2012 Kulkan, Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent

Precursor to this article; The Jaguar and the Eagle, and The Human Animal Guide

We grow not in levels or stages but in breadth and depth.  We evolve and emerge ever constantly from one cave to another greater one, from one vast beautiful process into the next and the next and the next ad infinatum.  As we do so we have mega-myths which guide our steps and point the way.  Yet at the same time the myth, inherited, can be the very trap we must overcome to merge with greater breadth of awareness and depth of being.  Kulkan, the Plumed Serpent is just such a mega myth.  Yet the myth has been twisted around to serve those that would subject our awareness to their power plays.

The Jaguar and the Eagle are the left and right hands of our animal awareness.  They represent the ability to pursue our physical needs (a right handed path) and to vision a greater perspective (the left handed path). With both we hunt personal power and awareness.   As we practice these and deepen our skills, we break the bounds of common perception and become fully human.  The fully human being has creative power, a centralized will in being fully alive.  The fully human being becomes the essence of any age, the hero, the wanderer, the shaman priest.  The fully human being is fully connected to the path with heart. 

This is where things become divergent.  The fully human being sees the myths and stories which allowed this evolutionary process of becoming to bring him to the essence of his being.  The stories of the hunt, the practice of visioning bring the fully human being to the center of his medicine, his heart.  There are many fully human beings in the story of man.  And as a result there are a ton of myths and stories about those beings as perfected forms of human being.  How we are to become those individuals to be fully human?  There is the trap.  When we search out these myths we find them all variations of the same theme of being fully connected to our center. But the myths and stories are no longer human representations of a life well lived, they have become abstract perfections we can never attain. 

The predator is tricky at this point.  For these myths of hero become manipulated into forcing those on the path to unworthiness.  We must follow these heroes as saviors… for we are never good and perfect enough for the story.  Thus those in power became the power brokers of this stage of evolution on the pathway to freedom.  Here enters one of the next steps on the mythological road, the Plumed Serpent of ancient Mexico.

What is a plumed serpent?  It does not exist in reality.  It is not a being which occurs in nature.  It is a totally mythological mega story which draws in the person of knowledge into mythological mega story.  Originally the plumed serpent was, and in many places still is, a description of the Milky Way which is the dark road between the stars.  It is this dark pathway (the galactic road) which the ancient shaman would journey on to “other worlds”.   This journey was not the journey of a simple vision quest (the eagle)… it required gathering enough personal power as a fully human being, to venture into the unknown.  Thus it was called the plumed serpent because it is connected to the fire of awareness – the plums of jungle birds when decorated on ceremonial outfits look like fire dancing around the shaman.  Second because the serpent was and still is a common transformation image which shaman “saw” and rode into the other worlds way beyond our own.  It meant that the shaman transformed him or herself into something wholly “other”… Not animal, not bird, not human, but with all of these skills and talents, something abstract enough to actually journey through the stars. 

This journey was and is a journey of unlimited potential and infinite mystery and wonder.  It is a journey of complete awe.  And it is one that allows the fully human being to wander the path of time itself.  This is why it was associated with the bridge of the Milky Way.  This dark bridge currently lines itself up, south to north at midnight on December 20-21st each year.  And at the center of this bridge or dark road is the galactic center which on that night is exactly opposite the nighttime sky at midnight; it is directly through the earth, through the sun, and totally lined up opposite where we stand at that moment in time. 

That’s the mystery of timing, that’s a mega myth.  What the myth was speaking to was the unlimited potential of every fully human being to create constantly new possibilities.  What the power hungry humans, who took control of the mega myth, did was turn this being into the ultimate savior.  They subjected the Mayan/Toltec and Aztec people, long before the invasion from the west, to a Salvationist predator who is foreign to the natural flow of our developing awareness.   I have said this before.  The minute we begin to our evolve freedom beyond our current state, we light up, energetically, to the forces out there.  They want us to sacrifice our freedom for all sorts of things;  for our families, for our culture, for politics, for justice.  All of these in and of themselves are not bad.  They are valuable battles in the human experience.  But they are traps of attention pulling us back to the idea that we are less or separate from the potential infinity which the great road (serpent) of being can lead us towards.

So Kulkan became savior.  When we follow him (now personified as a human), he will save us, take us on his great ship, pyramid of being, to the center of the universe, Shebulba, to the stars from where we came.  Yet there is the rub.  We submit or wait for every human to be ready and thus we are submitting to the predator that keeps us stuck here and now with repetitive behaviors.  This twisting of the mega myth which was to lead to freedom was so well injected into the Aztec people’s minds that the image of Quetzalcoatl, with his pure white face, shining star filled breastplate reflecting the sun and plumes coming off the top of his head, was Hernan Cortez to a T! (The twisted cross T)  Therefore, Salvationism of the west conquered that of Mexico like a perfect hand fitting into a perfect glove.   This was complete before the Spanish arrived.

Toltec warriors of the lineages know this as fact.  They know that the plumed serpent was a story of freedom not salvation, of wandering the lines of intent to other potential worlds.  They knew that they had to pass beyond the great mega monster myth of unworthiness trapped in the Salvationist uber myth to gain personal freedom.  They know that our ultimate breadth and depth of being is in the unknown possibilities which are far beyond our attachment to being saved.   The answers are through the alignment of our energies with the dark path, dark center of the universe and with the ability to move through the center of the earth (link with her creativity) and link with the sun (fire of being), to return to the galactic center from which life organized itself for this interplay of awareness and being. 

We can make of these times many things; end of the world or potential beginning.   We can participate in a potential to truly create in freedom a possibility we have not even considered.  Or we can fall back to the power plays of those who would try to control the human band of awareness with all the distractions of life, money, power, entertainment etc.  We can, if we have the courage to, travel avenues of awareness not considered to us and join in an awakening, not to be saved but for creativity and freedom, our natural birth right.  We can reconnect the dots to creation at the source, the earth, sun, galactic center and thus create a new more balanced possibility for life to continue in relationship to all that is.  Or we can sacrifice our hearts on the altar of our self importance and throw that beating heart into the fires of our own consumption… thinking we will defeat the predator with this act of sacrifice in the name of all – now that is folly.  The plumed serpent runs both ways.  It is up to us.

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