Global Emergency

At no time before, do we as a species have more energy to combine all the stories from all the cultures together. To see clearly the human experience as it has played itself out in every culture. All of the masters who came before walked on the earth to teach the same thing; how to walk in a good way a path dedicated to life. They spoke in and to their times, and they were the essence of human truth in the places where they lived. Those moments of that truth have crossed generations of time. They have all encircled the earth with their ancient visions and the differences are more apparent than the similarities. To see the similarities between them is to, for many dedicated to separation, a denial of the purity they believe they hold. But it is that holding, that grasping to our sense of difference which led to the fractions we live with now. The whole not only needs to culminate in the knowing of these differences but lay down the focus on defending the separation between the root aspects of being human and alive. Only in this way will a new global vision emerge. If we perceive it correctly, the emergence is occurring right now.


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