Fixation of the Warrior’s Assemblage Point

One of the great attractors for me and many to the concepts and pathway of the spiritual warrior as illuminated by Carlos Casteneda and his tribe is the ability for us to think and act outside the box.  We were raised with a strict sense of the right answers, myths, and paradigms… we were raised to accept authority and question little.  Through our lives we have been surrounded by a number of crumbling paradigms.  We have seen the end of the authoritarianism of the past, we have watched the erosion of the earth with consumption, we have come to question science’s answers because of the results which have harmed the earth.  We have questioned the assumptions, the agreements that for many generations has been held and passed along unquestioningly.

We have seen the breakdown of the tribal, the secret society, the inner circle, and the organized religions.  We have watched the world become a much smaller place and how becoming globally connected we can share any piece of information without payment.  We have watched as every person who gains even a modicum of respect and honor is pulled apart and destroyed by the naysayers.  It is our generation crossing the last 52 years that has become destroyers of all myths, heros and patterns.

We have destroyed, taken apart and desolved every perception and participation in anything.  We have become the iconoclasts of the final Tzolkin as predicted in the Mayan cycle of the calendar.  Bravo!  I say.  Anyone who speaks is required to submit to the onslaught, to be torn apart for their words…….  Is it any wonder silence is the greatest practice of the bridge seers of the last 600 years?

Ah but is this not just a pattern?  Is this not just become another variation on the theme of why we embarked on becoming a spiritual warrior in the first part and left our natal homes and families of condition?

What is it to become people of knowledge, awareness and freedom… seers living our lives into old age?  What is it to support those who are coming up behind us with best intent for a world to come?  What does it mean to not become a horde of angry sorcerers who retreat into isolation and fixation of our individual assemblage points on our own perception of darting past the eagle?  What does that look like?

Consensus is not required.  Agreement is not required.  Even dreaming the same dream is not required.  What is required, a solid dedication to a path with heart, to maintaining an openness that the ancients understood as tenderness with each other.  By this it is meant to be open to perceptions and ideas that are far from our perception of reality.  When we are we accomplish the very reason we questioned our natal agreements in the first place.  When we share in this way we are open to knowledge and intent moving from any direction, kissing us with the wind of that hairs breath chance.

It is not in the words that we find this, but in our intent… our will to be more open willing to evolve.  Old age is not defeated by escaping death. It is defeated by constantly dreaming, shifting our assemblage point and our perception.  It is defeated by acknowledgment and cooperation, not agreements and contracts.  It is defeated by being freedom, giving freedom, and wandering freedom.  It is defeated by dancing together and alone. 

We can do this.  We have nothing to defend for all defensive points are self importance in the extreme.  And at the same time, let us remember, we are what we are, all of us, humans battling the greatest battle of all, infinity…..


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