  We are born to a world of deep perceptual frameworks, vast enticements of feeling, a range of wonder and beauty.  We are born to choose constantly, or retreat from choice.  We are born to move free across the plains like the wind and rustle with the leaves in the moonlight.  We are split in two carefully, craft-fully, shortly after birth.  One world, that of constant exploration with the fullness of who we are, and the other a managed barnyard full of animals such as ourselves who are afraid to move except with the herd.

We are split beings.  This split drives us to great heights of insanity…. Even the sanest person who works towards an end, is insane with diversions and the demands of the program.  It does us nothing to real and twist, run head long into the boundary fences, fight the fight of the matrix program.  Anger serves nothing but feeds the program and the self-importance of one side of the split.  We can march in great protests and gather in large groups, but each individual in the crowd is still split, alone and lost propped up by further expectations of the herd mentality.

We are split beings.  We live two dreams at once, often the first becomes no better than the second.  We do what we must do to glean a scrap of energy from the mold’s sugary tastes so we can retreat to an inner world of “possible maybe” dreams.  This is not a warrior’s dreaming.  A warrior’s dream is the unfolding in the now of the constant power of being now.  A warrior’s dream has no disconnect button, no retreat in the face of the program’s demands.  A warrior’s dream does not participate in the herd for the purpose of getting a few morsels at the end of the day, even if the herd is protesting it caged mentality.

We are split beings.  By way of intent, we can do more than one thing at a time.  But by way of intent, we can see that it is the program which keeps us split that pushes us to be in more than one place at a time so we can no longer discern which is which.  We are lost in the sparkle and the pizzazz.  We will have a magical moment dancing at the edge of real dreaming, only to be eclipsed by the dream we cannot control.  Then we create religion from these moments and it fills us ever so briefly with wonder… just another split on the road.

We are split beings.  The warrior unites all the energy that is available to remove the band which splits the warrior from the purpose of intent.  The original purpose we were born with and are being split from doing every day.  A warrior sees the program in all its varieties and does not fight for the fight is part of the program.  A warrior retreats in the face of incalculable odds and recharges the real purpose standing in contradistinction to the program.  Warriors use the split to see two worlds at once, overlapping.  In seeing it invests a new body that warriors build with truth and impeccability.  Ultimately warriors choose freedom.

We are split beings
Dancing across the universe
On a journey of possibilities

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