Water is the most sacred of the elements on this planet.  It is for certain the key to all life on earth.  Where water is precious, the people act and treat each other with a preciousness that can only be found in the deepest well of our beings.  Where it is abundant it is assumed with all the possession of a beast to be consumed in vast quantities of unconsciousness.  Where it is scarce it is fought over and possessed as a value greater than life.  Seeking balance requires seeking an understanding of water as a most precious of elemental life.

In the forest where rain dominates and mold is abundant, the people often cling to each other and feed off of each other.  Where it is a commodity and controlled, people use every ounce of there energy to divide that water into packets of monetary sums.  The entire legal system could be said to be founded not on the ownership of land, but on the resource of water.  Areas of desert, drive one to become a warrior to survive with less.  Areas of jungle there is less appreciation of what we have.

When we look at the founding principles of the greater movements on the earth, consider the roll of water.  Desert religions are violent.  Jungle religions are healing.  One cannot consider that either is better, just extremes of the other.

The people need to find balance.  When they share water, they are sharing a basic knowing of how precious each is.  We need to return to a point when the people lived in balance with water, and then this balance will return us to a balance between each other.  We need to renew our visions of life and the workings of our days to a fundamental truth about water.  Until then, there will be no planetary healing for the mold of man…. The mold will be exactly that, a disintegrating force living off the rot of each other.  Cut to the core, we could, if we are willing to truly change, have more than enough of everything.  Until then, there will be inequities in the system, and abuse at the edges.

Water and all of its power is what the prophesies of indigenous people is all about.  Seek a balance with water.

One thought on “Water

  1. Have never before considered about the violence of desert religions, versus jungle religions. Pondering more deeply the sacred nature of water today and our relationship to it.

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