Power Spots

The warrior hunts power, but not the power over others; not the power to control anything; certainly not the power of manipulation.  What the warrior hunts is personal power, the ability to infuse his life with a richness which comes from seeing the world in a new way every moment of every day.  Personal power allows the warrior to see in 360 degrees along every axis available.  Personal power allows the warrior to defeat the predatory foreign installation as it sparks even a microgram of disruption within his being.  Personal power allows the warrior to walk with awareness through the jungle and fly with the eagles over it at the same time.  Personal power is what the ordinary world is constantly attempting to take from the warrior. 

When starting to walk this path 30 years ago, a friend of mine and I would walk the desert in southern Arizona.  We often saw waves of energy rising up ahead of us as we hiked.  As we got closer to one of these, we were aware that the air shifted over those spots and they were cooler.  Just beneath the surface was water and thus the birds were assembled making noise and jabbering away all around this spot.  We were cooled for a second, infused with energy.  But we did not indulge, we moved on to the next part of our journey.  From that pool we had inadvertently gathered energy.  When we were at the top of a bluff we could see the pool from far off.  We both noted how it glowed with a resonance.  What a gift we thought.  All those animals would move toward and away from that spot to take rest in the earth energies there.  The desert is an amazing teacher in how to pay attention to power spots.

Later that night the two of us dreamed together.  When we awoke we knew that it was the power spot that had granted us enough extra energy to remember the dream.  So power spots for the warrior are a critical and amazing thing to seek out to dream a new dream of life.  At the time we were not hunting power spots.  We fell into one like children playing with a new toy the first time.  As I have walked this path, I have found power spots over and over again. 

The earth is a being bursting with energy.  She has lines and pools of energy which infuse areas with extra energy.  These spots often overlap and crisscross each other.  In ancient times builders were employed to “see” these spots.  For when a building was built over them, the building could be raised higher and with less materials than if it had not been built on the intersection of these lines.  Some of the pools spiraled for these builders.  This knowledge was considered secret knowledge. Fom this has come so much of the popular lore surrounding the masons.  But what they did and were were simple warriors of awareness who could see these places and then create amplification tools to aid the average person in gaining energy, personal power.  That is what we did as we walked the desert.  Humans trap this energy in buildings and use it for a healing connection to the dream world.

We were in Mexico some decades back.  A small girl came up to us and was twirling and twirling around.  She laughed and giggled as she danced.  This occurred on the left hand side of an ancient church set in the mountains, a church which was built over an ancient temple.  She alerted us to the power present in that spot.  We entered dream upon that spot.  As we walked around the square we could see the ancient marketplace where the indians shared their goods and the historical Spanish that did the same.  As we gazed at the church it continued to spark in and out of existence and a small pyramid structure would be there when we turned our faces side to side.  This is a power spot which the earth infused with extra energy through her lines and her spiral force.  It is a place which held generations of stories and dreams.

About a decade or so ago, we went to a mountain here in the US.  This sacred mountain is a power spot.  It was one long before any people arrived in that area.  Down from her slopes springs nourish the local area.  There are natural places to sit on the earth, to see far across the plains, to watch the animals come and go.  There are eagles nests and vast rock formations to sit in and be protected from the harsh summer storms and winter cold.  This power spot has been the power spot for many local tribes for generations upon generations.  When they leapt out across the plains from the distant Rocky Mountains in the west, this location provided health, well being and a chance to recharge their energies.  Here too we can see pools of energy which seep up from below.  We can see the vibrations of lines coming down the trails and from the top of the mountain, natural lines radiate out from her body to cross the plains.  Along those lines are the best locations to drill for water.  So there is something to this way of seeing power.

Water and lines, pools of coolness and ancient stories all combine to create power spots.  These things overlap in the no-time (know-time) of being.  When we sit, walk and stand in these places, we become quiet as warriors.  When we choose, act or dream, these things happen so completely that it changes our fundamental being.  This is why we seek out these spots to heal.  For healing is not about medicine and taking medicines, it is about choosing a different life.  A friend of mine sat on just such a spot with blood trickling down his head from a gash he received as we hiked, and said, “I know that there is a world and a time where this gash does not exists.  I choose that world and time right now.”  I watched as the blood dried up, the gash disappeared from under my hand and he stood up ready to walk into his renewed life. 

A warrior stalks himself as the first and most important battle of a lifetime.  He hunts power, power spots, to aid in shifting his attention so completely that he becomes more than he could ever have conceived.  He does this with silent knowledge and awareness.  And in doing so, acts upon these spots with tenderness and care.  This gift, a gift of the earth herself, are out there in every corner of the world.  They are ready and waiting altars (alters) of pure awareness.  When we are upon one, we become quiet, we become aware, we listen to the birds and trees.  We become infinity in the moment, present to the knowledge of sacred Mother Earth. 

Hunt these mindfully, fellow warriors, and link with our whole beings like lightening shocking through the body and deep into the earth.  She has so much to give, our mother.  May we pay attention…. May we live with her in fullness.  If everyone walked this way, alert to these power spots, there would be no need for us to feed off of each other, no need to be anything less than the beautiful animals that stand renewed on the same spots.  We would be the fullness of our human being.

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