Reincarnation and the Toltec Path

This squirrelly subject comes up often in conversations especially among warriors of freedom.  Reincarnation, like belief the in heaven or any afterlife which we project forward, is in many ways just a belief.  Belief is suspect for a Toltec. Knowledge is key.  But this does not mean that it does not have value worthy of looking into and there is knowledge to be gain when we see this clearly.  I saw it clearly about 8 years ago when looking deep into the mold of man one night.    

Those that I see as stalkers, masters of the will, often have no use for even the concept of reincarnation.  Dreamers on the other hand can easily get lost in this area.  This should be obvious, the masters of will focus on the present vibration which they are infusing or being infused with Intent.  Dreamers are about shifting the assemblage point as much as possible. So recalling or even cataloguing some past is tantamount to a master of will to being lost in the rational mind of the predator.  For the dreamer it can be a place of knowledge so long as it is not a morbid obsession.  In so many instances this is exactly what reincarnation is all about, a perfect set up by the predator to replay tasty treats of energy within the framework of the mold of man.  Lay it flat and it is sustenance of the highest order because it has consistency over time.  Big trap for sure! 

How is this done?  Simple answer: morphogenic fields.  A morphogenic field is a vibrational signature which has consistency and travels across time and space with ease.  It is one of the reasons we constantly repeat having a thumb in our genetic code, but deeper, it is the sum total of all the patterns of human history as vibrating and merging within the mold of man and thus is a way to simplify the downloading of the foreign installation to fixate the assemblage point.  For Jung, he thought that this actually occurred at the genetic level and is engineered from that layer of awareness.  But this really is not the case for Toltecs.  The genome is far too protected from the predator and is in alignment with the pulse of the earth, not the foreign installation.  The foreign installation’s download occurs as a morphogenic transmission after birth and overlays the kernel of energy that is eternally free and the morphogenic field of life which is the gift from the earth of physical life.  But the predator convinces this kernel that it will live forever because the story is constantly recycled.  This is a great comfort to those attached to the story of their lives… they do not realize that under the layers is the free energy of pure awareness which can journey beyond the story/mold of man. The story also allows the predator to recycle the energy back to re-infuse it with more tasty energy to consume.  Rather brilliant farming don’t you think?

Some people are fairly attached to the sum total of stories and memories which are bought hook line and sinker from this morphogenic download of energy.  The more trapped they become by desire, self-importance and sense of uselessness, the more they search the databanks of these greater memories to find a justification for the pathetic state of their lives.  It’s like a library.  The more you spend time there, the more you read the books, the more you can be trapped in/by the stories which have been handed down.  It takes an extreme amount of detachment to read these stories and not get hooked into the details which attempt to create meaning where there is none.  But from the predator’s point of view, this makes us soft, sugar filled and tasty. 

This process stands in direct contradistinction to lineal awareness which don Juan and Carlos and many other Toltec speak of.  In a lineage there is also a morphogenic field, but it is not personal, petty or attached to the mold of man.  Lineages are rooted in the pulse of the earth, the genome and gift of life that comes directly from our host – the earth.  And to this field, each seers group gives away the vibrational awareness and knowledge about freedom.  It passes not to re-create the same things, but to advance freedom and awareness on earth.  The act of adding to a lineage is a self-less act and affords the Toltec seer a way to give away and not be trapped even by the connection to the earth and the lineage.  It is the seer’s final act of recapitulation.   In essence the lineage is filled with abstract cores of knowledge which aid the Toltec warrior to move out of self-importance, dissolve the connection to the foreign installation and predatory mind and transition into freedom. 

In studying the lineage warrior’s open ourselves to the abstract cores and can actually move through the lineage like a life line.  At times, depending on our predilection, we will identify seers who gave to the lineage knowledge.  As we shift our assemblage points to those tales of power and have not defeated self-importance, then this too will end up feeling or giving the warrior the sense of having lived before… reincarnation.  But it is not reincarnation as defined above.  We must, as warriors, practice extreme detachment to wander along these pathways of the lineages.  We are not the seers of the past, but we hold lineal knowledge of those times and in dreaming these abstract cores can be and are very real tales of power.

This begs the question of the morphogenic field of the mold of man… Yes it works the same way.  But it does not have the same purpose or intention.  It is a trap and is built up to make the average person feel more important and less alone with the circumstances of their life as they are attached to it.  Slip sideways away from the dominance of the mold of man, there are lineal lines of intent all around us.  Toltecs can feel and see them.  One place seers feel these lines are in empty or ruined locations where ancient people focused their intent for their people.  These can be places of knowledge and power, or they can be traps of self-importance too… depends on the place and the mood of those people from the past.  Warriors of freedom need to discern how to best walk through these places so as not to repeat the patterns left over in the morphogenic fields of these ancient ruins.  Don Juan cautioned Carlos about the ruins getting up and moving around and how these locations are loaded with morbid obsessive attention and intent.

So are we reincarnated?  Well yes and no.  Energy is recycled all the time.  Is it free?  But the lineages of the seers and especially the Toltec one that I follow, we do not accept that line of thought.  Toltecs practice freedom from all of the snares, which could recycle our energy back into the predator’s field of being.  We are connected directly back into the earth which created our form for us to grow towards freedom and love for no reason at all….

Or at least this is what I see with this idea of reincarnation.  Peace and freedom!


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