Where the Eye does not See

There comes a point in every warrior’s life when the path and walk, even the discipline which he has walked, brings him to a point beyond which he cannot see.  Looking back upon the path, it is obvious that every vision, every practice of seeing was but looking deep into the patterns of life.  Whether these patterns were towards freedom, healing or even new beginnings, there is a moment when the act of seeing gets in the way of the flow of power which courses through the veins,

The pathways are so often filled with materialism.  Gathering that thing, that object, that even lite touch on the earth becomes too much… and darkness opens wide like sitting on the edge of a cliff gazing deep into the abyss.  For many, many shaman, healers and practitioners, this causes them to turn back and look square into the tonal and make better choices about how to proceed.  These are powerful and skilled practitioners of the art.  But for the deeply committed seer it is the brink of complete release of everything personal.  He sees that even the clothing on his back is a mask to manipulate, manage and market from the tonal’s fixed position that even the dreaming visions are but resonant frequencies of managing the tonal.

The fear and confusion can overwhelm.  The predatory natures prey on the tonal and react with re-doubled efforts to pull the seer back towards the brilliant vibrations and hollow visions.  They whisper, “just do this, just create that, just move with intent to aid others who have not walked this far.”   This is a trick of self-importance and the lure of keepers of the keys to locked doors.  When these doors are unlocked they prove to be but another repetition of the same old thing.  This time it costs even more personal power to walk from these rooms filled with expectations and dramas.  So easy to do it again, because mastery means it is easy to do over and over.  Yet hell is a place where we keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

The weight of this act of intent, to truly turn away from the familiar is so heavy it could bring certain ordinary death.  This could be interpreted as freedom.  But a warrior does not enter this phase haphazardly or carelessly.  He entered this phase with a renewed vigor and intensity.  How?  By truly removing everything that stand in his path.  By wandering away from the lure of the ordinary… by stepping into the unknown with nothing but intent as his guide.

The eye does not see because the eye is caught in the frequencies, the morphogenic fields created by the world to keep things always the same.  The warrior traveler does not fret, though every battle he has walked may course once more through his veins like a curse.  It is a time of complete discipline to not fall prey to the familiar.  It is a time to be completely open… it is a time to change even the concepts around seeing and the path into a dance with INTENT.

Burning away what no longer serves, acts as a beginning step.  Releasing to the wind is an act of complete trust for the universe is a wide and wild place from which he came and to which he can return free.  The visit to this earth is a blessing, a wonderful way to recharge the batteries of his being and to again fly beyond.

3 thoughts on “Where the Eye does not See

  1. Committed and disciplined warriors on a path of knowledge are, essentially, ephemeral warriors. We walk with energetic efficiency and utter impeccability in our efforts to not lose energy or leave any behind. We deftly cut away and release the things that have become outmoded in our lives, the repetitive patterns that hold us back and in so doing emerge, refreshed and renewed into a heightened state of awareness to experience new things and explore the unknown.
    Thank you for a beautiful post.
    ~Keep Dancing!

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