Mind, Ration and the Curse of Distraction

Organic, the creation of the genome

We no doubt have a problem here.  How do we come to understand the air we are breathing while we are swimming in it?  What gift does our ration give us?  Why do we curse it so much and yet use it so often? 

It would be easy to just curse the ration and claim that to eliminate it is the direction a Toltec warrior moves towards.  The ration is often seen as the sum total of the logic, stories and inputs that we have but are not directly connected to the experience of the now.  The ration spends loads of time making connections, links between parts of its database and coming up with solutions or new stories to solve problems et al.  The ration is wholly within our heads and thus disconnects our energy from the world as it is.  The ration is the voice in our heads which is constantly judging and assessing our world. 

“Limerence – the ability to search for transcendence, revealing true self from the noise of superstructure.”

Like a chess board where all the pieces are changing constantly and interrelating and conquering each other according to the ability for them to move or restrictions to their movements, our minds are a bastion of ration.  The Toltec knows that the first step in understanding ration is to quiet the mind.  Through silence we reconnect with the world as it is give or take what our picture or description of the world is.  The world is filled with infinite possibilities where energy is constantly flowing and changing forms of life and awareness.  The interactions of the energetic forms of life create dynamic potentials and possibilities.  These interactions also consume that which is weak and no longer serves what is best about life.  The ration, our minds have become the dominion of a playground within that begins to disconnect from the world and retreat to a world where it knows and feels only its own controls and self-absorbed dominion.

“Attunement – the ability to enter other minds and learn what they have to offer.”

The ration makes us think we are unique, special and the center of our universe.  This is the black hole of perception and the whirlwind of the I.  It amazes people when the seer “reads” the thoughts of people cut off by the ration.  The ration convinces us, from its dominion over the position of the assemblage point, that we are alone.  There are no psychics… there is nothing psychic about seeing and knowing what people are thinking.  Thinking plays itself across our physical bodies.  The ration would make you think that you are being sneaky.  But we are never cut off.  We are constantly whirling in a myriad of lines and potential energies that surround us all the time.  It is the ration that makes us think, and creates stories to support that we are alone. 

“Equipoise – the ability to serenely monitor the movements of one’s own mind and correct from biases and shortcomings.”

We can if we practice silence and reconnection with others and the natural world, begin to train the ration and pull it away from the dominion of the foreign installation.  It takes seeing the patterns that are illusionary and self-deceiving.  It means looking at the bombardment of messages, often through words but even in images, and questions the message and the meanings of their intention.  We are surrounded by constant messages to keep us dumb and docile to the playground of the predatory nature of the ration.  But we can self-monitor.  How?  Be kind, be tender, be open to the possibility that we may not actually know.  We may be wrong, all the time.  We may actually be missing things which are right there.  The artist does not so much create something new as recognize the new when creation moves through the process of random patterning.  The Toltec longs for a universe of surprises.  The only way to do this is to kill the ration which is connected only to its own story.  The sword cuts through to the place of wonder and awe.  It is a silent battle.

“Metis – the ability to see patterns in the world and derive a gist from complex situations.”

We are not just pattern observers, we are pattern makers.  The infinitely random nature of the substructure of the universe at an energetic level, coalesces into patterns often by the actions at the edges of the structure itself.  The table is a table because we shaped its edges.  In the center is constantly flowing potential still there to behold.  The shape of water exists only in relationship to the edge of the river through which it is flowing.  We often seek patterns where they may not exist.  We want to simplify, use less and get more… a predatory skill … thus we skim and thus we do not see.  We skim and create patterns from our expectations.  When we erase personal history, it becomes hard to return to the relationships where others expectations of our behavior bind us back into the patterns they were comfortable with…. This battle is the battle of detachment.  Make no assumptions, follow no expectations, and be free to not create metis….

“Sympathy – the ability to fall into a rhythm with those around you and thrive in groups.”

Often the Toltec wonders where the ration came from.  It emerged from the group being more than the individual could conceive.  It came from the ability for the group, the tribe to have greater perception and to be aware in many directions at once to protect the overall wellbeing of the group.  It came from a lack of boundaries between the group so it could venture together into unknown territory.  And from that the group told stories to pass along the lineage of their lifelines.  These stories were at one time; open, free to change, mixed and mediums of beautiful abstract cores.  The foreign installation, the predatory mind became injected like a virus into the group and caused the group to no longer move with sympathy and instead move with pathetic self-absorbed story of our individuality.  Thus some individuals became more equal than others in the tribe.  And the scattering occurred.   The more we practice that story the more we are separated from ourselves and the world around us.  The more we are vulnerable to the predatory natures of the universe at large. 

With so much information and understanding of the world and the universe we are on the verge of being consumed by the stories we have created about reality.  We are no longer fluidly open to perceive the new, the potential, the connections and awarenesses that could bring us into deeper and broader awareness of the universe.  It is like the weight of our understanding is limiting the breadth of our ability to see. 

The ration is not a bad thing if it was fluid, flexible and connected beyond its own story of survival.  This is not meant to eject such a gift of awareness.  It is to remind us that it is only one of the possible perceptual filters through which we can relate to our world around us.  We need a new language of awareness which eclipses and includes but does not limit the open ended universe which is there before our being all the time. 

Quotes taken from Adbusters, A New Language of Emotion Volume 19, No 5.


4 thoughts on “Mind, Ration and the Curse of Distraction

  1. I can only respond… does it really matter if it isn’t? As a toltec, it is but one swath through the fibers of awareness in a long dance of eternity shared as it was in that moment.

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