The Open Ended Universe

Of late, observing the interactions of energies, there is a very clear repetitive pattern of events founded on the intent of the tonal.  These events are repetitive and cyclic in nature.  The open doors of dreaming offer the opportunity to see beyond all these patterns.  The most difficult thing that the human drama has is with the random and the infinite.  This infinite is relegated to some far away distant god for some, others repeat patterns while believing in the infinite because it simply works.  These patterns belie a significant fear of knowing and participating in a universe of infinite potential. 

It becomes obvious in so many disciplines of study.  We repeat the experiment and get trustworthy evidence that the results will always work this way.  Yet at the edge of all disciplines of knowledge is the infinite and the random.  Take for instance physics.   We can unravel all the mysteries of the physical universe but randomness and infinity actually run beneath the surface of most of the theories.  We are but maximum probability within the random and infinite.   When we strip away the gross material, the universe of energy is moving in the most amazing random ways.  When we look deep into the sky, it goes on forever, or at least as far as we can currently assume the universe exists, and yet no one is saying there is not more.   There is even propositions that multiple universes exists which thus prop up the 4 dimensional one we are living in maximum probability.   These massive reminders of infinity and randomness shock the ego to the core of silence. 

The universe is self organizing, but what is that “self” that is organizing?  We are part of that self.  Within every molecule of our beings, we have evidence of the big bang singularity, meanwhile at the same time we are a multitude of beings (viruses, bacteria, cells, organs etc) merged together to create this package to hold our human awareness.  These are awesome filled images and ideas.  If we are part of a self organizing universe, then is not awareness one of the organizing agents?  Is not intent as awesome as any elementary particle winking in and out of existence in a bubble chamber?

We deny and push these edges away from our consciousness… too big, too small, too awesome to actually have any impact on the middle of the scalar universe where we have to eat and go to work.  Thus we fall victim of the universe of stabilized predictable patterns unfolding and enfolding us in a trap thinking there is no exit.  Yet, intent works at all levels of the scalar universe.  It is the scalar behind the scaled universe.  This open ended universe of possibilities should never be underestimated as a warrior of spirit.  We are always searching for the fraction of an inch gap to another more creative way. 

The creator does not sit back and worry if something will or will not be created.  The creator creates and allows boring repetitious pattern to move around that newness and accept it.  The creator knows that they know creation, even if they can’t define or mechanize it.  No one thought that we would be flying through the air thousands of years ago.  Today we take this for granted.  Somehow, a creator dared to truly look at a wing and then pursue the unknown possibility of human flight.  This is an invention which strikes into the depths of an open universe. 

Yet the common man, the parasite on the energy of the repetitive pattern, says “no” to the potential.  The parasite wants a dependable and eternally consumable source of energy.  The parasite repeats it’s behavior until it no longer recalls why it did so in the first place.  The parasite expands to the edges of its limited resources devouring the host.  The parasite is unconscious of its roll or the roll of anything beyond itself in the universe.  The parasite “hopes” that with repetition the outcomes will all be good.  The parasite begs, borrows and steals from a universe never ever wondering beyond it’s controlled boxed in reality.  When the parasite is confronted with the open ended universe, it strikes out at the creator(s) in its midst while praying, begging for worthiness from its self produced mythological god to be allowed to live a bit longer. 

Toltecs, spiritual warriors are creators.  We are hard wired into an open universe of possibility. We are linked to the self created creator behind the behind, the scalar behind the scales… Intent.   We are not parasites on the face of this earth. We are conscious of our limits and our unlimited fundamental energetic nature.  We are conscious of the open potential universe.  We are free and aware that our actions count and cost in a great circle of reciprocity.  We are always in awe and in relationship with the open universe. 

It takes all sorts of energy to shift from being a parasite to a creator.  It calls upon the individual to become their own hero in a heroic struggle to be more than the limits we place on ourselves from our rational proof state of mind.  It takes courage and it takes wonder.  But such a life, once lived in the fullness of the open potential is not worth returning to what was….   What do we have to lose?  We have nothing to fear, as the saying goes, but fear itself.

2 thoughts on “The Open Ended Universe

  1. Wishing for courage and for wonder for that energetic shift from parasite to creator…for all who want to take that journey. thanks for this post.

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