Double Vision

Time is a false harbinger of growth and intent.  Time seems straight lined and connected, but the warrior questions this assumption.  While we are always moving through time in a line, we are not aware in a line.  We are aware more like a circle, or better, we are aware as a process of nested spheres one inside of the other.  This nesting can, if walked well, be brought into harmonious integrity, or it could be rotten at many layers in a manner that does not allow for any further expansion.

This nesting of spheres within spheres is called a holonic construction.  It is directly related to the construction of the assemblage point through which we perceive our world.   Each stage of being aware is nested on top of and around the previous sphere.  Each sphere is whole in and of itself, often with its own values and perceptual filter-matrix.  Deep within our consciousness is the previous layer.  And for some this previous layer is pulling energy from the whole structure.  We are, in other words constantly experiencing life from varying depths and frameworks.   We are often, though not necessarily conscious of, in a state of double vision.

The child as it develops is the easiest way to understand this holonic expansion.  For the child emerging from the physical or primary ground of its initial being presents a very interesting illumination of this point.  When we are born, we are just physical.  We don’t perceive anything as separate from whom and what we are.  We know this because everything goes into the mouth of an infant.  Its only drive is to eat and exist.  It does not know mother as separate from father and self, or any emotion short of physical stress or comfort.  We are in essence not aware of anything at all, but the body.  As the child moves into language and the eyes gather enough of a record of information it begins to test the world.  This is why peek-a-boo is so intensely interesting to the child.  When the eyes are covered, nothing is there – the world does not exist!  As we open our hands we become different than before, it exists!  The child is starting to see, to know.  This game is short lived because eventually enough experience is gathered that the child knows that even when the eyes are covered, the game player is still there as is the world.  This separation from the world around it brings at first a double vision of the world which then boosts awareness to the next level of being.

This complexifies with time.  As we grow in awareness we gain emotional intelligence, linguistic, operational and other layers of awareness nested within each other.  (BTW this is called the skandas in Buddhism.)  But at the same time as we grow we take on other perceptual frameworks and programming which alter the ability for us to see things directly or even clearly.  When we are young we see the earth as a magical playground of exploration.  Who did not have this wonder?  Then there comes a point when we conceptualize the earth and the world around us.  We begin to study her and her creatures.  Suddenly the magical mystery tour is over and replaced with an explanation of what the earth is with all her creatures.  The scientific mind eclipses and conquers the magical realism mind.  For a while there is a double vision.

What is interesting is the later shell of awareness often re-organizes the previous shell of being and all its memories and values.  Thus we don’t remember our past but through the filter of the current holonic shell we are in.  For those of us who have experienced traumatic experiences at young ages, there is left over energy surrounding these experiences.  In fact we all grow from level to level as a result of pain which is energy to project our awareness to the next level.  But when this pain is not resolved in the process of growth, the suffered trauma leaves energy back in an earlier stage or holonic shell.  In some cases we can’t move forward completely without going back and fixing this disintegration, again, double vision.  It also causes double intention and we are out of balance between our intent and with action we take in life.  Our actions have no integrity.

Ken Wilber notes that if the whole system only has 100 units of energy, we may have 10 in holonic shell 3, 40 in shell 5 and 60 in shell 6.  Thus our awareness is not linear, nor does it perceive its universe through one integrated perceptual filter of being.  If it takes 65 unites to get to create and leap to shell 7, the individual will never get there until shell 3 is no longer pulling energy down to a deeper level of being and perception.   This means memory, which is actually the worst way to understand ourselves because it is charged with the values and perceptions, emotions and energy, from those states, is fractured… we often have more than one perception of our past, present and our interest in moving towards the future.

For the Toltec warrior, we see that the first battle and the most important one is within.  The battle is one of integrity and impeccability.  First the battle is to integrate between the layers, and second to successfully have the energy to efficiently move forward in our lives.   Very few people work to have integrity.  In other words few seek out the subroutines which are causing constant dissonance in their lives.  This process is best done using the technique of recapitulation and all therapies and spiritual traditions use this to come into greater wholeness.  This process feels really spiritual and gets us high on the unrestricted energy!

But the second battle comes into play.  From within it is necessary to realize that much of the programming of these subroutines and these direct experiences we have had are in reality the game of the foreign installation.  This is a super program whose goal is to keep us from being impeccable with our energy.   The program is to keep the baser energies running on overtime and make sure we do not become whole and fully who we are free of the obstructions.  We have to eject the super program and see where the program arose.  This is a further double vision.  For we actually have two lives that we have lived in every moment.  This is a life where we were fully aware of things as they really are and the life of that the foreign installation wants us to have to feel less than whole.

As a warrior, the ability to hold two very separate memories, perceptions, side by side and see that both, while even at odds are true, is the doorway to infinite potential shift our awareness that is not distracted by any subroutines.  This double vision is sought after by the warrior so the third path opens up.  When we recapitulate we realize we are in a constant state of multi-perceptual fields of awareness all intersecting and crisscrossing like circles within circles.  Being in a state of double vision opens gateways to the infinitely possible.



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