The Rule of the Nagual; a Toltec Warrior’s Discipline

Freedom is the goal of the spiritual warrior.  But there are several kinds of freedom.  It has been suggested that the Toltec warrior rejects the rules and “plays from their own perception and rules as they see fit.”  That’s a nice statement but not an accurate one for the path unless breadth and depth are understood behind that statement.  What pulled many to the Toltec path is often what pulls anyone away from the culture and social conditioning which is steeped in the many paths of the world today…. Dissatisfaction with the way things are going or running.  But this does not mean that we don’t live by rules or agreements.  What we do is evaluate and discern which rules have hidden traps for attention and perception which fixate our assemblage point not allowing it to move to other bands of awareness.

Freedom comes in several types, political and social freedom, economic freedom, emotional freedom, and spiritual freedom.  In the case of social freedoms, these are social contracts and agreements we hold in common which allow us to change the rules, influence the tonal and in general can move through society without asking permission of an authority or for some they must ask.  Economic freedom is to either to not concern oneself with the systems of exchange for goods an services or to have enough to not worry about them in the first place.  Spiritual freedom is the ability to work within the self and in the world as the person we are whether we are accepted or not.

We are not free to do anything we want to do.  And it is unwise to simply reject all agreements just because they are agreements.  As the Four Agreements notes, there are base line agreements that we can simplify down to, with conscious awareness and choice, uphold these for deeper access to energy.  Two people meet in the forest or desert without any authority and the way in which they approach each other and begin to communicate or not is an agreement.  This is often unwritten and in actions not words, communication played out on the whole body.  The deepest agreement, in freedom, is to uphold the golden rule.  Not because anyone says, but because it is wisdom to do so and in ones interactions it helps protect our fundamental right to life and survival… and this rule is, correctly quoted; Do not do unto others what you would not want done to you.  The reverse is pathetic and begs apologies and sets people up for failure (Do unto others what you would have them do unto you).  When two people meet, if one pulls a knife, the other could pull a knife back, both increasing the fear and potentially leading to destruction of the life that each has.  Thus not doing unto another is the moral high ground for keeping the self and life preserved.  This does not mean one should not be prepared for potential violence, but it is not assumed and for the conscious person that it will automatically happen.  There are cultures and times in history when this was not the case.  People were willing to die to re-build this fundamental moral agreement found in human society.

Unless one lives under a rock or on a hill all alone fully self-sustained, there are rules that we follow.  Not taking things personally; doing our best; being a person of our word; these are all baseline agreements with which we can hold each other in highest regard.  It is a disciplined warrior who works with this consciously and understands the ramifications of their actions that they will often have reactions even under the best of conditions.  Believing is not the act of a Toltec warrior, knowing is.  And knowing is founded on testing and retesting the freedom and open perception that comes by having these fundamental agreements as part of ones life.  It frees one to do something else…. And the doorways that open because of this are the ones we are most interested in.

To say that Don Juan did not live by the rules is false.  What he lived by was the Rule of the Nagual.  He was disciplined with his energy and thus his actions.  He did not just deny the rules… he lived within them in society (controlled folly) and saw from a mile away when others did not.  He saw the energy which people who are impeccable with their energy and those that had integrity had – their actions followed their values.  And those that were not aligned, he saw from a mile away and slipped on by them.  He examined his own energy, actions and behaviors to clean them up so as not to get caught in the games and unconscious stories that others created for or around him and assumed the world had.  These delusional games and stories create actions which lacke impeccability.

To get to this place of integrity – which is another word for wholeness – he routed out all the agreements which were founded on false assumptions and precepts.  By knowing which precepts worked with the natural flow of the universe and with the energies of the living being called the earth, he acted upon those core truths and awarenesses.  He tested them and became efficient with his actions such that not a drop of energy was lost to unnecessary battles and agreements which did not fit the fundamental values of spiritual freedom and awareness.   To state that he did not live by the rules means he did not live by unconscious and assumed rules which did not fit his path and goal of freedom.  It is through stalking his sobriety around these assumptions and actions that he could commit to a deeper rule, the Rule of the Nagual.

What is the Rule of the Nagual? It is a set of disciplined actions and techniques which aided in fostering the gathering of energy so we can shift our perception (assemblage point) without harm to ourselves and without calling attention from the predatory nature of the inorganics, fliers or the foreign installation.  To reject the foreign installation does not mean rejecting life, freedom or that we make agreements all the time.  It means that we make them consciously and with the commitment to these points as if it were our last act.

The first disenchantment with a normal human’s life that Don Juan pointed to is death.  Death is an agreement that the average man not only makes unconsciously by the very act of being born, but then sustains in an unconscious state by running from death all the time.  This dissatisfaction led the best spiritual warriors and all spiritual leaders to point out that when we face our death head on, we are able to not get distracted by everything that would derail our life from that final leap into the abyss.  We become willing to die for something greater than the pathetic repetitious and unconscious patterns which do not work efficiently.  We become warriors of awareness.

Because the program from our society and culture is down loaded almost unconsciously and the average man never questions it, the prime technique to un-write those links to those lines is called recapitulation.  Included in this technique is the power of silence, stalking the self, cleaning the links (often repetitive behaviors or reactions to the world) and destroying what is not necessary.  As one does this one becomes the navigator of ones own destiny.  This destiny does not mean to destroy life, it is not nihilistic nor random in its application.  It is precise and carefully disciplined actions and reactions so the warrior can gather the necessary energy for the final act of life.

If one lives by the rule, one is a disciplined warrior of awareness.  Re-read stalking as pointed out by Florinda in the Eagle’s Gift and you will see the practice is a constant battle… first with the self and then with every aspect of our lives.  Yet this does not mean we don’t live by rules… we just know which rules we are living within and by… and we know something more, we have seen, due to the excess energy, how the earth and universe fundamentally works on an energetic level.  We do not beg or agree hap haphazardly to any ole thing.

At the same time, warriors know that the ration, originally installed for greater success at survival, has taken on a pre-eminent position such that it shuts down our ability to see energy flowing.  We often cannot wipe it out completely… this is not absolutely true for there are many who live beyond ration… they are truly crazy eh! But that does not mean they are not warriors of awareness or do not live by the Rule.  The ration, especially for the man of knowledge, one of the four types, is fed and as I was taught, distracted with appropriate study.  To know ones opponent is the key to freedom and wining the ultimate battle.  This is why many of the warriors in Don Juan’s group became experts in their fields of study, many were degreed innovators in the discipline of their choice.  They came to study man, like studying a sickness.  Understood the flaws and the places where he wandered away from freedom and awareness.  They added innovations and pushes to see how things could be different.  They were actually stalking themselves.

All founding people of all the major practices of the world where naguals, the reached deep, saw the truth and created an innovative and disciplined way to walk through the eye of the needle to freedom.  Often these practices became repetitious and degraded because the followers just believed they could follow into freedom the person who created the original bridge.  It was not worship of Yeshua ben Joseph that interested me, it was the techniques he found in being a nagual/sorcerer/shaman that led to his act of freedom that drove my study of him and the decent of his followers into the abyss of belief without knowledge.  Yet even within this tradition there are spiritual disciplines and techniques, which survived and were re-invigorated from time to time.

Today we have the opportunity to understand in and for our times what techniques and actions will be most effective in walking the path to freedom.  We have a chance to innovate and choose to add to the lineage of being human while at the same time gathering the energy to leap out of the obsession with the mold of man.  Some of the techniqes from the past are worth using, many are not… but clarity brings the seer knowledge such that energy can be gathered for real personal power… and then innovate the final creative and unique act that a seer can do, leap into the abyss on their own terms free of all encumbrances.  Before that we can dream, practice shifting our assemblage points such that we when we do see that hairs breath chance, we won’t miss it… but it is all founded upon the Rule….

What are the real rules which lead to freedom?  Now that is an impeccable question.


One thought on “The Rule of the Nagual; a Toltec Warrior’s Discipline

  1. What an incredible article … what a gulp of fresh air to ‘see’ others who share same point of view/assemblage/collection point … Thank you for taking the time to write this!!!!

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