The intent of the Predator

To sum up in one word; food. 

But before this can be can be fully understood, a sense of what the predator is may assist us in knowing.  The earth is a living being.  She is aware, but not the way that human band of awareness is.  She brought forth life from her in combination with the forces of energy in the galaxy.  One can debate how this occurred but the best way to say it from the Toltec tradition is she intended it.  And from that intent, she hosts organic matter to spin off into the diversity of forms we know as life.  Throughout her history when any organic intent became overwhelming, an imbalance occurred and there was a die off or extinction, thereafter other life emerged and took its place. 

This intent towards life is not personal.  It has no agenda except life itself.  And its randomness is as important as its order.  They balance each other so as to create the best opportunity for life to move forward.  Within this band of life is the intent for awareness.  Awareness is a specific energetic force which creates consciousness.  Humans are not the only aware creatures on the planet, far from it.  We just happen to be the current holders of the most complex form of awareness on the planet.  The complexity of our awareness and the consciousness that results folded in upon itself a number of years back.  This folding doubled our awareness and brightened our glow of consciousness.  Brilliant you might say, more bang in the same space of matter.

Yet it was just this folding and brightening that brought the predator to the earth.  Most animals on her live a singular existence within the group intent of the species.   They are not as self aware as they are communally aware.  They share their band communally such that the death of one simply returns to the band of all and they can thus advance the unique awareness of the whole down long wide stretches of being.  This is not absolute.  There are animal bands of awareness which are more similar to the human band, bears and wolves are two similar but not exact lineages of awareness… check it out for yourself sometime… at any rate, what occurred was the folding and doubling of awareness within the same space.  This increased the potential for the physical to hold more consciousness but also separated us from the herd or pack mentality.  We became “I”s or in another word individual. 

That’s cool, and even interesting.  At which point, certain individuals could advance their awareness uniquely and differently than the pack and develop talents which could serve the whole greater from a wider band of awareness that that individual held.  As these lines differentiated more, the herd began to fly apart in many directions at once all over the globe.  And the earth sang with human life at a wholly different vibration… enter the predator.

The predator is foreign to the earth.  It is from another world, sound like science fiction?  Well it is simply because in fact science fiction is founded on this awareness of seeing this truth.  The earth may sit on the edge of the wheel of the milky way galaxy, but that does not mean that other beings like the earth are not flying past in non-ordinary multiverse ways.  The predator is just such a visitor.  Seeing the brilliance of the human band of awareness, the predator came to consume what it most needs – energy. Maybe to energize itself to move on to the next level of it’s existence.  The energy it needs and wants is a very specific vibration of energy related to worship and dependence, and under all of that fear.  This vibration is so delectable that it interjects into the human band of awareness energetic stories and perceptions of the awareness we have, and of the earth, and of the universe to maintain that energetic vibration on which it feeds.  Sound like the Matrix, well it is only in that the Matrix is an uber story about the bigger view of perception that has been seen for thousands of years by those who dare to look.

The distractions of life and manipulations of consciousness are rooted in two things.  First it convinced us that there is a singularity which unites and controls all things (one god – thanks Aknaten for hosting the predator all those years back and starting that ubermyth going)… the second is that you can’t find or see this until you are dead, and all of this is rooted in the fear surrounding death (You can thank the Egyptians as well for this obsession).  By moving our perception of the singularity out of the flow of life and placing it beyond our reach perceptually, the predator convinces the overlapping awareness of I that it’s unique singularity (actually a reflection of the whole or bigger singularity) is separate from the surroundings and alone.  Thus we become obsessed with trying to fix the I within the greater whole in fear rather than be the unique expression of the singularity within the larger band of being awareness itself.  We thus are so focused on conscious I that we lose sight of larger double (some call this the dream body) and our connection beyond to all of life and all of the flow of the universal intent of awareness which is INTENT or Freedom to put it in a word. 

This cutting off from the greater flow is like growing mushrooms in a controlled environment in a cave and feeding it the right nutrients to make them more delicious.  And we are delicious to the predator.  The predator has an army of individual inorganic beings that serve that intent, they are called fliers to the Toltecs, and they scare the hell out of anyone who wanders outside of the herd mentality of the individual Is.  This makes the person that fails to conquer their fear, all the more delicious when the time comes.

Thus consider how we cultivate cows.  We dummy them down, breed them for docility and control the heard in small areas to maximize the sweet taste of meat that we will harvest from them. That meat no longer tastes the way it used to from the wild cow, and is a far cry from long term healthy.  It even degrades quickly if not consumed immediately.  We consume the heard at a rapid pace to feed the heard which is feeding the predator.  And we train cowboys (flyers) to manage the heard.

There are many mythologies associated with the Predator.  But the deepest and most abiding mythological structure is the one related to unworthiness.  This unworthiness thus injected into the heard a story and is about being saved by the external god (singularity from which we all come and we always are)… yet placing it way beyond our reach.  The abstract god thus comes down every so often to share and tell the heard how to escape their fate (inject a refreshing new variation of the myth of unworthiness).  Thus Salvationism was born.  You can be saved if you do X.  The variations on the theme of X are as diverse as the cultures in the world… and that’s the point.  Vary the X to modify the I and adapt to unique strains of mushrooms growing throughout the globe.  The predator then instills it’s mind (ration) into the heard to be predators themselves at a highly efficient level, spread the mind to all corners of the world, and thus Salvationism whose birth in the middle east has conquered the world with fear.  Thanks religion, we liked that!  Yummers!  Not!

But remember the earth?  She births life in freedom as does all life in the universe birth itself in freedom.  She participates with awareness in a co-creative act of free non-rational love for no reason at all.  And this is where the lineages of freedom are rooted, in her.  They stand apart from the heard.  And as being apart from the heard, they see the predator for what it is.  They take the double fold of awareness and train themselves to see the intent of the predator for the lie that it is.  They break down the separation between the layers of false intent and rather than drive inward towards self reflected abandonment, they pick themselves up by the bootstraps and walk out of the mushroom cave to a greater expanse that has no walls.  They clean their lines with intent, and of intent to reach back to the original intent – freedom and awareness.  The I dissolves into the flow of intent of awareness itself and can leap away from the killing fields of the predatory intrusion. 

Food my friends, most of us are food.

One thought on “The intent of the Predator

  1. Impeccably, put down. It is high time the hunter became the hunted. It is important for the Warrior-Hunter to gain a necessary fluidity in all acts of self-movement – for he knows full well a pattern of action leaves game sign. And this too – binds the Predator. The Predator leaves game sign. The Predator is NOT hardly the most powerful creature within the totality of dimensional-spatial manifestation/un-manifestation. The sword, spear, shield are the tools by which we seek our ultimate revenge. Often, I wonder is revenge the proper path – does or should the Warrior relish in crushing the creature responsible for millennia of torture, rape, murder, heart ache, wailing and gnashing of teeth?

    I must admit here, a very ardent, real aspect of me contains a hardness of heart. I wish to destroy their very existence with every action and every word I make. I loathe their glee. I see them toasting and jeering in the face of every abused child.and within every son or daughter lost to drug abuse. I grow tired of their might and games – their scripts. I grow tired of humans not listening to the song of Liberty.

    I am here to battle – and until I part ways, will do so.

    I don’t exactly know how – but the hunt is on…

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