Creator, Sustainer, or Parasite? Choose wisely.

The longer I sit in the center of the whirlwind that is life, the more an awesome terrible truth of being circles around my soul and deepens as it broadens its understanding in the fractures of my thoughts.  There are essentially two bundles that make the world.  This was learned from a beautiful Navajo road man.  Neither are in relationship to each other as one good and the other bad… Not in the slightest.  One is the bundle of creation.  The other the bundle of sustaining.  For anything to grow and change it needs both of these energies.  There must be a creation energy which feeds constantly into the new and random beauty of the world… but there must also be sustaining energies to keep whatever is born a new to grow and flourish.  We plant the seed in the spring and this action requires cutting into the earth in a new way, a form of destruction necessary for the new life to occur.  So every act of creation automatically begins with an act of destruction.  Yet to grow that beauty through the fullness of the seasons, we have to sustain her delicate growth with water, nutrients and food.  The plant grows through this sustaining power.

Yet is it the dark side of both of these energies that constantly amazes me.  The creator is often attacked by the sustainer.  The attack comes in many forms.  The sustainer holds onto the energy of its ability to sustain long after the need for burning away of last year’s field.  The sustainer gets caught up in the need to do the same thing over and over and looses sight of the original creation that brought forth the life that it sustains.  Thus the sustainer becomes the parasite feeding off of the creation it was meant to sustain and allow to move forward in a beautiful circle.  The creator energy can also get lost too.  It gets lost in constant creation and thus without recognition of the necessary sustainability of a system, the creator becomes nothing more than the constant destroyer, random violence piled on random violence.

The creator is often burned at the stake of the parasite.  And the sustainer is often destroyed in the flood of destruction that come with the obsession with the new.   What does this mean?

It means that to hold and have a creation, to be a creator, we must honor the circle of sustainability and ask ourselves is this creation nothing more than the vain glorious need to possess the new or can we actually continue forward with this new creation and honor the circle of life?  And it means can the sustainer actually sustain the circle without constantly stealing the energy from the resources of creation ad infinatum?

The parasite would convince us that if we do not continue to consume we will never be safe.  The parasite would steal from everyone else their essential visions, for the parasite lacks any vision, it cannot live and exist on its own.  The parasite is a destroyer of all that is new and all that is sustainable.  The parasite is what we have to look deep into.  We have to look at the parasite in our own energetic matrix and reject that which consumes for the sole purpose of filling its inexhaustible emptiness.  For the emptiness at the center of our lives can never be filled.  It is from that emptiness that life blossoms a new every day.  So to fill it is to deny its essential function.  The parasite would attempt to fill it by any means necessary.  It would wall up and control the creator and the true sustainer with systems and structures that are bondage to the soul.

The soul is the divine emptiness that resides within every creation.  She is the unified wave field and essential oneness that drives diversity.  The diversity is the sustaining beauty that keeps the universe constantly making something out of nothing.  His multiplicity dances constantly on the edge of oblivion and sparkles and whirls.

The parasite is a destroyer and a manipulator of other energies for it has no source within itself, no unique vision, no wonder that it can sit beside in silence and awe.  When you meet the parasite, do what we should with all parasites, reject them.  Sustain those who know their own vision, the vision that resides in their uniqueness.  The earth sustains all that act in this manner. The earth glories in all creators and sustainers for it is between these two bundles that real life is constantly growing.  And where the two cross is an immeasurable eye seeing always into infinity and beyond.

Peace to you my fellow creators, love to you my fellow true sustainers.  Follow your visions, water the soil of their essential being and know from silence the truth for yourselves.


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