Loop It!

In practicing recapitulation gathering personal power, we discovered in a lodge some years back that it was possible to follow a line of tonal intent back not only through the personal but through the archetypal. The “history” that is downloaded into our being, the stories and myths which have specific lines of cultural and social purpose is just that, a manipulation of our current times. “History” which really means “to inquire” from the greek, is always a present tense experience. And thus doubt is healthy for these megamyths whose intent may not be freedom.

Thus we discovered that through opening to the flow of tonal time beyond our own personal story we could connect to the lineage of a myth going back to its origination. Often I would personally experience another person’s life and history as though it were coming from within my own memories. Yet with clarity, asking a question like, “what is happening?” I could “see” feel that moment with detachment. And then taking away the filter of the mythological energies, experience the words, time, events.

We wondered when this “doorway” opened what to do. Loop It! Came the voice of intent. In other words circle to the present and remove all of the foreign installation’s agenda… these moments of clarity cleared the connection and created a boost of energy. Not to rebuild the story, but to understand its original flavor… and to allow us to choose if there was value to that story’s maintenance.

Not only can one loop it to other times, but also to specific stories and events that occurred in our lives. Surrounding my earlier self with pure intent or love for no reason, or a warrior’s compassion brought deep humility. Awe at the mystery which was revealing itself in that time and even more awe at the wonder of being now. The wave function collapses from loop it and personal history is erased.

As Don Juan noted, you can move to any time and know the reality of that… This is a great boost… And opens one to deeper intent moving in the now.

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