The Nagual

Recently moving into dream and working completely from that side, intent opened up and a great net of energy became visible.  This great net vibrated with geometric intensities.  As focus came to certain hubs of awareness, it became obvious that there are charged particles surrounding certain hubs.  Many of the hubs are charged, yet distracting in content and color.  A few are charged with the intent of freedom and gathering a storm of potential which is somewhat undefined.  Like ionizing the air which we breath, a pattern emerged from the great net of potential Intent.  This pattern vibrated from the depths of the earth and outward energizing an emergent new Intent.  The earth, in union with the sun, spiraled pure Intent and love towards ancient lineages which are rooted in her.  These ancient lineages are supported only in freedom and awareness that the building blocks of her surface is sacred and respect is necessary for deepening the connections to all of life.  At the tail of this spinning is the spiral the feminine whose new grounding can establish a brighter and more stable life-emerging Intent.  This baseline, blasts the old male seers from their internal focus on the secret ways to become, through their masculine ability to focus, a cup holding the renewed double energies of fluidity.   The nagual (s) stand in witness to this potential.  There is little that they can do but work on their inner alignments to be open to the possibilities of fracturing the solidity in favor of true abstract flights along avenues of awareness to the multiverse of energetic hubs.  This will strengthen a new structure within the assemblage points and create the ability to hold open doorways of perception within and without, touching the infinite, being aware of the fragility, and dancing a new dream with the earth’s rooted life-giving force.


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