Psychosis or Abstract Flight of Awareness?

Adapted from the article; Further Reflections on Psychotic Knowledge by Shunyamurti

A shift in our perceptual field of awareness, once linking with intent becomes the new standard practice, will by itself bring an end to the word-filled distractions that are delusive in nature. When we operate from an energetic consciousness with the discipline of the spiritual warrior fully activated, we can dream together and better chose together the avenues of awareness that are available. Each singular consciousness being an equal point source of the infinite mystery, then the insanity of the predator will be resolved and ejected from our being. The current state with layers of hyper-focused self absorption, which is the mold of man’s obsession with the fear of death and demand for an infinite life, will become a shell of a fading past in balance with the awesome awareness of the infinite and our ability to travel with it. This age of predatory paranoia will end as it should.

What becomes clear to the spiritual warrior is that there is not end point in the development of consciousness and awareness only a territory beyond what is called knowledge, the nagual. It is a territory beyond language, beyond the duality of our self importance and self imposed limits, beyond the illusion of control into the realization that the entire cosmos is a dream which is assembled by INTENT, or the Infinite mystery of being. If we turn things around and start with this proposition rather than end there as a goal, we can open ourselves to the true linking which comes in creation, a linking which is true love for no reason at all. All pathways are thus in agreement, that this linkage, love, intent, is what keeps things together and connects us to the infinite. When we recognize the folly of self importance and the emptiness of our self absorption there is only the fullness of the indescribable force of mystery, the awe, which is always manifesting every now in constant unfolding intent. Love or the madness of self absorption, we must choose both individually and fully as the human race. If not we are doomed to the same extinction of other dead end lines of consciousness.


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