Assemblage Point Part One

 We are, most of what we know, the assemblage point.  This bold statement is not a random one nor one whose goal is to create a new religion, philosophy or science.  Religion, philosophy and science all fall within the bounds of the assemblage point.  Even these words and anything we can say or share about the current band of awareness is within the assemblage point.  We do not have an assemblage point, we are the assemblage point.

This knowing has been held for generations.  Seers, scientists, artists and warriors of perception know this not as a fact but as a truth.  This truth is the reality of experience, a direct understanding of how the universe of perception works.  It is created moment to moment by all of us and each of us founded on the heaps of being which defines our constant shining across the vast line of potential energies that are there to be perceived.  We organize energy by gathering it together.  Functionally clamping down on energy with awareness and perceiving creates the drama of the self-imposed on the constant dance of potential.  Every perception manages and manipulates our demand on the world as we choose to know it.

The self is born from a process of solidifying itself and spends a lifetime of energy maintaining the universe it chooses, lazily, to perceive.  Do not fall prey to the idea that this means the self is bad or evil, nor good and fantastic.  The fantastical thing is that the self becomes its own limit based on how it assembles reality.

The self is not alone.  This too is a fallacy of the ration.  The self has help from all the other selves that are out there influencing existence.  The system of selves is self-replicating and extremely proficient at managing the program to maintain the limits of our perception of the reality we find our selves within.   

The first steps are simple in creating the self.  Convince awareness that it is separate from the deep ocean of being that constitutes all the energy of awareness.  This sets awareness up to grasp onto this or that as if this or that is different.  Thus difference pushes awareness to create a reality of being the self.  The next simple step is to manage the touching of this or that with feeling.  The simplest of creatures just feel what is good or bad for the maintenance of the separation which is concurrent in the moment.

We are feelings wrapped up in bundles within bundles until there emerges a dynamic tension of movement.  Movement towards, grasping the good, and movement away, rejecting the bad.  We manage, at this critical juncture, to demand of our reality that it makes sense.  Senses emerge to better explore the reality we are bundling up to hold awareness separate from the vast universe of being.  We label based on grand catalogues of experiences trapped within the framework of our being.  We rely on feelings and sensate heaps of past experience to determine what the next moment will bring us and in doing so we create a constantly repeating and predictable universe for our selves to feel safe within. 

These labels and heaps become organized into themes, stories and organizations of labels, structures and disciplines.  Suddenly we are 3 steps removed from a direct experience of the universe as it is.  We are only connected to the universe through the myopic descriptions that we hold true based on what feels good about it.  We are actually constantly creating that universe from this perceptual web and drama of being.  We become trapped by the very web we are creating.  And we are notorious for not taking responsibility for it.   Add to this the patterns of feelings, and desires, that we gain from those around us all the time and the next step is an inward turning of this whole process of heaping up the assemblage point.  We inwardly solidify our being which we then come to call the self.  And that self now will spend all of its energies in maintaining a fixed position of the assemblage point which in the grand scheme of all of us together is called the mold of man. 

Enter Ration.  There is a myth about ration that it came from some foreign place or mind and this is another story to set us up for a battle which is on-going.  Ration and the logical mind is another projection and progression in the steps of forming what we perceive to be real.  In many ways ration is a gift; in others it is a curse.  Ration can, if in service to awareness, grant us the ability to understand the links, the lines that connect all things together.  It grants us a method of working with story yet it is wholly trapped by the very stories we tell our selves and the manner in which we clamp down on the infinite.  The only thing the ration can do is manage and manipulate that which its self reflection is obsessed with. 

Awareness will explore beyond the boundaries of perception.  Ration invents the words and patterns to eclipse this breaking of boundaries into the folds and foci of the assemblage point.  We call this among great thinkers, inspiration.  We call breaking the bonds of perception, the crazy wild thing…  We can never accept, by means of the mold of man, those that break through the bonds.  And quickly, all too quickly, if their exploration becomes accepted, we hold onto this new creation as if it had always been there.  We possess, which is the function of the ration to do, these new bands of awareness as illuminated points within the grand assemblage point of reality as we choose to know it. 

The Assemblage Point is all about choice.

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