Recapitulation, the primary act of a warrior

“Warriors recapitulate when they are walking down the road, in the bathroom, when working or when eating; whenever it is possible. The important thing is to do it.” Carlos Casteneda

Recapitulation is for the Toltec warrior the essential and primary discipline to becoming a seer.  The act of recapitulating is to re-gather energy lost to others and to our life situation.  As we participate in our daily lives, lines of energy, intent, infuses our world and we act and react based on those lines.  Think of great cobwebs constantly managing relationships, actions, behaviors and impulses.  When we meet with someone that we know, we reconnect with those cobwebs, like plugging in the toaster there is a specific design to our connections and the power needed to maintain these links.  The more we spend time with an individual, the more the connections strengthen and repeat.  People become predictable and we become predictable to the people we work with, play with and associated with.  There is a lot of expectation surrounding these repeated and predictable behaviors and energies.   In other words we strengthen these lines every day with our awareness and energy.  The average person does this without thinking.  The warrior of awareness knows exactly what lines are being energized… he knows this because he recapitulates. 

Think of a room that you visit every day, like an office.  The repeated actions and energies associated with that office are created every day.  The coffee cup in the same place, the computer screen, the feelings of accomplishment or necessary tasks that flood one as the day starts.  As the day progresses and the sun shifts along the windows, the energy associated with the clock ticking off twelve noon, lunch time!  The clock hitting 4 or 5 PM creates repeated patterns of feeling and perception which dull our direct experience of the now unfolding.  Carlos noted that we live our lives “from a distance.”  Like we are in a movie and we are watching that movie and approving or disapproving of it all the time like the critic in our heads notes.  These daily predictable energies and emotions build up and bind our attention to the day and the people we work with.  The more emotional energy, the more rational explanation, the more we are tied to lines, bondage at its most profound!

But the warrior stalks these lines and cleans them up by cutting unnecessary links.   The Toltec warrior cleans these lines up at any time.  It could be shifting the focus from going into that office daily at 8AM to 7:30AM.  It all depends on how much we are attached to those lines what actions or patterns to change or shift.  These changes could break a line and allow energy to return to its more flexible and usable state of potential.  The seer actually sees these lines and cuts them away. 

So what practices are specific to recapitulation?  Just about any where we are returning to the energy of wholeness and direct perception of our day… rather than the assumed perceptions from patterned behaviors, which dulls our senses.  No one is exempt in recapitulating.  Every Toltec warrior practices this discipline with the fervor of a person in battle. 

When we start on the path, there are very specific recapitulative processes which really aid in getting these lines cleaned up.  The first is to inventory all of our relations… everyone we have ever met.  When we do so, we can write down this inventory and the feelings, thoughts or ideas (memories) associated with the people on the list.  Some people are very easy to recall and write about… others are very complex.  I suggest starting from the easiest and building to the more complex.  What we are doing is not forgetting, but removing the energetic lines which have been built up over repeated association with that person. 

Then once a good list is created, we can sit in a quiet place and clean the link with intent (the fiber connected to that person).  There is no past or future or space with recapitulation, there is only now.  To recall a line is to actually have that person right there.  We visualize the energies and emotions related to that person, fully experience it and then wipe it clean.  Carlos noted that the practice of wiping clean was connected to the breath.  We breath in to feel the fullness of that energy and then breath out to clean and disconnect the line.  The energy is not lost, it returns to our luminescent wholeness.  When finished, I like to burn away the list, the writing and so no longer have a link even to the act of recapitulating them.

Warriors when they recapitulate often did this in isolation for weeks on end.  The act was exhaustive and intensive.  They would also find locations where they could be boosted by the earth or by silence which is the ultimate cultivation from recapitulation.  Caves, power spots, lodges are all examples of places created for this warrior’s act.  As the lines are cut and we return to wholeness, we are no longer living life at a distance, rather we are present to it as it unfolds.  We are right there, not lost in our heads with distractions.  The average person has 2000 thoughts an hour.  A constant drivel of statements which condition and stabilize the web or net of relationships and lines that are constructed around them.  The warrior cuts these lines.  The power of silence slices through these undisciplined thoughts and returns the warrior to being the actor in a play that is present all the time to direct perception. 

Lines can also be recapitulated along themes.  For instance, as a man, sex and sexual energy is a great theme to recapitulate lines and return to greater wholeness.  Making an exhaustive list of everyone one has had sexual relations with, and the specific times and energies that are connected with each person and then doing the magical pass with the breath can literally boost a man into whole different world of energy they have never been before.  And this world can open one to the act dreaming. 

There are many themes.  Most recently I did an exhaustive list around “professional ambition.”  This was encouraged by a petty tyrant with whom I worked that was a barrier to what had become a deep habit of moving through organizations that I worked with to higher and higher levels of responsibility.  At the same time, I was losing tons of energy to my ambitious link to work.  Through the tyrant and recapitulation, this energy, from all my jobs, returned to my being and sealed a major hole that I had in my energy body.  Repetitive thoughts and emotions started to dry up and go away.  As they did, my work actually became more efficient and easier to do on a daily basis.  Detached from any outcome, I became more successful and able to dream and create better methods of working and making money…

As a good friend notes, “change the story.”  We are trapped by the stories we repeat over and over.  The stories we tell ourselves about the world.  Through recapitulation we can halt the need to fall back into lock step with the world around us and “change the story.”   When a theme or line has been recapitulated, my favorite thing to do is to walk.  Touching the earth with my feet, connecting to energy which is always there, seals the recapitulation and the energy body at a new level of wholeness.  The discipline of initially recapitulating is thus, listing, sweeping away the link, and then gate of power to seal the energy hole.  

When whole swaths of life have been recapitulated and the major themes are swept away, we are left with more energy, but this does not mean we are left without the practice.  We continue to recapitulate, often in the moment.  Sweeping away the links is moving to the next moment all the time.  This act, as a practiced person noted, is in the moment and fills the moment with the fullness of energy without anything leaking out and setting up a new pattern to fall into.  This efficiency with which we can live life is, for the warrior, impeccability.  We are impeccable with our energy and thus integrated or whole all the time.  There is no difference between our thoughts, emotions and actions, they are for the moment exact what and who we are.  We are not patterned on expectation or because of some hidden story or agenda from within or from the world around us.  This freedom allows greater mobility to shift our attention, awareness and energy to other bands of awareness, an act of real creativity.  We know creation because in the moment we are aligned with creation at its energetic root, INTENT! 

There are other techniques for recapitulating.  This is but an introduction to the essential discipline.  Any Toltec warrior worth their salt will be recapitulating even the slightest things to maintain constant fluidity.  There are no “winners” and “losers” in this discipline, there are just warriors who do and who don’t stalk energy with this method.  Only then can we then stalk other energies and see them for what they are… otherwise everything gets recycled back into the non-stop story of self centered me that is, quite frankly, very boring and predicatble…


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