The Truth! You can’t handle the truth!

Everything is perception.  Better yet, everything is the manipulation of perception.  We are disconnected most of the time from the raw facts of life lived on a planet spinning in infinity amidst the solar winds of our times.  At one time we were connected to each other as a tribe of small bands of awareness.  We wandered across the land, connected to the land.  We had to be, we were under constant threat from predators who could attack our bands and take us down.

Somewhere along the line we learned and developed how to talk.  But this was not disconnected from our ability to communicate, because we communicated with our whole bodies.  It was difficult to keep the truth of who we are and where we were at because we communicated with our whole being.  We listened to each other with the full range of our listening bodies.  Talking became a way to alert each other across distances, to hunt and be safe from the predators like lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

We told stories from the center of our being outward with the whole tribal body participating in the journey of the story.   Knowledge was connected to each person as a link to the whole.  And when we passed, we returned renewed often with this silent knowledge in tact.  We danced awake a new dream every day within every generation.  We reached beyond our limits, but then we shrank back as our mother taught us to pay attention to the signs of her natural rythms.  There was balance even within the imbalances we often tested.

Somewhere along the line talking became more important than communicating.  Talking took the place of the truth.  Talking began to be a way to manipulate the truth to an end we were unsure of, or worse some were completely aware of.  We separated from tribal mind and became detached from the tribe through living on the land rather than with the land.  We told stories no longer of our truth, but of our ability to manage and manipulate the truth.  We began to manipulate each other’s perceptions to buy and to sell.  This does not mean that this was bad.  We were able to push the predators away and live more safely with our inventions and our stories about ourselves.  We began to tell stories about singular individuals, heros, doing great things, leading and forcing us into new dimensions of being.  We got lost in the finger pointing at the moon, we got lost in our selves.

We lost our connection to each other with this manipulation of the truth/perception, the manipulation of true communication.  This old type of communication became dormant within the range of our being and ration and logic took on a vast portion of our perception.  We examined and plotted with each other to gain our food from each other, rather than from the earth.  We manipulated our brothers and sisters into believing they were getting the best deal for the abstract idea of money.  We enslaved each other with the this manipulation and we have not stopped being slaves to this domination mode of being.  We stopped being truth and became perceptual frameworks of manipulated talking points.

We learned more and more how to manipulate the earth.  The predator is no longer a real threat, the predator is hidden in the backwashes of our energetic beings. We have become vulnerable to forces we cannot even begin to imagine within and on a universal scale.  We have become weak with this manipulation of real communication and connection and thus prey to the machinations of each other and external forces which see us as dumb blind sheep…. We are manipulated by the culture which makes each of us afraid to be the totality of who we are in the name of desiring the next whatever.  And manipulating the whatever came next, the next hot thing, look or being has become the talent of the games masters who manipulate our desires to live and drives to survive.

This is why it has become clear that everything has become marketing.  We market ourselves constantly.  We market our stories, first to ourselves within the framework of a brain system cut off from the earth and the world as it is.  We market our talking points to each other.  We talk ourselves to death to maintain our personal perception of the world and call that our truth.  But there is no truth in the shifting electrochemical talking points of our brain.  We are noisy with stories as we constantly manipulate perceptions of others around us.

Even more detached from the truth is this inter-network filled with talking points and facts which we misunderstand as the truth.  We use this tool of communication which actually only communicates less than 3% off our ability to communicate with each other in the fullness of our being.  We now use this tool of communication to bring our world closer together when in reality it is splitting us further apart… because we are just marketing perception, the air, the talking points of our presumed reality.  A teacher once said that “everything is perception, manipulate perception and you control the world.”  With no real values or connection this disconnected place of being is called socio-pathological.  A socio-pathological person cannot feel the difference between what is good and bad.  They cannot know for sure that any choice has ramifications beyond themselves.  They are lost in the self-absorbed universe of their own manipulation.  Serial killers are socio-pathological, and thus it can be argued that everyone, as we become more and more cut off from each other and only a story of ourselves that we can talk to each other with the expectation of being accepted, is becoming socio-pathological.  It is all marketing.  The ones who succeed are the ones who are good at manipulating other people’s perception of themselves and those around them.

We are all liars as House would say.  It’s just about finding what we are trying to protect or gain that we can then manipulate the group mind lie and find the next i-thing to distract our attention from the truth.  We have lost our ability to truly connect.  Is it no wonder we are sitting on the precipice of the end times?  Everyone wants it because everyone fundamentally knows something is wrong.  Something does not work, but we feel totally powerless because we are lost in the talking points of our own personal marketing to pay attention to the truth.

When the tribe was out of balance, the tribe as a whole went on a group quest, a ceremony of group and united vision and from this emerged a direction.  For some it was a sun dance, for others a group ayahuasca ceremony, for other tribes it was a kiva or a massive ghost dance.  The expression of this group alteration was to link to that original communication with each other and with the reality of our situation.  From this emerged a direction for us to go and the tribe would pick up everything and get the hell out of the place they were at to go to the place where balance could be reconnect us with the world… or they left the planet all together.

There is no where to go any more and we are no longer tribes of flexible communal beings willing to be a part of a whole.  We are marketing and manipulation, the Twinky on overload.  We have lost our connection first to each other through real communication and then to the earth herself as the mother of reality as it is.  It matters not that we can touch the moon, manipulate electrons in a box or distract ourselves with another flash of stories from a box in our living room thinking it is a different and new story every time… we have dummied ourselves down.

It is time to wake up to each other and stop marketing ourselves.  We should let ourselves be, and in being become more than we every thought we could.


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